How to Create a Great White Hairstyle

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and gray hair. But whitening is not the end of the world-of course, this is not the end of having beautiful hair. Whether you have a little salt ‘n’ pepper or a full silver fox, there are unlimited gray hairstyles to find.

The beauty of white hair is that, visually, it has high gloss and high contrast. This means that it looks good both long and short, with precise hairstyles, moist styles, and more natural hairstyles. However, it also requires some TLC. This is why white hair appears first, how to look after it, and the best hairstyle to show that beautiful white hair .

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What causes gray hair?

This may be the most obvious sign of aging, and if you have gray hair first, it may make you think about your own mortality rate, frantically pull out the hooligan gray, and cry, “Why, God? Why?” But there is no God here Intervention. It usually depends on the ticking of the biological clock.

“When the melanin-producing melanocytes in the hair start to dry up and become ineffective, the hair will start to turn grey,” said Eva Proudman, a hair scientist at UK Hair Consultants. “This is mainly due to the aging process, but it may also be genetically related.”

But “grey” is a wrong name. “The word gray is misleading and the hair is white,” Prodman said. “When mixed with normal hair coloring, it looks gray, which is what gives us a wonderful gray tone.”

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How does graying change hair?

You may have heard a lot about how hair changes when it starts to gray, not just its color. However, there is a lot of conflicting information there. Does my hair become thicker or softer when it starts to gray? Does it also become thin?

“White hair changes texture,” Prodman said. “It’s usually better, but because it lacks natural sebum to keep hair moist, it feels rougher. As you get older, your sebum production decreases.

“Sometimes hair may be curled or kinked. This varies widely and there is no hard and fast rule. Research on how the structure of white hair changes is still ongoing and inconclusive. What seems to happen is that with the inactivation of melanocytes, The underlying structure has also changed. ”

This may affect the way you style. “Gray hair is indeed cut thicker and more stubborn,” said Sait Koca of Adam Grooming Atelier. “However, the practice of a hairdresser depends heavily on the client’s original hair type -thick, fine, straight, wavy, etc.

“Another important factor to consider when deciding on a customer’s tailoring and style is their lifestyle. Not everyone has the same time to spend on their daily beauty activities at home.”

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How to style white hair

The specific style you choose will depend on “length of hair, thickness, grayness of rocking, and (as suggested by Sait Koca) lifestyle. However, there are some general style tips that are just as sensible as all the bright gray minds.

“If you don’t have much time, we recommend that you keep it as short as possible,” Koca said. “This way you can groom neatly with very little effort. If you can spend some time drying and styling, long white hair may be great.”

If you are concerned that it is starting to thin out, you can add layers to maintain the elasticity and fullness of the style, just like using natural-colored hair.

“You just need to make sure that the texture is added the right way,” said Joe Mills of London hairdresser Joe & Co .. “Avoid thinning scissors, they will not help. In terms of styling, simply use a suitable conditioner to replenish moisture after shampooing, and then use products such as a texture spray with” hair dryer to increase volume and mobility “.

Best gray hairstyles for men

If you are still not sure how to style, please provide some suggestions for each type of white hair.

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