Top 5 Male Hair Trends to Try in 2020

It is summer. The beer garden and barbecue will beckon, and finally it’s time to put on your wool hat .

The problem is that some of the tonsil thin-layer chromatography below it may have expired. Cold weather can make your hair cruel, dry, and undernourished, leaving you without enough motivation to keep Barnet up to date.

In order to get things back, the hairdresser needs a new trim. But which styles are popular this year? What do you want to ask to keep the salon smooth from the comfortable bathroom?

To answer all of the above questions, we met some haircut partners to find out the main hair trends this spring and summer, and how to get yourself started.

Repainted curtains

There is no doubt that the 20-year trend clock is still ticking, and one of the most notorious hairstyles of the 1990s is quietly returning to the scalp of SS19.

Believe it or not, curtains are back in fashion, but thankfully you don’t have to go all out. This time, it’s all about loose, wavy styles. Joe Pris, the boss of Joe & Co. in London, and the brains of Primark’s first in-house barbershop, Mills , think he knows why.

He explained: “We saw a shift from a smooth appearance , partly due to a different shape.” “[Curtains] is a look that facilitates this transition, and works with Timothy Charame (Singer Timothée Chalamet) has been rocking and always looks great. ”

What is required

This way, you won’t encounter the wrong #throwback, and Mills recommends taking pictures for best results. “Please consider the length you want, he added.” This cut can be worn in different lengths and works well if the hair is thick . Ideally it is waves, so it also has movement. ”

SS19 Hair Trends - Curtains

How to shape

To add styling to the home, Mills recommends using pre-shaped hair styles to keep the curls air-dried. For natural straight hair, use a hair dryer directly after the shower, then spray with sea salt spray for texture.

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French crop

Most madness comes with the wind. From the moment they were sculpted above the head of the first lucky person, others have never stopped trending. If you are looking for this timeless style, French crops are just tickets.

This classic cut has a long history, but contemporary updates such as skin fading and undercuts make it feel less old-fashioned.

Johnny’BaBa’Shanahan, founder of the high-end hair salon chain Barber Barber , said: “The French crop is a good choice at any time of the year because it is effortless and looks good on most head and hair types . “” It’s also a good choice for those who are backing up , because they can make the bangs shorter to give the illusion of thickness on the front side of the head. ”

What is required

According to Shanahan, any hairdresser who deserves their salt is already aware of this hairstyle. “Ask French crops,” he said.

SS19 Hair Trends - French Crop

How to shape

This is a versatile trim that can look different depending on the style. To stay classic, Shanahan recommends using simple style routines. Dry the towel with a little clay or wax. “Effortless, it’s perfect for that guy on the go.”

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Contemporary africa

Going upstairs does not necessarily mean guiding Captain Kraftman. Modern haircutting techniques have created a new way for you to keep your hair fresh, tidy and intentional while rocking your talented hairstyle .

Natural style has been a mainstream trend for some time, and Barber Barber’s black hairstylist Tyson Pyne has witnessed it.

“Nature styles, such as loose curls or large African styles with sharp edges, tapering or fading of the back and sides,” Pyne said. “Men are now more open to embracing the quality of natural-owned hair.”

What is required

Explain to your hairdresser that you want to be big and natural while keeping your edges and shapes neat and clean. You can ask for the skin to fade or just taper, depending on how bright you want the finished product to look.

SS19 Hair Trends - Afro

How to shape

To maintain the beauty of this style, Pyne recommends washing, drying and conditioning the hair once or twice a week. “Hair needs to be nourished with organic oils such as coconut oil or olive oil spray to keep the scalp and hair moist.”

Sponge brushes are also an important tool for creating these natural looks. Use it with fiber cream for a plump effect.

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Actually , the history of good-looking bleached hair is few and far between. There are more instances of errors. Around 1997, Justin Timberlake showed a temporary ramen, and Kanye West’s incorrect respect for Trevor McDonald was, of course, bad. The style king Guy Fieri.

However, in recent years, a group of celebrity men has provided a strong basis for tapping bottles. Including Zac Efron (Zac Efron), Zahn Malik ( Zayn Malik) and the world’s coolest man Jonah Hill (Jonah Hill) competitors. If you want to try it for yourself, this summer is the perfect time.

” Short hair is best for bleaching,” Mills explained. “This is because it’s easier to get a clean and consistent color. However, with the right hair dye, you can pre-dye any length of hair.”

What is required

It is worth remembering that bleach is very serious. “Patch testing is always required, which is very important.” Said Ken Hermes, ambassador for Bluebeards Revenge beauty brand and mental health awareness group The Lions Barber Collective. “No hairdresser can bleach hair on the same day, it needs to be tested like skin first.”

SS19 Hair Trends - Bleach

How to shape

No matter what you want to cut, just make sure your hair is as moisturized and hydrated as possible. “It’s a chemotherapy that can change the texture and condition of the hair,” Mills added. “But if you use the right conditioner, this can help.”

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Messy Middle Length

Short styles have dominated the men’s hairstyles field for some time, but mid-to-long hair is back on the menu as celebrities break into shoulder-length territory. We are talking about Kit Harington, Dev Patel, and Harry Styles , all of whom are showing the world why longer, matted decorations are the way forward.

“It’s a classic because it’s versatile and can be effortlessly worn on the face or face,” Shanahan said. Although, for this length of hair, use good-quality shampoos and conditioners and have skilled shear A hairdresser with a knowledge is very important. ”

What is required

When sitting in a chair, Shanahan recommends asking for a “square layered haircut”, but if you have any questions, please take a photo with you for insurance.

SS19 Hair Trends - Mid Messy

How to shape

In addition to appearance, the best thing about this tailor is that it is very easy to style at home. Shanahan said: “It can be dried with a rough towel, and with a little pomade , it looks smoother, or sprinkled with Shanghai salt for a more organized look.” “Again, for me, this This hairstyle will never be outdated. ”

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