Gifts For The Impossible Man In 2020? Consider These 5+ Trending Streetwear Luxury Watches

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For many years, watchmakers have been masters of menswear hype. Witness a group of fanatical watch enthusiasts who go to the Basel Watch Fair every year just to catch a glimpse of the new Hublot watch, or Patek Philippe has been on the waitlist for eight years on its famous Nautilus parrot, like in the Federation The Bureau of Investigation also reviews customer watchlists.

But while they have all the tricks to make people really, really want their products, there is a newbie in the making, and this upstart is arguably even better at promoting the promotion of their brand.

Less than two decades ago, streetwear was just an acne in fashion. It’s a face now, and excited fashionistas are lining up to wait for the latest Supreme price cuts or the freshest Yeezys. For some, this has become a dilemma, only those watch enthusiasts sitting across the room can match it.

In streetwear, the watch industry saw an opportunity to not only share some of the trends in streetwear, but also to open the door to young audiences who seem to be incompatible with the heirloom that has been passed down for centuries.

The first love between the watch industry and streetwear began in 1997. G-Shock was a rude tale of Japanese watchmaker Casio. It was co-created with Supreme and Palace in collaboration with the lesser-known surfing brand Stussy at the time. Streetwear brand.

Supreme is undoubtedly the heavyweight champion of streetwear. It didn’t enter the watchmaking world until the improved version of Rolex Submariner came out in 2013, which used the respect of Swiss watchmakers in the streetwear crowd, while retaining Got his status. A subversive statement on one of the most classic timepieces in watch history (fruity words with a Rolex signature).

Hiroshi Fujiwara

From the sleek monochrome aesthetics of Japanese street brand Fragment to the equally smooth Tag Heuer Carrera to the link between American watchmaker Timex and Carhartt WIP, it seems to have begun a boom in successful streetwear and watchmaker collaborations. Elsewhere, we’ve seen Hublot collaborate with renowned street artists Shepard Fairey and G-Shock, and endlessly collaborate with a list of streetwear brands from Los Angeles, such as X-Large, to embrace the water drop model.

So what’s the key to building these alliances? Swatch creative director Carlo Giordanetti said: “I believe that meaningful collaboration can only happen when brands share value and each brand can benefit from each other’s uniqueness.” Swatch has just launched in collaboration with Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing A series of timepiece apes.

“Working with BAPE, we love their traditions, we like the idea of combining Swiss-made and Japanese signature styles, and we are attracted by BAPE’s ability to transform camouflage into a true signature street classic.

“A watch with such a great story is an enhancer of personality and style. Today’s streetwear is a powerful expression of freedom and individuality, and for customers who like to make a statement, this collaboration is the perfect reason to add a watch to the statement wardrobe. ”

Cooperation has long been the backbone of streetwear. The universal size Supreme can work with high fashion (Gucci, Louis Vuitton) as easily as lending its street credibility to mainstream behemoths such as The North Face and Levi’s. Perhaps the two most bizarre collaborations in the history of Supreme Brands are those that have at any time showing the benefits of collaborating with traditional watch brands with streetwear counterparts John Smedley and the Brooks Brothers.

Both have a long two-century history, and both can be said to be their first-class craftsmanship-John Smedley on sweaters and Brooks Brothers on tailoring. All Supreme has to do is come together and put its own box logo on high-quality clothing, creating a hyped product line in the process, and before introducing the two brands to a young audience, there is usually nothing to do.

If streetwear could do the same thing on watches-and on early evidence-it would attract a new hungry audience into a centuries-old hype machine.

Watches causing huge hype

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