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Hirsutism: Treatment and Remedies

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In the condition known as hirsutism, individuals will experience a larger than normal amount of hair growth on the body. While it can affect both men and women, it is usually ladies that will suffer more often. The hair is commonly found on the chest, on the face, on the stomach or the back. It will be dark, thick and coarser, in most cases, then hair found elsewhere. It is not a bad thing but it is uncomfortable and unwanted inmost cases.

Why Is It There?

Individuals who are dealing with hirsutism want to know first of all how it happens. In most cases, the problem for women is excessive levels of male hormones. It is important to understand that women have these hormones usually, but at much lower levels. When there are excessive amounts of them, specifically androgens, there are often results that are less than favorable such as with the occurrence of hirsutism. Individuals will likely have a deeper voice; they may have acne and menstruation cycles that are not balanced and regular. They may have more muscles than other women do. It is also important to point out that hirsuitism can also occur due to the follicles reaction to these excessive levels of hormone.

If you are taking medications such as birth control pills or steroids, the symptoms of hirsutism will also be noted in some women. Also, there are some cases in which women have the condition as a hereditary condition.

What Can Make Hirsutism Go Away?

  • Overweight individuals often have the symptoms of hirsutism. If you are overweight, the best remedy for the condition is to actually lose weight. As you do so, your hormone levels will go back to a normal level.
  • Depilatories are another option to use. You can use hair removal creams to help you as well. Make sure to insure you have no allergic reaction to these conditions prior to using them on large areas.
  • If you pluck these hairs, they will likely come back faster. That is due to an increased amount of blood flow to the area.
  • Bleaching products also work. Again, test for allergic reactions when using chemicals of any type.
  • Electrolysis or laser hair removal are other options. Here, the follicle that produces the hair is damaged and this keeps the hair from re-growing. Although expensive, this can be a permanent solution to your condition.
  • There are also a number of prescription medications that can help. Anti androgen medications will be regulated by your doctor.

The bottom line is that hirsutism is a condition that you can treat and you do not need to live with. To choose the right solution for you, consider your condition and severity of it. Also, find out from your doctor what is causing it as many medical conditions that can should be treated. Then, choose the method that fits with your preferences as well as your budget.