10+ Low Maintenance Long And Medium Male Hairstyles [2021 Simple Haircuts For Guys]

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Last Updated on 2021-01-15 by Coco Chanel

Most people say that your eyes are your shoes, and this is the first thing people pay attention to-but we think that given the position of your shoes on your body, it is your hair. And, unlike inferior brogues or some tattered white leather sneakers, you can’t easily stand out from suspicious hairstyles.

With that in mind, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with some classic cropping methods before your next visit to the chair. Like these nine selected by Britain’s best hairdressers , it promises to work for almost anyone and won’t fall out of favor after six months.

French Crops

Daniel Davies, General Manager, Pall Mall Barbers

This white French cut T-shirt is a French-cut style that fits most face shapes, but is especially suitable for men who are thinner on it. Since you are moving your hair slightly forward here, staying long in the bangs can help cover all the back patches.

This is a low-maintenance style that is perfect for someone inside or outside the gym or swimming pool , because you do n’t need any styling products to wear it, just leave it in place.

However, if you really want to use the product, try a little hair spray as French crops are a natural style. The reduced maintenance is not in style, but in pruning every three weeks or so.

French Crop Hairstyles For Men


‘This hairspray really is THE BEST EVER! My daughter and I have been using it for years, it holds without being sticky or stiff. Initially we had to track it down in various hair salons (never seen it in shops), but have now found this marvellous seller who supplies me ultra promptly. Thank you very much!’ – Amazon Customer

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‘Goes on easy, don’t have to use very much at all, and smells great. I have thick, wavy hair and this stuff is solid for a primer before I blow dry it out and apply my primary hair stuff. I don’t particularly dig the pomade effect or the matted down just got out of the shower going to the club and smelling like a magazine cologne ad look, but rather just need something to tame the mane. Depending on your hair style, I wouldn’t rely on this to be my primary product but if you use several to get it all geared the way you want it, this stuff is arguably the best to begin with.’ – Amazon Customer

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‘Good hair product, adds texture, thickens hair, and doesn’t make hair look greasy.’ – Amazon Customer

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‘I’m a guy who wants a no BS shampoo that deep cleans my hair, smells good, and doesn’t leave residue. I also don’t use conditioner so it can’t dry my hair out. This shampoo delivers on all counts. At $45, it’s not cheap, but it’s worth it.’ – Amazon Customer

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Buzz Cut

Brent Pankhurst, founder of barbershop and beauty brand Pankhurst London

Buzz is eternal style. But to make it really work, you need to have a large head (for example, a head like Ryan Gosling or Christian Bale).

Named after their sound, this is the reason to use faders for appearance, but for those who have not been spared the chin and the perfect proportion of the head, there are far fewer alternatives.

If so, choose a slightly square shape (trimmed on the sides), with a slightly longer length at the top. The scissors above the scissors are Pankhurst’s technique, and I highly recommend this method, not specifically for the faders . By cutting, you can use the shape of the head to make the overall cut more pleasing.

A good hairdresser will consider what he knows about you, from your personality, your style to your daily life, to provide the layoffs that are right for you. Remember that you get your hair cut 24/7, so it works in all situations.

Men's Buzz Cut/Shaved Hairstyles

‘This is the only hair product I use, everyone always asks how I smell so good, they don’t believe it’s just the product I use to style my hair but that’s true. Not sticky, smells great, tiny bit goes a long way. Does not get hard either, you can get a dry or wet look just add a little water or put on when dry. Love this stuff’ – Amazon Customer

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‘Needed something to help with lack of barbershop during COVID-19. After some research, this looked likes good option and value. Works as expected with good battery life and cutting power. I especially like the variety of guard lengths.’ – Amazon Customer

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‘Nothing works for my dandruff, if it does it’s very temporary and the irritated scalp never really goes away. This stuff I only need a little bit and it helps tremendously, especially without the nasty smells of other dandruff shampoos. I only have to use it couple times a week and that makes it nice on the wallet.’ – Amazon Customer

