[LGBT+ 2021] The First Ever Gay Romance Holiday Film is Out Now

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Finally, some good news for 2021: On Monday, Lifetime announced plans to release a holiday movie centered on same-sex couples. This is the network’s first LGBTQ+ Christmas movie. As part of its annual “Holiday of a lifetime” show -the show will include 30 new movies this year-the network plans to release Christmas arrangements for the New York company lawyer Hugo, his mother surprised him, Kate , In some festive celebrations.

“Hugo and Patrick’s attraction to each other is undeniable. It seems that Kate’s orchestrated Santa matchmaking party was very successful,” Lifetime’s description continued: “But, with Hugo (Hugo) ) To get news of a big promotion, he needs to move to London and he must decide what is most important to him.”

TVLine reported that the film has just begun to be released and is scheduled to start production later this month.

Last year, Lifetime made headlines for its debut in the Christmas movie ” Twinkle All Way” with a gay kiss, and decided to approve a holiday movie centered on LGBTQ+ characters . It’s not until the past few years that I seem to realize that, yes, even gays like cheesy holidays, which seems remarkable, but cable executives have finally taken a more inclusive step.

Amy Winter, executive vice president of Lifetime and LMN programming, said in a statement: “We are delighted to continue to create a legacy of a resort that is welcoming for life,” according to TVLine . “With more new movies than any wired network, I am proud of the extraordinary talent that joined us in front of and behind the scenes of these new holiday movies.”

Lifetime’s decision is in stark contrast to its direct Christmas movie rival Hallmark Channel, which was condemned for pulling out a Zola advertisement to promote lesbian weddings last holiday season. (Hallmark later overturned the decision and apologized; its parent company CEO Bill Abbott resigned after strong opposition.)

The lifetime holiday nominations also include a title about Chinese-American families, “Sugar and Spice Holiday” , and another movie, Christmas From Here “, which features a disabled actress Ali Stroker (Ali Stroker) .

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