12 Good-Looking Thick Hairstyles

Thick hair is one of the blessings often regarded as a curse. Yes, as your hairdresser (and mother) often tells you, your head is very beautiful, with thick hair and may not be bald , but thick hair does bring a series of hairstyle difficulties.

When it comes to style, will it give you more or fewer options? And, is it harder to fall into a solid hairstyle than thinning hair? What do you do when wet? Even among hairdressers, opinions seem divided-some say it’s hard to manage and there are fewer styles available; others say the sheer number means you can do more. However, one thing is generally agreed upon-that is choosing the right hairstyle.

TJ Hunt, a top hairdresser in London’s Ruffians , said: ” Thick hair has many looks .” It could be wavy and thick, or poker-like and thick. It’s all about finding the right hairstyle to complement your hairstyle and lifestyle. ”

Let’s start with the good news. If you have thick hair, you can enjoy fuller bubble gum and puffy disease and find it easier to retouch sandy or textured hair. It also looks better than thin hair. But there are drawbacks, we are not only talking about frizz.

Toni & Guy’s Dexter Johnson countered: “Dense hair can be a nightmare because it is often difficult to style and often difficult to fix.” “Dense hair is more difficult to manipulate, while thinner hair can be used. Product creation. In terms of haircutting technology, removing the density of hair is much more difficult. ”

Whichever argument you support, here are the best styles for all types of thick hair.

Short bushy hairstyle

Short stubble

Johnson said: “If your hair is short and thick, sometimes the product will make the texture matte and sticky.” “So, short crops have a good fade effect, which can reduce the weight and texture of the top, which works well. . “Think of any changes to the iconic, worry-free French crop.

How to maintain it: “This style is fairly easy to maintain and is a great choice for those who want to wash away.”

Short Crop

Unstable crop

Charlie Cullen of London-based hairdresser Joe & Co said: “The clip tightly grips the rising fade on the back and sides.” “Trim the top with a slightly irregular length to add texture and eliminate density. Shorten the edges For easier maintenance and longer life. ”
Care method: “Add some sea salt spray when wet and then dry it out-this style is intentionally ‘untidy’. Finally add a little frosted product to increase the setting effect.”

The Choppy Crop

Connoisseur’s buzz

“If your thick door locks get too much in the hot summer weather, choose a complete electric clipper.” “To add shape and style, use a level 3 or 4 on top, But use fades on the back and sides to make it clearer. If you’re bold enough, start with skin or level 0. ”
Maintenance method: Buzzing is a style anytime, anywhere, but please note that you may need to return to the barber’s chair within two weeks.

The Connoisseur’s Buzz Cut

Medium long thick hair

Li Bo

“‘Leebo’ is from the Legacy series of Toni & Guy,” Johnson said. “For gentlemen with medium-length hair, this is a good choice because it minimizes the width on both sides and creates more volume on the top.” For 70s or 80s inspired hairstyles, asking for layers Keep it short-otherwise medium length .
How to care: This is another great out-of-the-box hairstyle, but if you are prone to frizz, consider using lightweight products such as leave-in conditioners .

The Leebo

Classic Loose Backward

“Scissors are the key to this highly layered style,” Hunt said. The gradient back and sides make up for the heavier top, making it easy to sit down. If you want to make the style looser and easier to style, don’t separate. ”
How to care: “After adding hair cream or keeping the hair spray moisturized, blow dry the hair. If necessary, add some styling cream after drying.”

The Classic Loose Sweep Back


“Cut the short sides while maintaining the length of the top, especially at the edges, but not fully connected. It would be great if the hair was fluffy,” Hunt said.
How to care: “A hair dryer is your best friend. Add some gel or a small amount of styling cream when wet, then use a round brush to add volume and lift up. Use clay for a matte look, or use a firm hair wax for a sharper finish. ”

The Undercut Quiff

Thick hair

Messy layers

Johnson said, “For a seamless layer, it is required that the hairdresser has duality in the layered mode.” “In terms of hairstyle, you want to ask something that fits the jagged part so that your hairdresser can shorten some areas to Reduce weight, either backwards or sideways. It’s different from undercuts because undercuts we want to remove length and weight. Here we want to keep the length of the hair but to reduce the weight as much as possible.
How to care: The conditioner is the key to keeping this style smooth enough, but you can also add a light cream or sea salt spray to add a little texture and clarity.