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‘I use this entire line and keep this in my shower to use after conditioner. I opt to leave it in and boy oh boy is it great! I have low porosity hair and it’s thick, so it takes a ton of product to even penetrate. Using this while my hair is still warm/wet after conditioner has made all the difference. After this I apply a gel and seal with an oil, and I’m good to go for a week!’ – Amazon Customer

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Smooth Back

Joe Parker, hairdresser at Ruffians Covent Garden

The modern smooth back cover first made an impact in the 1920s. At the time, it was useful to have a hairstyle that would not mess with a hat (this was a status symbol and class mark around the early 20th century). Since then, it has become an eternal classic.

Straight hair is the best option-the more curly hair, the harder it is to slide backwards. As for the face shape that suits this style, it is very versatile because it can make facial features (such as beards, beards) more prominent, and hair can basically shape the face. Unfortunately, for those with a receding hairline, a smooth back doesn’t look ideal because it makes the recession more prominent.

The back and sides need to taper, be natural and firm, and gradually slope to a slightly heavier top. If you are undercutting , you need to disconnect here, but for finer hair, blending will be a better choice.

To style, blow dry your hair (it will take longer if your hair grows forward) – keep in mind that doing this effectively requires practice. For a traditional smooth look, use a water-based pomade and comb it when wet, or try a matte cream for a softer, more modern effect.

Men's Slick Back Hairstyles

‘Of all the products I have tried, this one leaves the best shine, and also does a good job of holding my hair in place on windy Chicago winter days. I have used Brylcreem, Vitalis, Groom and Clean, Layrite, Clubman and probably a few others whose names I can’t recall, but if you need decent hold and want that Don Draper shine, this is the pomade for you.’ – Amazon Customer

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‘What more can you say. If you want the best comb on the market shell spend the dough. Very satisfied and as long as I don’t lose it I expect it to last forever.’ – Amazon Customer

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‘Drying times almost halved. For curly hair it’s great because it tends to decrease frizz as long as you use the medium power and diffuser you buy separately. Also great for little ones, avoids the thrilled effect of finer hair. The first few times, with the highest temperature, you can smell a little plastic but it’s normal. The product arrived well packaged.’ – Amazon Customer

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Side Segmentation

Joe Parker, hairdresser at Ruffians Covent Garden

This style was particularly popular from the 1920s to the 1940s and was again popular in the 1960s. Over the past decade, this style has been reused as a smooth back substitute.

Since the basis of a haircut is a simple short back and sides, the style is very versatile and will fit most hairstyles and face shapes . That is, if the hair is too long and the top is sparse, it may run out of danger like a comb.

When sitting on a chair, the classic taper is required on the back and sides, and the top is left long enough to separate, but short enough to be neat.

The styling product you should use depends on your hair density: People with thicker hair should try sticking, and matte clay is best for thinner, less dense hair.

In fact, separating hair can be tricky. The best way is to put the product on moist (not moist) hair and separate it with a comb. You should try to determine the location of the natural separation, perhaps initially with the help of a hairdresser. If you’re struggling, comb your hair back and you’ll see where it starts to fall and separate.

Men's Side Parting Hairstyles

‘I have used this product before buying it on Amazon, but I like how it is easy to use and a little bit goes a long way. It can be used on wet or dry hair, but I prefer to use mine when my hair is damp. I like the scent and the value of the product.’ – Amazon Customer

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‘very resistant, I recommend it-.’ – Amazon Customer

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‘I have fine gray hair with little body. If I wash and after towel-drying my hair and leaving a little damp, I take a dab and with wet hands rub the dab on my hands and then run my hands through my hair, it gives body to my hair when dry. I can do the same thing when dry later if it needs more. It just needs wet hands so it doesn’t clump on. It is very thick so you need to thin with water in your hands before applying but it’s got the best hold with no unpleasant residue of any I’ve tried.’ – Amazon Customer

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‘At 44 I’ve used it all – this stuff is the best. I have thick Latinx hair so I need something to hold my hairstyle in place WITHOUT it looking wet or greasy. It’s price range in stores vary and Buying from Amazon saves me the hassle of trying to find it. Pro tip: blow drying your hair first and then applying gives it a matte finish and not wet look.’ – Amazon Customer

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Shoulder Length Cut

Celebrity hair stylist Jamie Stevens 

This style is classic and exquisite. It has been used in fashion for many years, probably because it is versatile enough to adapt to many situations. By making the hair longer and adding some layers to the hairdresser or hairdresser, you can switch between preparing the textured look of the beach and the Gordon Gecko meeting room.

