Have Been Seriously Tortured By The Hair Loss Problem? Check Out To Understand The Reasons and Resolutions

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For ordinary hairy, image-conscious people, there are no three words in English that cause a hunch more easily than “male pattern baldness”. The vocabulary trio is so creepy that some men (Jude Law, we are looking at you) feel that the best action is to ignore it completely.

But why is it so? Anyway, what is so terrible about having a bald bo? Well, there is nothing. In fact, research has always found that when ranking based on perceptible alpha masculinities such as masculinity, dominance, and strength, cool-headed guys outperform their hairy people. In fact, many men stigmatize baldness, and baldness actually exists only in their own unconvincing combing.

Yes, complete baldness may mean that you will never be able to wear a faux fur-trimmed parka to your chin again, and will not look like a hard-boiled egg from the tail of a German Shepherd (dog breed, add it quickly) . But if that is the only drawback, what is all the fuss about?

In order to answer this and all other questions, we have started to study male pattern baldness and provide you with all the knowledge you need, and then embark on your own hairless road into the hairless Grand Canyon. .

Why is this happening?

Especially for young people, realizing that you are losing your beloved lock, it feels like God is picking you out and punishing you for crimes you may or may not commit. In fact, some things are far less holy, but they are playing an uncontrollable role.

Hair loss in men, whether it is premature birth or other reasons, is not caused by the judgment of the Almighty God, but by a chemical imbalance between genetics and a hormone called DHT (or dihydrotestosterone for syllable fans).

DHT is a chemical derivative of testosterone. It is produced when androgen is mixed with an enzyme called 5-α-reductase. It causes complicated scientific events involving many numbers and letters… but Please don’t fall into it. What we are really interested in is the practical role of DHT.

DHT: Baldness Hormone

“The main function of DHT in the body is to maintain and develop male sexual characteristics, and due to the fact that it inhibits aromatase (an enzyme related to estrogen levels”, it promotes a better sense of health,” the famous Harley Street hair expert explained. Dr. Raghu Reddy of the private clinic. “It also plays a key role in the development of facial hair and other male characteristics during puberty.”

In short, DHT is the chemical substance responsible for providing you with a good, dense flavor protector. However, although this may be good news for your jaw, DHT may bring you disaster.

Dr. Reddy added: “Although DHT contributes to facial hair, it is also one of the factors that cause male pattern baldness.” “This is because in genetically susceptible men, the activity of DHT is called “miniaturization”. “The process hinders the normal growth of hair follicles.”

When this happens, the DHT hormone will attach itself to the roots of the hair follicles, resulting in shorter and shorter growth periods for each new cycle. “Eventually, the hair will stop growing completely,” Dr. Reddy added. “Hair loss will become more pronounced at this time. This may be a form of receding hairline, thinning hair or completely familiar form of baldness.”

Dispel the myth

For every fact that science has served us male baldness, the Internet has poured out several complete and complete fallacies. Now, let us debunk the five most popular ones for you here.

The bald head was inherited from the mother’s father

Look at your grandmother’s head is usually sold as a barometer for a surefire tonometer, but as a bald grandson with a furry grandfather will tell you, it is not always accurate.

In fact, although the X chromosome carries a key gene for baldness, chrome domes anywhere on both sides of the family may indicate your hairless future.

Thanks Uncle Bill.

You just back off because you are full of testosterone

Sorry to break it, but having a shiny melon does not actually mean that your body will be broken by testosterone (or “human juice”, just like we almost As written).

Androgenetic alopecia depends on testosterone, but this does not necessarily mean that you have more alopecia than normal people (obviously, with the exception of Dwayne Johnson). Unfortunately, your bragging rights depend largely on genetics.

Your hair loss may reduce stress

Contrary to what cartoons might lead you to believe, although it is related to temporary shedding, there is no correlation between high stress and increased likelihood of permanent hair loss.

So next time you don’t have to worry about leaving a week’s worth of work on your desk at 3 PM next Friday-at least your hair will not fall out permanently. Unless you tear it up right away, that’s it.

You wear too many hats

Therefore, you watched Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin” video in 2000 and refused to take off your red baseball cap for the next two years. Since then, you have been more bald than the combined bassist and drummer Fred Durst. You might kick yourself because you heard that wearing a hat affects the fate of your follicles. But don’t worry, this is not true.

