[2020] 15 Coolest Asian Classic Curtain Hairstyles With Fade of Round Face for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai Men

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Asian hairstyles men


Asian men are known for their thick hair, a feature that not every nationality is blessed with. With a full head of hair like this, there is a lot of room for Asian fade haircut experiments. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Asian men are typically first in line when a new hairstyle hits the streets. From the bare-it-all buzz cut to flowy long locks, we have compiled the best Asian undercut hairstyle for men.


1. Bro Flow

The long, soft layers of the bro Asian hairstyles for long hair frame the face and put your eyes in the spotlight. This Asian men’s fade works for nearly any face shape and is ideal if your hair is on the thicker side. Once you washed your hair, give it a quick upside-down blowout to add volume, comb it back, add a little side part and let gravity and mother nature do the rest.


Brow Flow


2. Faux Hawk

Originated from the mohawk Asian hairstyles 2020, the faux hawk offers a lot of versatility, which will allow you to tailor your cut exactly to your preferences. Unlike its predecessor, the faux hawk is typically kept short in the back and then graduates into a longer top layer. To achieve your desired Korean undercut hairstyle simply towel dry your hair and use gel, mousse or wax give it the lift you are looking for on top. Flatten the sides for a more groomed appearance.


Faux Hawk


3. Low Fade

The low fade is a versatile Thai hairstyle boy as it can be used to add depth and texture to practically any Asian men hairstyles 2020 of your choosing. This cut features a tapered fade above and behind your ears. The depth of the fade is entirely up to you. You may prefer a light trim or to let the fade smoothly blend into your skin; the full extent of this cut lies entirely in your hands.


Low Fade


4. Buzz Cut

If you are considering to liberate yourself from your locks, the buzz cut will not disappoint. However, as low-maintenance as it may be, this daring cut bares it all and won’t leave anywhere to hide. This masculine Asian fade haircuttypically works for everyone but is highly recommended, if you have strong facial features, as it is bound to amplify cheekbones and jawline. The best thing about this bold cut: if you own an electric shaver it’s easily self-executed at home in your own bathroom.


Buzz Cut


5. Slicked Back with Mid Fade

The slicked back style has certainly evolved into a crowd favorite over the last couple of years. If you have quite dark and full hair, a mid-fade helps lighten up the overall Asian undercut hairstyle while adding a modern twist. All you will need for this look is a fine-toothed comb and a wet-look gel to keep your locks in place throughout the day. This is the most suitable for a Chinese hairstyle boy!


Slicked Back with Mid Fade

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6. Crew Cut

A crew cut is a good option if you’d like to add a little natural height to your crown. The quiff in the front is the longest bit, while the remaining Asian buzz cut fade gradually runs shorter in the back. The overall length of the crew cut is kept quite short, so the front hair will almost stand up on its own. In profile view, the top of your head will almost portray a straight horizontal line. Use your fingers and a little product of your choosing to add some height and texture.


Crew Cut


7. Curly Pompadour

The pompadour is a stylish way to keep your curly hair in check. While the sides and back of the head are maintained tapered and short, the hair up top is kept significantly longer. If you have naturally wavy hair, use a little product to define individual strands. If your hair is on the sleeker side, a curling iron will help you achieve these little Asian boy haircuts. With the right product, the style has the potential to last until your next wash.


Curly Pompadour


8. Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut is distinguished by a sharp contrast in length, which is different from the Asian round face haircut male. While the crown is kept long, the sides and back of the head are almost completely shaved off, revealing much of the scalp. The success of these Asian men hairstyles 2020 relies on the amount of volume in your top hair, which is why this style works best for men with a thick head of hair. Try waves or curls for a more beachy vibe.


Disconnected Undercut with Skin-Shave


9. Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut a la Marlon Brando has been enjoying a celebrated comeback. This classic Chinese hairstyle boy is characterized by the short, horizontally cut bangs. The remaining top hair and sides typically meme the length of the front strands but you may go shorter if you wish. Add a little texture to individualize this Japanese undercut to your taste. The possibilities are plenty to make your own.


Caesar Cut


10. Side Part

A side part is sure to up the level of sophistication of your Asian round face haircut male. To complement business attire, part your hair on either side of your head, just above your temple. Then use a comb and a light gel or wax to put your strands into place. If you have longer hair, consider using a bit of hairspray as opposed to a gel, clay or wax, which may leave your tapered classic cut looking greasy.


Side part


All the content (images and text) of this post are property of lastminutestylist.com I spent a lot of time researching and editing, please respect my effort! Kindly refrain from plagiarizing the content of this blog.

11. Soft Spikes

This is a great curtain hairstyle Asian if your hair is on the thinner side. The short sides will maintain a groomed appearance, while the wavy top layers add a playful touch. Simply towel dry your hair after washing, coat your fingertips with a small amount of clay or wax and begin teasing single strands into place until they form soft peaks. To nail this woke-up-like-this curtain hairstyle Asian, be sure not to use excessive amounts of product.


Soft Spikes


12. Undercut

If you’re intrigued by the disconnected Chinese boy haircut but not entirely comfortable with the skin-shave, this may be the version for you. Keeping the lower layers of your hair buzzed, yet not completely shaved will maintain the integrity of the thick crop haircut while not exposing too much skin at once.


Disconnected Undercut


13. Pompadour

The pompadour Asian hairstyles are sure to be an eye-catcher wherever you go. To achieve this smart, sleek look start with a quick blowout. Teasing some of your top hair will add some extra height. Finally, comb the front up and back to form voluminous pomp. To prevent your Asian round face haircut male from flopping, seal the Asian men’s fade with a good amount of hairspray.




14. Side Bangs

Give your facial features a little edge by adding stylish side bangs. This cut is defined by an asymmetric line running across your forehead, with one end being significantly shorter than the other. Additionally, the top hair, which is kept longer, is brushed to the front to add volume and texture. For this Japanese undercut to work, it’s best the keep the sides shorter than the crown. How much shorter, though, is up to your choice of which thick crop haircut.


Side Bangs for Round Face


15. Long Flowy Hair

Long hair has been making a strong return to the center stage and frankly, hasn’t been this popular since the grunge movement in the early nineties. Though long hair may be a daunting endeavor for many, this Thai hairstyle boy is a lot more effortless than one may think. For cool ‘undone’ pompadour Asian hairstyles just let your hair air dry in the summer sun. Ask your barber for an undercut if you’re after something a little edgier. In any case, you should get used to wearing a hair tie around your wrist. These Asian hairstyles for long hair are charismatic!


Long Hair

All the content (images and text) of this post are property of lastminutestylist.com I spent a lot of time researching and editing, please respect my effort! Kindly refrain from plagiarizing the content of this blog.

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