Probably the hardest part of achieving this style is growing hair. There will be a day when you can’t stand and want to cut it off, but before making any rash decisions, try setting a target length and deciding whether to stick with it after your hair has grown to that length.

When cutting your hair, take some time to discuss with the stylist and make sure you mention your limitations. When you have to look smart and work together to work, there is no messy, intermittent layered look.

Like most haircuts, the success of this hairstyle depends on the texture of the hair. Straight hair does not stay on the hair as finely as waves. Also, excessively curly hair will have a hard time staying smooth.

Keep the style to a minimum, as it will work best when it looks completely natural. Having said that, you can try spraying with salt spray to increase the softness and make the hair look smoother, or apply some texture softener to soften very curly hair and make it easier to handle.

Men's Shoulder Length Hairstyles

‘Makes my hair smell terrific and very soft. Love the ingredients. ‘ – Amazon Customer

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‘It’s so easy having one step to wash and condition my natural hair. As a African American with very thick hair, I wash my hair once or twice a week. This product has grown my hair!!! Love it!’ – Amazon Customer

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‘The stuff is just right for me, it’s great for styling (have medium length hair). As for the smell: I find it quite neutral, you hardly smell it. That’s always the most important thing to me. I always find it mega unpleasant when people wear a particular competitor product that really mega penetrant stinks…’ – Amazon Customer

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‘Hair type: fine, thin, oily hair.
I have only good things to say about this product: first, it smells great, like a product that a professional salon stylist would use on your hair. Second, I’m very low maintenance, so beauty and hair products have to be really easy for me. This one is literally spray and go, and it looks great with very little effort. I use it with a curling iron and it gives perfect beachy waves in about five minutes. At first I thought the texture was too heavy and stiff, like hairspray, but the trick is to run a brush through your hair really quickly, and then it’s nice and soft. The overall finish is matte, which sounds weird, but it’s not greasy or thick, it really does make you look as though you’ve been at the beach all day. Great product!’ – Amazon Customer

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Modern High-Top Fading

Celebrity hair stylist Jamie Stevens

Two words: Will. Smith’s Fresh Prince paves the way for popular shapes. Africa, producing change and interpretation, such as this choice taking the classic hi-top decline.

This is not the most versatile look because it is designed to keep the shape after cutting so there is not much room to change it. So you need to make sure you invest in the look and it is useful for you. Needless to say, African or extremely curly hair is essential.

Before cutting down, make sure you take the time to discuss with a hairdresser or stylist how much you want the African-american figure to point out; it’s important to place this section properly so you can easily brush it into shape.

There are many different variants of this style, so it is worth taking some images of your favorite style on the hairstyle . Guys often take embarrassing photos with them, but the more insightful the person who cuts his hair, the better.

Make sure you go to a hairdresser who knows how to use hairstyles and prepare the right tools for yourself, such as black combs.

Men's Shaped Afro Hairstyles & Modern High Tops

‘I’m a black man with a kinky textured beard. I love it but it’s frustrating to deal with the longer my beard gets. My beard hairs are quite coiled, and once they coil inside of each other it’s literally an impregnable fortress. But as an old friend said, give me a good comb and I’ll impregnate the bitch. This comb does what is advertised. It’s the best pick I’ve ever used. I’ve gone through wooden, plastic…but none have ‘really’ detangled. Damp beard + this comb and its smooth sailing. It detangles like no other and my beard reflects this. If you have ‘really’ kinky hair some hot water added to this comb will help as well.’ – Amazon Customer

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‘Smells like vacation 😃’ – Amazon Customer

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‘I have been using this product daily for 18 months on my beard. I ran out for about 5 days and my beard felt like a wire brush and my skin felt like I was a lizard with dry scales all over my face under and around my beard. I will never run out again. This is quality Argan Oil. 1000x better than any Argan Oil you will get at Walmart, Target, or any other store similar to those two. If you feel the price is higher than what you usually pay for your Argan Oil it is probably because you are not purchasing a quality product.

