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A Sneak Peek Of Recently Added Resources

We are living in uncertain and unnerving times – with the world literally “shutting down” around us. Lockdown is happening in many countries. It is critical that we self-quarantine in order to stop the spread of #COVID19 pandemic. Now that we’ll all be at home for the next few weeks, it is important that we learn to enjoy the time at home. 

Think about the things that you’ve always wanted to do or learn but never had time to do or were too distracted to stay focused on completing them. Now is the time to do those things. 

Here is our freebie guided Lockdown Success Planner bundle to help you and your family organise your goals and to-do list so you can not only survive but actually thrive during the COVID-19 quarantine.

  • Work & Study
  • Gratitude, Self Care & Pandemic Reflection
  • Shopping
  • Movies & Books
  • Home organisation
  • Post Pandemic Wishlist & Planning

Reading more books? Taking online courses? Learning new language? Writing gratitude diary?  Taking a long hot bath? Sleeping in? Spending more time with your kids & spouse? Practicing piano? Spring cleaning & de-cluttering your house?

Think of all those things around the house you never get to take care of because you’re too busy with the virtual calls. Remember to include funs things too (like movie nights and self care rituals).

Use this time to focus on self-care and do some self-reflection. Enjoy your ‘me time’. Use these printables to help you plan and organize your time, they are going to save you A LOT OF TIME & MONEY .

  • Daily Efficiency Planner
  • Daily Gratitude Tracker
  • Weekly Self Care Planner
  • Weekly Shopping List
  • Monthly Movie Wrap-Up
  • Monthly Books Wrap-Up
  • Post Pandemic Travel Plan
  • Post Lockdown Body Workout Planner
  • Lockdown Room Resolutions
  • Pandemic Reflection
  • Post Lockdown Outfit Planner

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Prefer A Paperback Physical Planner Instead?

Prefer physical planners? Good news! We are going to launch a series of paperback post pandemic planners before 2023! You can learn more HERE.