Hunt said, guide your inner rock star and let your hair cross your shoulders. “Increase the shoulder length of the razor layer to add beach texture and reduce weight.”
How to care: After growing your hair, visit the barber every few weeks to trim the ends of your hair to keep it in good condition. “Add a grit texture with salt spray to make it look lifelike, then screw it up and let it air dry, or use a diffuser attachment on a hair dryer so it doesn’t look too fashionable,” said Hunt. Too long because this look is best for use with natural oils. ”

The Surfer

Long sweep and T

This is your best choice when your hair is too thick to fall on one side of your face. “Longer layered shapes are required, and can be hidden behind the ears and away from the face,” Cullen said. “Hair needs to be layered slightly to reduce volume, but be careful when the layers are too short because they actually increase volume.”
How to care: “Wash first, then dry it slightly with a towel, and then use the Superstar Queen of Bed Head a lot.” Keep the natural texture by hand styling, then dry naturally. ”

Longer length dressed away from the face

Thick curly hairstyle

Long and curly

Johnson said, “When you have thick curly hair, I recommend making it longer.” “There is no other way than to keep Mick Hucknall in an extreme position, just leave it on the top and combine it with an undercut (neck) Surrounding shaved area) to reduce width and weight. ”
Maintenance method: Consider Jim Morrison or Jon Snow here and minimize the use of the product. You should use leave-in conditioner when ordering repeatedly.

Long and Curly

High skin discoloration

Johnson said, “High attenuation starts at the corner of your temple or forehead.” “Different from the traditional undercut length by only one length, high fading then becomes shorter on the sides and longer on the top, showing curls.”
Care method: As with all thick, curly styles, you may need some kind of anti-curl product. And, if your skin is more sensitive, try using a scalp tonic to combat the slightly matte texture that fades.

High Skin Fade

Taper fading

Johnson said: “The taper fading is concentrated on the temples and side corners, and on the back of the neck to increase the longevity of the hairstyle, so that the curly hair on the face exudes.” First, the medium-length broken head shape will make most of the hair’s natural shape.
How to care: You want curls to work together and avoid curls of this style. A Curl Define range for label.m was created for this.

Taper Fade

Best product for thick hair

Thick hair doesn’t need any products at all, and it doesn’t need very special things. “Which product you use really depends on the type and style of hair ,” said TJ Hunt of Ruffians. “Usually, you need to use more products to get the same effect for thick hair.” Strong products are usually suitable for short and choppy hairstyles (matte clay, styling cream), but long and loose hairstyles are more natural Ingredients such as leave-in conditioners or creams. ”

Here are some of our favorite products to help you set your mane style.

Aesop violet leaf hair

This hair cream is perfect for tame and adds shine to those long, wild thick hair. No stickiness or grease included with other similar products.

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Uppercut luxury matte clay

A waxy product for a textured look that keeps your style dry. It’s also easy to rework and tough enough to resist water and intense exercise.

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Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay 60g

Aveda Silky Styling Cream

This high-quality cream is designed to lock in moisture and suppress frizz. Especially effective in short, choppy styles.

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smooth infusion nourishing styling creme

Men-ü muscle fiber cream

This is a texture-style fixing paste for short hair, designed to bond the microfibers of the hair for a firm, long-lasting and flexible fixation.

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Kevin Murphy Hair Spray

This texture spray will help the drying process when blow dried into the hair. Once set, it makes your hair feel textured and gritty.

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Style by Kevin.Murphy Hair.Resort.Spray 150ml

Label.m leave-in conditioner

This will soften the hair and make it more malleable, making it easier to handle thick or unruly thick hair. The hairstyle is also long .

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label.m Leave-In Conditioner

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