After 16 years of shaving my head while in the U.S. Army I decided to grow my hair out 23 months ago. I have a very thick head of long hair after allowing it to grow for two years, so once a week I apply a generous amount to my head and leave it in over night and wash it out the next morning. It makes my hair smooth, soft, and there is no frizz when my hair air dries.

Besides all of the benefits I have already mentioned Moroccanoil Hair Treatment has a great smell.’ – Amazon Customer

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Stylist and Finalist Dion Padan at L’Oreal Men’s Image Awards

Short plush is Pompadour of a less glossy alternatives, it is a signature style, suitable for all ages, face shape and personal style. However, like Pompadour Pun, the cilia are not suitable for people with a receding hairline because it shows their foreheads.

Before cutting, make sure that the classic or modern nib effect is best for you. The classic Quiff has a softer back and sides to keep it short, but that’s not the case. The contemporary style creates a sharp contrast between the long hair on the top of the head and the tightly trimmed back and sides, creating a “disconnected” effect.

Face shape is also an important consideration. Since quiff has a natural volume, if your face is long, it is best not to pull the sides and back of your hair too short.

For styling, apply wet styling product to towel-dried hair and comb it evenly. Then, use a hair dryer.set to the highest temperature setting and the lowest speed to dry the hair, while using the exhaust brush to sweep the hair into the shape you want.

Remember to end with a strong hair spray to ensure that your efforts are not wasted immediately.

Men's Quiff Hairstyles

‘My wife says I look as good as her boyfriend’ – Amazon Customer

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‘I love this spray because you can brush through it & it doesn’t make your hair dirty or gummy. It has good hold, but your hair is soft to the touch. Only negative is it can make your counter pretty sticky.’ – Amazon Customer

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‘Decided 18 months ago to grow my hair out… Probably midlife something, but I’ve always preferred my hair longer and now that I’m pushing 50, I’ve learned that people are more forgiving of an old hippy than a young one… I digress. Normally I wouldn’t bother writing a hairbrush review, but this sucker is so good, it deserves one. This brush is fantastic for my fine, blond “angel” hair. It doesn’t pull it out and works through tangles like nobody’s business. My 20 year old thick hippy haired son liked it so much, he asked for one in his Christmas stocking (hey, as long as he’s in school, he gets stockings – and probably beyond – 😉 – Two thumbs up from every member of my household.’ – Amazon Customer

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Alex Glover, hairdresser in Murdoch, Freetown, London

The color is pale because of its popularity against Mrs. Pompadour, the chief mistress of King Louis XV of France since its debut in the 1850s in many different lengths and variations. Originally a feminine style, it was a hairstyle with a history of hundreds of years. There is nothing more classic than this.

Puff powder works in most cases, but it does require a certain level of hair thickness so that once created, the hairstyle can support itself. You can modify different face structures by changing the structure of the style. For example, if your face is narrow, you can make the pompom pad wider and softer, or if your face is round, it is worth pulling down the hair on both sides of your head to trim the overall outline.

To get this style, you need to expand the front end first. Let your hairdresser or hairdresser tailor your graduation blouse. Then, every time you trim your hair, you should change the scale slightly to keep all the length in front, while keeping the back shorter.

Once your front hair is three inches long, you can use a hairdryer and mousse or sea salt spray to heighten your hair. Pull the hair up when dry to lift the roots. Once it dries quickly, use your fingertips or hair brush to move the ends to push the style backwards.

