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Laser Skin Enhancement For Women That Want To Change Their Appearance

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Ah, the joys of modern technology. Plastic surgery benefits from our advances in technology just like any other industry or medical field. This brings us to the subject of laser skin enhancements.

Laser Skin Enhancements

If you think you might be in need of a procedure to rejuvenate your face and restore your youthful appearance, you might be considering facial plastic surgery. However, for some individuals, surgical intervention is not the proper choice due to medical conditions or the particulars of your situation. In such cases, laser skin enhancements offers corrective solutions not previously available.

A laser skin enhancement is performed by plastic surgeons using advanced laser technology. The laser is strong enough to burn the first layer of dead tissue and a few living cells on the surface of the skin, but does not affect the other layers of skin tissue. The laser also reaches down to the underlying collagen. Instead of removing the collagen, the heat results in a reduction of the collagen. This reduction results in the tightening up of the collagen and skin giving the patient a less wrinkled look. In practical terms, laser skin enhancements give you a bit of a lift and peel at the same time.

A laser enhancement is not the best procedure for all facial concerns. It does not work well on areas such as deep creases in the neck and cheek, creases around the lips and the upper eyelids. For smaller, fine lines and light wrinkles, however, it can be a less invasive choice than surgery. There are many advantages to choosing the laser procedure. There is less recovery time, general anesthesia is generally not necessary, and there is very little blood loss. There are also normally no scars following the procedure.

There are some potential side effects to having laser enhancements as there are with any cosmetic surgery. The recovery takes about ten days during which you can have very sensitive skin with some weeping. During this period, you will see a progression of skin color from red to pink to normal. There can also be a permanent lightening of the area treated, which can be a problem for some dark skin individuals. It is also not recommended for people looking to remove large quantities of skin or who have severe facial damage due to sun or age. If you are such a patient, laser enhancements can help but will not be a total solution.

Laser skin enhancements are a popular alternative to traditional facial surgeries. Make sure to speak with your doctor to find out your options and whether this surgery is appropriate for you.