Men’s Hairstyles 2020: Every Guy Should Learn These 5+ Jake Gyllenhaal’s Short Haircuts!

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In Hollywood, it’s not uncommon for leaders to change their hair like they can’t decide what to eat for dinner. Jake Gyllenhaal is the exception.

Unlike his screen rivals, the California native has kept his lock throughout his career. Of course, for his role as a bruser boxer in Southpaw, it was short-lived and severe, and he has been the adopted son of the Prince of Persia for a long time . But in most cases, the classic Gyllenhaal cut rotates around a soft mid-length cut sweep angle, perfectly designed for his oval face .

It’s a classic hairstyle that works well in the office, but it’s not too stiff on the board so that it doesn’t look cool when trimming shapes on the dance floor over the weekend.

To help you make Jack-like hair before, we interviewed Steve Warwicker’s top designer and manager kid in London to find out how.

Boy next door

Let’s face it, Jake Gyllenhaal is a good-looking person, but this is indeed an example of a barber working overtime for the wearer. Makes his face flawless, and his soft makeup balances his chiseled and clear features, including the jaw cut from granite.

So how do I duplicate Jake Gyllenhaal short haircut look? Warwicker said: “Have the hairdresser cut a pair of medium-length scissors and keep the softness around the ears.” “Make sure to keep the length at the top so that you can push it backwards when styling. Then, when you are ready in the morning, only Air brushes and nozzles are required to dry the hair backwards to keep it smooth and flatten the cuticles of the hair. ”

Jake Gyllenhaal Hairstyles

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Preparation five

In recent years, a man’s hair has been gradually longer, no doubt, Timothy Charles Lame angel -like appearance and general relaxation of workplace regulations have contributed to the booming hair . But taking action does mean spending more time preparing and spending less time in bed. So, if you are not a newbie, consider using classic short and delicate cuts.

Warkwicker said: “A hairstyle with a textured top can be kept long without being too soft.” “Require the back and sides of the quick cut to be around third grade, and cut it short and texture the top. When styling, only Just dry it quickly with a hair dryer, then just a little product (such as a styling cream). ”

Jake Gyllenhaal Hairstyles

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That job is mine

Coming to a large job interview and want to be impressed? Pick up a pen and paper because you want to take notes. Jake Gyllenhaal short haircut is a polished hairstyle that almost any face shape can handle and can allow people to know exactly who the boss is.

Warwicker said: “This is a simple scissors-type cut with a fractal on one side , you can’t go wrong.” “Requires keeping the back and sides at right angles to create a more visible look, then blow dry hair back, use Ventilation brushes and nozzles keep the hair smooth while increasing the volume of the hair and fixing the hair in one direction. ”

Jake Gyllenhaal Hairstyles

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Just slipped back

Thanks to the large amount of Gordon Gecko type people, smooth hair does not perform well, which makes them their business cards. But for every Eric Trump, there is a Jake Gyllenhaal showing you how to regain your style from crime in the 1980s.

When sitting on a chair in a barbershop, Warwicker asked for a simple “square-to-square scissors.” Stylistically, this is hard to go wrong. “This is a moist look and the style is not difficult. After showering, dry your hair with a towel and then add styling cream or pomade while still moist.” Add a neat beard to achieve some very You need the ruggedness you need.

Jake Gyllenhaal Hairstyles

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Jake Gyllenhaal’s signature mid-length tailoring will never play his tough role as a boxer Billy’The Great Hope in Southpaw. Instead, Jake Gyllenhaal short haircut in the movie has more demanding buzz cut can highlight the angular features of the actor, so if you also have che bones to hang on your jacket, this is a worthwhile option.

“Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyle requires a third grade at the top and a middle gradient between 1 or 0.5 in the middle,” Warwick said. “Styling is not needed, but if you really want some definitions, you can paste with a small amount of styles. For beards, use a trimmer between 0.5 and 1 to maintain a rough look and give the face some shape.”

Jake Gyllenhaal Hairstyles

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Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyles are definitely a trend that is worth following. But in case they are not what you are looking for, let me introduce one more trend here — Burgundy hair. Burgundy has been increasingly popular these years, and it’s a color suitable for everyone. Have a look at the burgundy hairstyles below!

Men's Hairstyles 2020: Every Guy Should Learn From Jake Gyllenhaal's short haircut!

Men's Hairstyles 2020: Every Guy Should Learn From Jake Gyllenhaal's short haircut!

Men's Hairstyles 2020: Every Guy Should Learn From Jake Gyllenhaal's short haircut!

What if both trends suit you? Combine them! Do a Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyle with burgundy!

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