[2020 Beauty Personality Quiz] 4+ Common Lipstick Shapes And What They Say About Your Personality

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The Point

The sharper the point, the more ambitious this lipstick’s owner is. Those with pointy tips are usually helpful (except when the tip is too sharp-that suggests they have turned mean and hard-edged). If the tip has a roundness, they’re happy in their job and their life.


The Leaning Tower of Pisa

When you come across this shape, you’re dealing with a tough, strong and opinionated adversary. (But they have a fun-loving side, enjoy a party and are good sources of office gossip.) A toppling tower indicates rage or a crisis.

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The Reclining Chair

If a lipstick’s shape is high on one side, it signals stress. Women with “chairs” are friendly and often organize the office party. They can have split personalities, though. At-work lipsticks can have higher backs than night-time ones.


The Double-Edged Sword

Two sharp points indicate a woman who knows what she wants and is single-minded about getting it. But double-edged swords are nurturing and value loyalty. If you cross her, though, be prepared for the proverbial knife in the back.

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The Flat Top

You want this woman on your side. She’s dependable and even-tempered.

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