[2020] 25 Best Golf Clothing Brands to Help Improve Your Game

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Golf Clothing Brands


Dating back to the 15th century, this sport offers serene landscapes with great skill. Whether it’s your first time stepping on to the green or you’re a pro, the clothes you wear can help make or break your game. From the swing to the support in your feet, finding the right apparel is a crucial decision to make. From the moment you step onto the course to the last hole, here are the best golf clothing brands to keep you playing at your best.


1. Adidas

Show off your fantastic swing in Adidas. Engineered to improve golf performance, this sports apparel blocks out wind and stretches naturally with your body movement. This brand entered the green in 1997 and has become one of the leading names in the category. The arch of the shoes are made for support, and the versatile designs will keep you looking swish with every stroke.




2. Nike

Nike is one of the world’s leading athletic brands, and for a good reason. Since 1964, this brand has changed the way people play sport. For golf lovers, you can play with confidence thanks to its Dri-FIT technology and modern designs. The fabric moves with the body and wicks away sweat, giving you the confidence to play like a pro.




3. Puma

Puma often looks to the future without straying too far from its past. Starting its golf line in 2004, the designs combine agility and performance with style and comfort. Its innovative fabrics and seasonal designs will keep you looking on point with every putt. This German label has built a strong reputation to help lovers of the sport look their best and play even better.




4. Under Armour

Revolutionize your game in Under Armour. As pioneers of activewear, this brand is designed to make your golf better. From the classic polo shirts to the flexible grip shoes, it provides state of the art technology for an even better swing. No matter if you’re a pro or an amateur, you’ll be scoring a hole in one with every shot.


Under Armour

5. Polo Golf Ralph Lauren

Representing the timeless golf style, Polo Golf by Ralph Lauren is unlike any other. Standing in its own league, this brand provides superior style and optimum performance quality. From the classic polo shirt to its pullovers and trousers, you’ll be up against the greats in this attire. Despite its traditional approach, every piece is skillfully engineered to help you play your best game, no matter the skill set.


Polo Golf Ralph Lauren



If you want to show everyone who the leader of the pack is, you can’t look past BOSS. These designs combine exceptional engineering for top performance and a classic style. The brand is the perfect blend of lifestyle and activewear, so it’s no surprise that it’s worn by some of the greats, including Henrik Stenson and Martin Kaymer. If you’re on the lookout for serious gold attire, this is the label for you.




For those who love a good round of golf, G/Fore is the brand for you. While staying respectful of the tradition of the game, this brand has found a way to be innovative and disrupt the industry. These clothes provide supreme comfort and flexibility, with a touch of street style. Whether you’re on the green or relaxing with a drink afterward, you’ll do it like no other.




8. Calvin Klein Golf

In the true essence of the brand, Calvin Klein Golf provides a clean aesthetic with a supreme sporting edge. Worn by some of the greats, it blends exceptional performance without skimping on classic tailoring. From the first hole to the 18th, you’ll be the best dressed on the green.


Calvin Klein Golf


9. Champion

As one of the classic sportswear brands, you can take Champion from the golf course to the gym and still look ready to win. As a true pioneer of street sportswear, this label has redefined what it means to dress for the game. Featuring its iconic Reverse Weave technology and its classic C symbol, your next game will be better than your last!




10. Dunning

In search of the missing link in golf clothing, founder Ralph Dunning discovered the secrets to great sportswear. Designed for fit and playability, this brand has created some of the most advanced attire for the game. Made to move with the body with every swing, it’s crafted with engineered fabrics to help you play at your best, every time.




11. Lacoste

Lacoste is world-renowned for its classic tailoring with a modern twist. Combining excellent movement and flexibility in its fabrics and a traditional style, you can create the perfect outfit on and off the course. Choose from its famous tennis shirt to its preppy color combinations, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic ensemble.