The baldness caused by wearing a hat is just the story of an old wife. In this way, you don’t have to jump because of your teenage headdress habits. As for the regrettable rap metal stage…Yes, please continue to condemn it.

Shave to make it thicker

Many awkward, stumbling teenagers eagerly shaved the side corners of his father’s Mach 3, hoping to look at him from Wolverine in the bathroom mirror the next day, he might— maybe —will Greet him. Many people have tried; all have failed.

This is because shaving hair does not actually thicken it. When the hair grows in again, it may look a little rough at first glance, but this is only due to its blunt tip.

Psychological loss

Although it is a joke, there is no fact to prove that even for the most leisurely people, hair loss is not a picnic. Moreover, this is not exactly an image. Even for men who don’t care about their appearance at all, baldness is a sign of aging, and it is also outrageous. The clock has passed.

“Although hair loss has a small effect on physical health, it can have a large impact on people’s mood,” explained Kerry Montgomery, a research assistant at Sheffield Hallam University. “Hair is an important part of our appearance and identity. It represents our personal image and style.”

Because hair loss is more common in men than in women, people often think that for us Y-chromosome patients, the psychological impact is much less. But in a thriving world of male beauty, the multi-billion pound industry and social media fascinate us with images more than ever, which is far from the truth.

“We know that men will have difficulties,” Montgomery added. “Their daily care habits may change. The way they view their appearance and how others view their appearance are major changes. We also know that if men have emotional problems, they are unlikely to get help.”

However, if your journey through male baldness proves to be a particularly difficult journey, you can provide support. In addition to medical services, charities such as the British Hair Loss Association can also provide assistance to people suffering from hair loss, including practical advice and opportunities to communicate with others. There is even an international radio show called The Bald Truth, which is described as a live support organization for people with hair loss.

So, if hair loss really bothers you so much, what measures can you take to deal with it?

Wig or no wig?

Male pattern baldness is no longer the only way to brighten the scalp that was once guaranteed. We may not have miracle cures yet, but scientists continue to assure us that they are on the cusp of major breakthroughs.

At the same time, you can try some other methods to restore your hair.


It is true that simple repair methods are far beyond the scope of science, but some drugs can combat the onset of male pattern baldness-namely Minoxidil (sold as Rogaine) and Finasteride (sold as Propecia). If you find yourself getting thinner at the top, you may have encountered one or both of them in a crazy Google search session. But do they really work?

Dr. Reddy said: “It has been proven that finasteride and minoxidil can retain existing hair.” Effectiveness and results vary from person to person, but the statement that drugs can prevent hair loss is actually completely correct.

However, there are some caveats. Dr. Reddy added: “There is no drug that can regenerate hair.” “But finasteride does have a tendency to reverse thinning hair.”

In addition, if you want to continue to enjoy the benefits of this drug, you must continue to take it until a better situation arises. This is a financial commitment, and many men either choose or are forced not to do it.

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Non-surgical hair replacement system

Old-fashioned wigs not only bear a bit of pantomime, but they also force the wearer to live in constant fear of the strong wind, robber pigeons, and the clinging hands of curious children sitting behind the bus. However, if the emergence of driverless cars, canned sandwiches and actual robots is not resolved, then this is the future we live in, and now we have wigs to prove it.

Non-surgical wigs can semi-permanently fix male pattern baldness by attaching real hair to the head with a strong adhesive. No matter how the child decides to remove it, it can be firmly fixed on the head.

The hair replacement system enables the wearer to wash, dye and style the hair as if they were washing their own hair. The only downside is that it will need to be replaced every 2-5 years, at a cost of more than £500 each time.



The semi-permanent option is good for some people, but if you are looking for a full Monty (or a full Rooney), then the surgical route may be the best option.

Dr. Reddy explained: “Hair transplants can significantly restore hair that has fallen from the head and even the beard.” “This is a permanent solution that only takes one or two sessions to complete.”

This procedure works by removing functional hair follicles from the back of the head (donor site) and then implanting them on the top of the head. Once completed, the follicles harvested from the donor site will continue to behave in the same manner as before removal, resulting in new hair growth on the previously barren scalp.

