[2020] Revlon Launched 3 New Skincare-Inspired Makeup Primers Each Targeting A Different Skin Concern

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Taking a step back from intense contouring and baking under the eyes, focusing on skincare is our new beauty hack.

When Revlon announced it will be expanding its collection into the skincare market, we had to find out what it was about primers that encouraged the brand to explore skincare.

Image courtesy of @revlon via Instagram

Three new primers complete the range, which aims to fix consumer needs over time depending on their skin type. Each product has a different skin-benefiting quality, whether you are looking to smooth, mattify, or brighten.

Image courtesy of @revlon via Instagram

A press release from Revlon stated that “people aren’t wearing makeup because they’re so concerned about their skin”.  According to the brand, people are scared of using primers because of the hyaluronic acid. The collection promotes healthy skin with ingredients including AHA Salicylic acid, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin C.

According to Google Trends, the current market shows an 84% increase in interest in skincare over the last four years. With Revlon’s new primer costing just £10.99, now you can get skincare benefits without breaking the bank.

You can shop the new range from the end of January at Revlon.

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