12. Galvin Green

Galvin Green takes every game of golf one step further with its collection. Made for players by the lovers of the sport, there’s nothing quite like this brand. Every garment is expertly crafted to support the wearer and is complete with GORE-TEX engineering. From rain to shine, you’ll be getting a hole in one with every swing.


Galvin Green

13. Greyson

Finding motivation from supreme performance and cutting edge style, the founder of Greyson took his inspiration from Ralph Lauren and turned it into something extraordinary. The blend of sleek fashion and ultimate movement and flexibility allows golf players to play a superior game without compromising their style.




14. KJUS

Combine unmatched technology with first-class golf wear from KJUS. Designed for active people on the move, this brand takes everything you know about the game and goes one step further.  The high-quality stretch fabrics provide premium movement, allowing your body to swing and play your best game yet.



15. Linksoul

Finding simplicity and joy in a game of golf, Linksoul takes the best part of work and play and combines them into clothing. Featuring a laid-back aesthetic with state of the art technology, these pieces are the epitome of sportswear. It isn’t your traditional attire; it is a disrupter to everything you know about the sport.




16. Original Penguin

Take your swing even further while wearing Original Penguin. Said to be the originator of the golf shirt, this brand takes everything you knew about the game and turns it on its head. Featuring established and modern technology, you can move and play with ease, and do it with style. From shorts to long-sleeved hoodies, your next round of 18 holes will be your best.


Original Penguin


17. Peter Millar

Combining sophisticated style with innovative performance fabrics, Peter Millar provides supreme flexibility so you can play your best game. Ideal for lovers of golf, this brand helps you dress like a pro, even if it’s your first game. Each design of these pieces offers optimum movement with an extra touch of elegance.


Peter Millar


18. Bonobos

Be ready for the course in Bonobos. Finding its inspiration from the tradition of the game, this brand offers the perfect movement for your body as you play. Every piece in this brand’s collection is worthy of showing off, no matter your skillset. With its core principles of fit, performance, and style, you’d be hard-pressed to find another label that does it so well.




19. TravisMathew

Blending the love of golf with state-of-the-art technology, TravisMathew will help you look and play your best game every time. From polo shirts to breathable trousers, you’ll look the part with every stroke. Using engineered fabrics to assist you on the course, with a touch of sophistication to keep you stylish with your next swing.

Travis Mathew


20. J.Lindeberg

If you’re a style-conscious sportsman, you can’t look past J.Lindeberg. This brand provides a curated range of traditional designs with a modern twist, allowing the wearer to feel comfortable with every swing. Using performance fabrics and modern finishes, this is the best brand for the modern golfer.


J Lindeberg


21. Orlebar Brown

Taking a tailored approach to classic golf wear, Orlebar Brown lets you stay in fashion on and off the green. The clothing is designed with the player in mind, allowing you to move and stretch with flexibility. So, why just play a great game when you can do it with the utmost style and sophistication?


Orlebar Brown


22. Peak Performance

Just like its name suggests, this golf attire provides peak performance. Designed to provide the ultimate movement with every swing, this brand takes the classic design and blends it with state of the art technology. These pieces skim the body, so you have control of the way you move, allowing you to look and feel fantastic as you play the sport.


Peak Performance


23. Royal Albartross

The support in your arch of your foot can make or break your game – that’s where Royal Albartross comes in. This collection of leather footwear combines a stylish design and comfort, so you can look and feel great both on and off the court.


Royal Albatross

24. Wolsey

With more than 300 years in the clothing industry, Wolsey has perfected the art of comfortable styles. This golf apparel provides breathable and flexible designs so that you can focus on your swing. With a blend of sophistication and tradition, you’ll be winning every game you play!




25. Lululemon

Lululemon is built for the body in motion and is an excellent choice for lovers of golf. With fabric engineered to adapt to the movement, this brand delivers optimum flexibility with every swing. The pants are designed to keep you dry, and the polo shirts will have you looking fly as you land a hole in one.


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