However, many people think that receiving this treatment does not realize that its success depends on the combined use of minoxidil or finasteride to prevent any other untransplanted hair from further thinning. If this is the promise you are ready to make, then hair transplant may be your best choice.

Embrace the bald life

Pills, potions, surgery and wigs may be some men’s answers, if they are, that’s good. But for the rest of us, there is a simpler, faster and cheaper option. Let us put it this way: If you like to sleep in bed for 10 minutes every morning and let men play in the bar, thinking that your burden is twice the actual burden, then the solution is to get a haircut.

As long as there is a razor, the practice of shaving the head turns a bald man into a beard. That kind of gentle combing can exude the atmosphere of your loss of control, but by picking up a pair of electric clippers, removing the shield and starting to work, you will return to the tonsil driver’s seat and face the hair loss according to yourself conditions of.

Talk to any shaved expert and he will most likely tell you that he feels better after he no longer desperately clings to the end of the hair and muster the courage to take it off once and for all. This can be a liberating experience. In addition, you can get out of trouble when you are still young, and you will make a good start for your colleagues, most of whom will have to deal with the onset of male pattern baldness and the midlife crisis at the same time.

However, these are not the only advantages in adopting nuclear options. Once you have invested in a set of faders and learned how to use them, you will find that you are actually making money, otherwise, the barber will vainly cover up your changing hairline. As for your thoughts on any potential partners, please see Jason Statham and Samuel L Jackson. Even Larry David, who refused to shave his back and sides, turned his expression into himself.

How to shave your head

Getting rid of fluff is a big step, but you probably know that this is the right approach. However, before you try, you need to make sure you know what you are doing. With this in mind, we asked Joe Mills, one of the best hairdressers in London, to advise on this matter.

“If you think it’s time to shave your head, I suggest you trim it first,” Mills said. “At first, you want to start in grade 3, and then shorten your working hours. If your face is round, I suggest you set 3 or 2 on the top and side tops respectively, and use 1 and fade in and fade out around the edges. This will have It helps to slightly change the shape of your face. “The trick is to keep it trimmed, because it won’t look good if it is fluffy. ”

So it’s very simple. However, if you have already experienced life with a bald head and are eager for the next blow, then you may decide to involve Razor.

“If you want to shave your head, the best way is to be the same as your face,” Mills explained. “You need to trim your hair with electric clippers, then moisten your scalp with warm water, and then apply shaving cream or gel. The hair on your head is different from your face and is not as rough. In addition, your scalp is not used to shaving Shaver, so easy to perform. The blade should be rinsed regularly during shaving to keep it clean and remove stubble.”

The best hairstyles for thinning hair

If you haven’t reached Prince William’s level of sparseness, then you may want to consider trimming the barber before you start using Bic and shaving foam ham. It is true that no matter how good your hairdresser is, he cannot recover the lost locks, but what he can do is give you a cut to make your hairline likable.

But what are you asking? Well, here are some of the best options.

Buzz cut

Using an electric clipper to lower the hair to a uniform length is a good way to meet the needs of reducing the hairline without making the hair bald. If you want to shave your head but want to try water first, this may be the way you have been looking for trimming.


the buzz cut hairstyle for men with receding hair

High tight

If what you want is the illusion of thick hair, then this tailoring to military siblings can provide you with the extra volume you need. The length of the cutout at the top is very short, and the length at the back and sides is even shorter. This will help to establish a certain balance between the thinning hair around the crown and the dense hair elsewhere.

Sleek undercut

Although it may not be good to cover up the hairline, this undercut look is a good choice if the hairy area is on the top of your head. After styling, the back comb length on the top can cover all embarrassing baldness. Just try to avoid the swimming pool.

Short crop

If your thinning is still relatively small, cutting production may be a good choice. Cut this pattern short with scissors, and have the function of making the lock look fuller than it actually is.


The Short Crop Hairstyle for men

Final thoughts

Therefore, baldness is not a terrible fate in the aging process, it is just a natural thing in the aging process. If you decide to go this way, you can do many things to deal with it.

But before you spend your life savings on expensive cosmetic surgery, please help us and try to shave your head first. You never know that once you start saving money, enjoying more time in the morning and getting praise, you may just realize that a little hair is not that important after all.

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