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Hair Loss Treatment Types For Men

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So you are getting to the middle age when your body starts falling apart, or off as the case may be. Because of this you aren’t as good at sports as you used to be, the opposite sex doesn’t find you nearly as attractive as you used to be, and your family ask you if you are ok whenever they look at you because they think that you look ill. Well there’s hope lads, not for the sports, but at least for the hair! That’s right, there is good hair loss treatment options that will halt hair loss right in its tracks so that you can at least look like you are still the man (or at least not sick).

So why do you lose your hair in the first place? Well a great question with a complicated answer. Maybe I can dumb it down for you though. The first thing is that there is not a lot that can do on your own to change your genes (though there are hair loss treatment options that can disrupt the work of these genes). Yeah that’s right this is another one of those pesky familial things, and no it’s not that you wore your hat too much or picked the wrong hair gel.

The other thing that should at least make you feel better is that your going bald is not a result of you losing your manhood. In fact losing your hair is because you are a little to much of a man if you know what I am saying. Testosterone is what give you hair in all the places that you don’t want it and in a slightly different form makes you lose it from the one place that you want it the most–your head. Testosterone is actually reduced to dihydroxy testosterone (DHT) which acts on the hair progenitor cells to shut down DNA replication and bring hair growth to a screeching halt. This process is mediated by an enzyme called alpha-1-reductase. It is the action of this enzyme that is inhibited by certain forms of hair loss treatment. These drugs keep the testosterone in its original form thereby stopping the action of DHT on the cells responsible for hair growth. These drugs work great unless you are an Olympic athlete where they are banned because they have been used by cheaters as cover up for performance enhancing drugs. They say it takes sacrifice to be an elite athlete and they mean it!

The other main hair loss treatment category is the surgical implantation of hair (which of course has to be coupled with the above pharmaceuticals). This use to be the best way to get people to laugh at you and not with you as it left cornrows in a rather sad and unalterable way whether you like that look or not. Now however doctors have begun to be a bit more artistically random with their implants. Now you can get realistic looking hair replacement.