It is worth trying the product to find the best fit, but avoid using the product to overload your hair. Before working on the top, add the product to the back and sides – remember that you can always add something, but you can’t remove anything without washing it. Finally, use hair spray to hold the hair in place to achieve the effect of your choice-whether it’s an Elvis style greaser style or a James Dean style clothes led.

Men's Pompadour Hairstyles

‘If you have curly hair this brush is ideal for you.
It helps quite a bit with knots.
Very useful for detangling.
If you have a hard time defining yourself with this brush, it will be too easy to do.

Note: Your hair may shrink more than usual’ – Amazon Customer

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‘love this for my fine hair, adds lots of volume.’ – Amazon Customer

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‘I suffer from hair loss/hair thinning so I use wigs for special occasion. I use this hairspray to secure my wigs down instead of wig glue which can break down the wig and the lace by building up unsightly glue residue stains. I spray directly onto my forehead on the area where the wig will lay, wait for ~20 seconds for the spray to get tacky, and lay the wig down onto the sprayed area.

I have found that my wigs last much longer using this method and product, and the wig stays secure for the whole day without any issues. I would highly recommend trying this, best $5 I’ve spent!! If you need additional help I would recommend searching “got2be spray method” on youtube.’ – Amazon Customer

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‘I am so glad I bought this. This hair dryer truly does what it says its going to do. It dries my very thick, very frizzy, very wavy hair, but if I use the right brush along with good styling products, I get the perfect blowout with this hair dryer. I love that it is very quiet and I don’t feel like I’m “frying” my hair. I love the many different settings and once you get used to the feel of the hair dryer, it is very comfortable and doesn’t cause my arm to hurt from having to hold it.’ – Amazon Customer

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Striped Fringe

Daniel Davies, General Manager, Pall Mall Barbers

First of all, you need to have long hair before arranging a cut for this hairstyle. It’s also worth noting that this texture style is best for thicker than fine hair, and if you step back , this style is not for you.

Guys with double crowns or licking cows should definitely consider a textured look, as this style can let your hair do whatever you want. It’s best not to fight these hair problems .

When you want a textured look, take a photo with you to demonstrate the type of cropping you want. A good hairdresser can tell you from the picture whether it is right for you and your hairstyle.

One thing to note is that the scissors are thin. Many hairdressers tend to be satisfied with these, but never use them on top of the hair, because they make the head thinner and the hair at the roots too large compared to them. Instead, a top cut is required.

When styling a textured look, make sure your hair is dry. After drying, apply some texture enhancer, clay or putty to your hair with your fingers. But keep in mind that this is a carefree style, so you don’t want it to look overly groomed.

Textured Hairstyles For Men With Fringe

‘my hair is extremely thin but this product gives it shape
I think it’s best on very short hair’ – Amazon Customer

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‘I think this Air Hair Dryer is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. This has cut down my blow drying time in half. I have incredibly thick, coarse, hair that absorbs water like a sponge. So with my old hair dryer, it used to take up to a half hour to dry my hair, and only up to 50% of it. Now, I barely spend 15 minutes and most of my hair is dry. The even distribution of heat is fantastic, as well as the 3 heat settings, and the cool air option.’ – Amazon Customer

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‘Since I can no longer find Redken’s Rough Clay 20 I tried this as the description sounded a lot like RC 20. It’s close, really close. I’d call it a RC 15 maybe. I left the lid off so it would dry out a little bit and that seemed to help it have more of that bendable hold that makes beachy waves look so good. I love the 20 but this seems to be an acceptable substitute as long as you let it dry out a bit.’ – Amazon Customer

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Looking for more drastic ways to change your appearance? How to reinvent your look? Other than hairstyle, you need a suitable hair color as well. If you want a drastic way to change your appearance, you should definitely try burgundy! It is uncommon for people to do burgundy haircut but believe me, it looks dope. Just scroll down and you’ll understand.

Low Maintenance Long And Medium Male Hairstyles [2021 Simple Haircuts For Guys]
Low Maintenance Long And Medium Male Hairstyles [2021 Simple Haircuts For Guys]

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