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How To Look Like A Cute Pastel Goth In 2023? Complete Anime Aesthetic Guide – Makeup, Palette, Decor, Hair, Clothing

Pastel Goth, before it eventually turned into a stable part of alternative aesthetic, made a long way from classic goth culture through vintage grunge wave from the west, and kawaii, cute aesthetic from the east. Before the culture got its name – it was called Nu-Goth and later Soft Grunge and Pastel Grunge, and it started gaining popularity around 2010 on Tumblr.

Korean “Ulzzang” and Harajuku fashion played its final role in seasoning grunge looks with cuteness and pastel flavor.

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????? Click the images below to get inspired!

Basically, Pastel Goth is a mixture of traditional goth clothes and culture with adorable pastel colors to create an image of a kawaii cutesy who can easily suck all the life out of you. Blend of dark rituals and cuddles.

Pastel Goth look was quickly accepted by alternative internet scene and nowadays you can find a lot of bloggers and Instagram fashionistas looking “Cute but Deadly”

If your question is “How can I create a Pastel Goth look myself?” – Then this guide is for you Bae. We’ll cover all the aspects of creating an aesthetic look.

Pastel Goth Hairstyles and Hair colors

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????? Click the images below to learn how to dye and maintain your pretty pastel hairstyle!

Hairstyle and hair color is, probably, the most important core element of Pastel Goth look. It’s going to affect the most on your overall look and set the “main tone”. If you have a naturally dark hair color then bleaching will be your starting point.

By choosing color you should look in the direction of soft mint, flamingo pink, light turquoise, and salmon red. We strongly advise you to use green only for gradient and secondary tone.

Split Hair Color & Pastel Goth Wigs

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Split coloring may be helpful if you want to be more creative with your look or simply can’t decide which color you like the most, but here’s the thing… It’s easy to overdo with black or too soft light colors and cross the border of Pastel Goth hairstyle. Be smart with dyes bae.

????? Once you decided to try, there are many choices!

There’s always an alternative to hair bleaching and coloring. There’s a ton of natural-looking wigs for a reasonable price that can give you freedom of choice.

Pastel Goth Hair Accessories

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????? Cute pastel goth girls never have boring hairstyles!

Now when we’ve done with a hairstyle – you need a crown.
Avoid randomness of hair accessories. They should always complement the whole look. If you are aiming for mystic vibes then use witchy stuff and don’t do candy clips. Try using spikes with flower adornments.

The main idea here is to twist cute kawaii vibe around the dark goth core.
Try to find a concept that goes with you and experiment with it. Do not cross the cosplay line unintentionally

Braid and Weaves

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Interweaving ombre braiding to fulfill your style is an awesome idea. First of all, it may help with adding new colors to your Pastel Goth palette. Secondary, the Braids itself may help you reach the look you are aiming for. But again, there’s a balance between a mermaid and pastel hair huntress. Same as with the colors, be smart and use it in your advance.

Pastel Goth MakeUp

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????? Make sure to click the images and learn makeup tricks from other pastel goth girls!

This is the part where things getting hotter and you can unleash full potential of your look.

Pastel soft colors, shiny cute glitter, and sparkles, black “goth core” lipstick.
Unicorn rainbow or extremely pale witchy eyeshadows.
Matching eyebrows color with your hair. Matching eyeshadows as well.
It depends on your concept.
Any mystic signs and runes around eyes and forehead may work in context but again, don’t cross the cosplay line if that wasn’t your plan. That’s the most tricky part.

Pastel Goth Jewelry and Accessories

????? The look is not completed without these matching accessories! –> Click the images to get more inspiration.

It’s all about the accent and where do you want to make it.
Thus accessories aren’t playing a huge role in your look like hair or makeup does – it still can make a great change in overall vibe.
Black and rainbow chokers, grunge belts,..,.,, and body harnesses can definitely extend the “dark part” of your look.
Ritual necklaces, piercing, ouija earrings or this 
colorful jelly candy bear necklace bracelet may become a hot point of a whole look concept.
Temporary tattoos may work amazingly well with your makeup and guide your look in a completely different way.
You can see more anime/gaming tattoos here.

Pastel Goth Shoe-wears

Are you looking for pastel goth platform shoes, pastel boots or pink kawaii shoes to match with your perfect fashion and hair color? Remember to get matching sock!

????? Extend the dark look to the tip of your body –> Explore wonderful pretty ideas of pastel Goth shoe-wears by clicking the images below!

Pastel Goth Clothing Outfits

????? Click the images below to see how others are mix and matching these pastel gothic looks?

Pastel Gothic Decor Ideas For Bedding, Living Room, Furniture & Home

????? Whether it is for Halloween or getting an aesthetic bedroom, these kawaii art and decorations for the home will make you feel unique day and night, click the images below to explore!