10 Best Footballer Looks and Hairstyles

The football player is a modern gladiator. The extraordinary beings go into battle every week after careful tackles and hot passes, shouting “Are you not entertaining?” Not surprisingly, in terms of personal style, football players are prone to show off. Compared to the silverware in the Real Madrid trophy cabinet, he already has designer clothes from head to toe and more tattoos . The footballer’s last phone call was to show his lofty sense of our mortals through a haircut. .

Here we take a look at some of the best footballer hairstyles, and if you’re confident to cut them, then we’ll go from Justin Carr, a hairdresser to the English football team and the ambassador of the shampoo brand Head & Shoulders Get tips there to learn how to get your own style.

Head & Shoulders Justin Carr cuts Dele Alli’s hair

Hector Bellerin

Those who know nothing about football will recognize Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin. The Cavaliers Spaniard is a frequent visitor to the front row of London Fashion Week and his Renaissance hairstyle is perfect. It’s long. It is unconditional. It fits his outgoing street style perfectly.

Carl says that if you’re looking for looks, it’s not just about lengthening your hair. If you want it to be as sweet as Hector, you need to trim it often. Carl explained: “Once the breakup ends, it will hinder growth, and it will not grow quickly.” “It will become fragile and dry.”

After reaching the required length, give yourself another 10 minutes in the morning. “To style, blow dry it aside, get that little goose feather, and then keep it with some salt spray. All this hot air will mean you will need a thermal spray and you will need to buy serum to tame the frizz and keep it healthy. ”

Hector Bellerin

David Beckham

David Beckham’s hair is almost as high as his athleticism. The football legend is awesome. He even owns his award-winning beauty brand. His tailoring is constantly changing, but consistent. Becks participated in such a short but unpretentious tailoring at the Royal Wedding in 2018, an outstanding and manageable tailoring that is worth considering in the summer.

“Since Beckham introduced this tailoring, more and more people are asking for it,” says Karl. “Requires shorter backs and sides , and a little bit of length in the front. Your hairdresser should pass Cut your hair to add texture. It should also be thinner on the sides, with high fading and keep square. Do n’t use too many products, just dry it quickly to keep it beautiful and natural, and spray some sea salt ie can.

David Beckham

Cristiano Ronaldo

Arguably the greatest player of all time (we will discuss it later). Cristiano Ronaldo’s crisp, skinny tailoring is perfect for his dedication to the sport. The main interest in this style comes from the parting lines carved according to the Carr trimmer.

“His jaw is so strong that it can be severely cut. Gradually fade it in and out, short sides, and flick upwards. His hair is darker, so using moisturizing oil to get a moist glow does not eliminate the color . ”

Cristiano Ronaldo

Deller Avery

Tottenham Hotspur and English midfielder Dele Alli are a bit cheeky, and his hair is as leisurely as a man’s cut like Carl.

“It’s just a nice taper fading , and the highlights on the top help to show his skin tone,” Carl said. “Highlighting works particularly well on African-style hair, we just made hints, so it’s more natural.

“Requires a reduction in taper attenuation. Then both sides. Shape it beautifully and sharply at the front end. Give it a pair of scissors. Make sure you keep a good circle because you don’t want to make it square-it’s not a flat top . You just need to comb it and then use curling cream to give it a good texture and make sure you condition it. ”

Dele Alli

Harry Kane

England super forward Harry Kane is the undisputed gentleman in the game. He is a player with rich character on and off the pitch. And that’s it for his tailor-the classic sea style suits the king. Carl agreed: “It does fit Harry’s personality and face shape. Its sides are not too short, helping to keep it clean and simple, and blending well with the beard.

“Cut the comb on the side with scissors, not too short, and the club cut off the top to provide some texture. For style, blow dry in one direction. You can see it is moving to the right. Then you can Dry the underside of the hair with the thread of your temple, lower it and form a good parting.

“Then use clay. His hair is really blond, so you don’t want to overpower it with a greasy product like a pomade, because it takes away the color. You can even just use hair spray.”

Harry Kane

Paul Pogba

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has a blushing face, and when it comes to his hairstyle, you never know which of Pogba’s bold looks will debut on Saturday. . Whether it’s a fire emoji sculpted into the hair or a bright blue and yellow Mohawk, Pogba can entertain here.

“He has the confidence to work in millions of people, and that confidence affects the hairstyles he dreams of dreaming.” “Some people can’t wear this kind of clothes at work, but if you There is indeed work to wear these styles, so do it. It shows confidence.

“You need a great hairdresser who can design on your hair. For them, it’s best to use these designs to make pictures. Just remember to keep it moisturized and cut the sides short.”

Paul Pogba

Gareth Bell

Messing up hair can be troublesome. Thankfully, Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale showed us what we must look forward to when long haircuts reach their potential.

Carl said it would take at least a year and a half to reach this length, and then tie it in a bun. “Still going to the barbershop every two months to trim the hair to help the hair grow, trim the split ends so that the hair can grow.”

Despite waiting for a while, Carr pointed out that long hair is a good choice for guys with straight and straight hair like Bale. Longer hair is easier to maintain with straight hair. Sometimes people with straight hair try to style it when they have short hair, but here you just need to put it in a loose hair bun and hang it behind your back. ”

Gareth Bale

Leo Messi

Argentine superstar Lionel Messi has made great strides since his early years in Barcelona. The Platinum Bob was when the star was at the pinnacle of the game on and off the court.

“You will find that someone spends a lot of time and effort getting this color because it is not easy to get this color,” Carl said. “Go find someone who is fully qualified and coloured every day. You will go through the bleaching process and then drop it down after you have to put in silver toner and remove unwanted orange or yellow.

“Sometimes, you don’t want to do everything in one go because you don’t want to damage or stretch your hair. Hair dye technicians will know if you need more than one hair by looking at its strength and checking its elasticity.”

Leo Messi

Sergio Ramos

Although Real Madrid centre-back Sergio Ramos may not be the cleanest player on the court, his hair is as clean as they are. Carl said excitedly, “Ramos’s hair is fine.” Beards were also helpful. Without a beard, it may look too clean and make you look young. We don’t want to call anyone a boy.

“Wear this look with fewer products, it will fall naturally and give it a bite . And if you hold more products in it, it will feel like a pale or high- fashioned fade around Back and sides. You may have to go to the barber shop once a week instead of trimming the ceiling every time, but just keeping the sides neat. ”

Sergio Ramos


Like Pogba, Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar often transforms his hair from straight and spiky (like Dragon Ball Z’s hairstyle) into more natural curls. “It provides inspiration for people to change their hair and designers to create freely,” Carr said.

Keep in mind that constantly changing heads in this dramatic way increases the chance of damage. “Blonds are not suitable to take root, so if you don’t stick to it, it may damage the top layer, but after you cut it off, it won’t damage the follicles.”

On the side, this is a sharp bald fading that contrasts sharply with the curls on the top. This is deliberately messy, so don’t choose anything stronger than sea salt spray.


Justin Carr speaks as Head and Shoulders Ambassador (Official Hair Care Partner for England Teams)


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