Get A Pair Of These Cute And Warm Faux Fur Mittens For An Interesting Winter (2020)

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There are two types of people in this world, those that feel cold during the winter, and those that feel extremely cold all winter long no matter how many blankets, jackets, or layers of gloves they use. These giant fur mittens are definitely made for the latter. If you’re looking to keep your mitts extra warm this winter and don’t mind not really being able to use your hands, these might be for you.

Colors: White | Red | Purple

Some people’s hand temperature throughout the winter never goes above 55 degrees F, including mine. There are the people who really needs these extremely giant winter gloves. They look as if someone put fur over a pair of boxing mitts. They’re perfect to go along with your over-sized fur coat, and over-sized sunglasses.

Giant Fur Mittens - Huge mittens

Made by Etsy store ZenoSagaFurs, the giant fur winter mittens have a few different color choices to select from, including natural white with black tips, red, and purple through a different store.

Giant Fur Mittens - Huge mittens

Giant Fur Mittens - Huge mittens

The giant fur mittens are made with a wool internal lining, blue fox fur on the outside will fit like a regular-sized women’s glove. Though they’re giant on the outside, the interior still fits like a normal glove. The giant mittens are completely handmade in Lithuania, use super thick and soft fur, and are sure to get you through the cold harsh winter.


Giant Fur Mittens - Huge mittens

Giant Fur Mittens - Huge mittens

Red Paws

These adorable fur mittens come in other colours as well such as this stunning red colour! As these pair of fur gloves are made of faux fur, it definitely looks extremely fluffy and cute.

Giant Fur Mittens - Huge mittens

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