Curtain Haircuts For Your Unique Facial Features

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There is an iconic hairstyle every ten years. Short and neat back and sides in the 1950s, long hair and long horns in the 1970s, and fish in the 1980s. In the nineties, everything was related to curtains. From David Beckham (David Beckham) and Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt) to countless men’s team members and Dawson Creek (Dawson’s Creek) that person, everyone was trouble for it, This is the style of quasi-beaters, and a generation is more and more satisfied with the idea of grooming.

The curtain hairstyle (if you miss it or forget it) is a style in which the hair on the top of the head grows into a bang and is closely separated along the middle. It was loose, costly to maintain, and it came back very early.

A quick look at the spring fashions of various brands can confirm that the fashion renaissance in the 90s is still strong, and the definition of hairstyles also marks the development of this decade. But this is not the first time it has made a comeback, because the history of curtains can be traced back to the beginning of this century.

“This is a very popular hairstyle among men at the end of the 19th century,” explained Josh Gibson, principal of Sassoon Academy. “Like the writer Oscar Wilde and the artist Aubrey Biz Famous idols like Aubrey Beardsley are showing off their appearance. This trend of the working class continued until the end of the 1920s, and then briefly rebounded when hippie culture spread from the United States in the 1960s.”

The revival in the 1990s was accompanied by the rise of rock bands and local bands. Happy Monday’s host Shaun Ryder, placebo singer Brian Molko and Blur bassist Alex James are famous supporters of curtains. Then the boy band took over. Take That wears them (except Gary who is still in an embarrassing stage) and Westlife, as well as every teenage TV star (see Jared Leto in the test tube in ” My So-called Life” ), and the subsequent expressions are filtered out To teenagers and beyond.

How to wear curtains today

Back in the 1990s, this type of haircut was ideal for those with straight hair and fine hair. This type of hair emphasizes the strong sense of separation that defines appearance, but not everyone has the right type of hair or haircut (see Olly Murs). It has not stopped them, nor should it stop you, because modern curtains have evolved. In fact, that loose appearance and stiff appearance did not help anyone at all. Now, your friend has a bit of texture.

Gibson said: “The appearance can be updated by making the appearance more personal.” “It is usually suitable for narrow, boy-like faces, but it can be undercut to make it look slimmer. Essentially, this Hair styles are most suitable for people with natural moderate or skewed types. “Our recent love for love and the hidden rewards of concealing hairstyles mean that some of us may still have a certain length at the top. Just stop sliding it back, then let it go and tear it open, and you have the foundation of the curtain.

What is required

First, determine your favorite curtain character model (see below) and ask yourself if you have similar hair types. If it doesn’t work for your hair, it doesn’t make much sense to adopt a style. This only means spending more time and effort on style settings (unless you want to accept more thorough options, such as undercut or permanent relaxation, which may make an effect that has not been achieved so far)

“If your hair is curly or wavy, it’s best to choose a slightly longer version to avoid the thatch look,” Gibson suggested. The thatch he refers to occurs when the thick hair is wedge-shaped underneath or the top style is incorrect. If you want a look, but your hair is super thick, here is an undercut situation.

Gibson said: “For straight hair, it’s best to ask your hair stylist to keep the length of the bone because this will make up the face.” You can lengthen it and layer it on the back, or leave the length in the ear. Is directly above and tightly fixed on the side to maintain a classic look.

How to style

For those who are shuddering about the thatch-like curtains that are still fresh in their memory, please cheer yourself up with the fact that today’s styling products are millions of times better than the products at the time. There was no salt spray, matte wax, hair oil and straighteners. The existence of hair. In fact, in the 90s, there was nothing but moist gel, crunchy mousse and hair spray.

Gibson said that men with curly hair are particularly rough, and he recommends “let the curly hair and curly hair dry naturally, and use a large amount of luminous oil from Sassoon Professional or Sassoon Curl Form to make the appearance of the feet look lively.” We have discussed co-washing before. (Go to shampoo every other day and use conditioner instead), it can help reduce frizz and give curls clarity.

For straight hair, it is easiest to polish it: “Use less product and blow dry down and forward with an exhaust brush to keep the follicles flat and stop flying hair,” Gibson said. Even if you grow up, go to the barber shop as usual. And never use gel, or you risk Peter Andre.

The best celebrity curtain hairstyles

Alex James

It’s hard to believe, but before discovering Cheese, Cotswolds and the Conservative Party, Alex James from Blur was cool. Damon Albarn may have more stage performances, but as the bassist of one of the biggest bands in the 90s-enviable hair attracted his looks-not surprisingly, he has so many Fans.

Kurt Cobain

The godfather of grunge is also the king of the bed. Cobain, the prelude of the Nirvana rv band, wore long, bleached curtains that hovered around his collar, and the top looked dirty. He is more like a surfer on the West Coast than a real curtain lover. He makes unwashed light hair the epitome of coolness.

Shaun Ryder

He may be incoherent sometimes, but Shaun Ryder’s “Happy Monday” and “Black Grapes” create genius music. At the peak of “Happy Monday” pill stimulation and Belle wind, Ryder lifted a round mod bowl with a strong separation force in the middle.

Phoenix River

When Phoenix River died prematurely in 1993, the world lost its incredible acting talent. It also lost its beautiful hair. Under the short but dizzying spotlight, Phoenix has never made mistakes in hair follicles in various appearances, including a perfect example of long disheveled curtains.

Keanu Reeves

Over the years, Reeves dabbled differently, but his final moment was Ted in Till and Ted’s “Bod Journey .” His hair has the best thickness and texture, and is a perfect example of curtains in the 90s.

Charles Melton

Back to the present, American Riverdale actor Charles Melton (no, we have never seen it) was recently discovered by some gossip websites as “fat guy” (never). We can learn to forgive because of the short roller blind he wore.

Timothy Chalamey

The best example of modern curtains is our haircut throughout the year. Timothée Chalamet’s hair is now legendary, and all the controversial style that needs to be proven is suitable for the modern era. TC prefers parts separated from natural texture.

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