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World After Covid-19 Planning: Post Pandemic Planners & Templates To Excel Personal Life Recovery Plan!

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Greetings from the end of 2023! AKA The Pit of Despair. AKA the year that wouldn’t end. Seriously.

Although this pandemic is still dragging out, we all can hold out hope that there will come a time. We all survived together – when the masks will come off and the gloves will be put away. Now more than ever share hope and love with your loved ones with these planners.

How to plan for your life for post pandemic world? These planners include goodies and ideas you don’t even know you need to plan ahead before reading.

Here’s what you can expect in the planners:

  • Pandemic Reflection Worksheets
  • Post Pandemic Bucket List
  • Post Pandemic Goals
  • Post Pandemic Travel Plan
  • Post Pandemic Party Ideas
  • Post Pandemic Vision Board
  • Post Pandemic Financial Planning
  • Post Lockdown Body Workout Planner
  • Post Lockdown Outfit Planner
  • And many more!

In addition, you’ll find invaluable inspiration on:

  • 100 Post Pandemic Activities Ideas
  • 100 Post Pandemic Quotes
  • 50 Post Pandemic World Predictions
  • 20 Post Pandemic Business Ideas
  • 20 Post Pandemic Remote Work Ideas
  • 10 Lockdown Challenges
  • And many more!

And finally, we’ll include also these extras for you to maximise the remaining pandemic days

  • Lockdown Room Resolutions
  • Work/Study From Home Efficiency Tracker
  • Pandemic Self Care Planner
  • Pandemic Shopping List
  • Movies & Books Wrap up
  • A To-do List
  • Chores List
  • Meals Planner
  • Movies To Watch List
  • Books To Read
  • Workout Plan
  • Video Calls Planner
  • Notes Section
  • Gratitude Reminder Section, So You Can Write Inspirational Quotes To Keep You Going
  • And many more!

The planners will be available in paperback. You can get the sample pages (in pdf format with instant download) by accessing our free resource library. By signing up to access the free resource library, you will automatically get notifications when pre-order is open, or when we add any new free goodies into the free resource library.

We are going to share our creations with you completely free of charge, but we would appreciate if in return you’d help us share the words to others who might also like these cute post pandemic planners! 😀

Also let us know if you have any comment so we can keep improving our work. This is what our other fans and early buyers are saying about these planners.

So pleased with this workbook! Professional, educational, informative. This workbook puts you firmly in the driving seat of your own wellness. I love how easy it is to follow and I have learnt a lot from it. I have shared with all my friends and have been working with my 15 year old niece on the room resolution section! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and still am. Thank you for your great work! Thank You!

Well thought out and worded, good exercise and thought provoking… the designs are all in high quality. The idea of this post pandemic planner is so brilliantly done that I have to buy it right away!

Too Funny and perfect for these days of COVID madness! Not to mention they are hysterical, in a year that desperately needs laughs.

This is pretty much my life, now. This is one of my favorite things I’ve purchased this year. These were hilarious, and the people who received them really enjoyed them. Thanks for bringing some joy to this crazy year

Send a love note to your friend or family member (or yourself?!) who needs a pick me up during their quarantine, hard school semester, or awful work week. These planners are great reminders that everything will be okay…eventually…right? Even if you can’t be together in person, sending a reminder and inspirational note when someone needs it the most thoughtful.

Choose the cover you like and this well designed planner becomes the perfect worksheet/tool/gift for the following purposes:

  • Kill time and stay positive with spouse/family during lockdown
  • Thoughtful post pandemic/lockdown gifts
  • Gift for someone in quarantine
  • Gift for quarantine/lockdown birthday
  • Gift for quarantine mom
  • Gift for boyfriend during lockdown
  • Gift for teacher lockdown
  • Gift for quarantine grandparents
  • Gift for quarantine family
  • Gift for quarantined parents
  • Gift for quarantine/lockdown wedding
  • Christmas gift idea for pandemic
  • Funny quarantine gift
  • Work from home gift
  • Funny quarantine gifts
  • Anniversary gifts during pandemic/lockdown
  • Covid-19 gifts for friends
  • Client gifts during covid
  • Mother’s day gift during covid
  • New neighbor gift during covid
  • Father’s day gift during covid
  • Retirement gift during covid
  • Teacher’s gifts during covid
  • Nurses gifts during covid
  • Employee gifts during covid
  • Online/Digital gifts during lockdown
  • Gifts during separation
  • Pandemic valentine’s gift
  • and many more…

Let these planners soothe your post pandemic anxiety. Make sure you keep in touch with all the people who matter most in our life. Do proper reflection and record your post pandemic lifestyle changes as the world will never be the same again.

Keep a planner of your days during the lockdown and plan for post pandemic recovery.

Lockdown, quarantine, self-isolation. The coronavirus outbreak may have changed our way of life for a while. Living in lockdown definitely brings challenges, but we wanted to give friends and family a way to find the positivity and make the most of their time at home. These journals are a great way for them to keep track of what they’ve done during the lockdown. Hopefully they will be able to keep these pages as a memento, something to look back with and fondly recall the happy memories they made during these weeks or months at home.

So we’re locked down. We can learn new things, discover talents, experience things we don’t usually have time for. We can use this time to be inspired, or to inspire our children. What can we learn? What made us smile? What ideas can we come up with? What new ways can we find to connect with others? How can we show kindness?

Turn the lockdown into a meaningful experience.

These pages are suitable for teens and adults and will hopefully inspire positivity and mindfulness during stressful times.