[2020 Latest Trending Nails Designs Pictures] 10 Unique And Cute Nails Art Designs That Everyone Can Do

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White and Blue Nails

Without a doubt, white and blue is one of the best colour matches there is. This designs shows a multicolour nail art design in which the tip of fingers show a slight of shining blue while the remaining part is filled with a gorgeous white floral image.

Unusual nails photo

Teal Nails

When I talk about teal, a lot of people would resemble the bright blueish green colour, yet there’s also a darker shade of teal. Even though it’s not as common, it has been one of the most popular nails colour this year, which looks elegant and interesting.

Unusual nails photo

Green Matte Nails

Adding matte style and features to your nails would already elevate your classiness immediately, with the green colour pairing up with gold glitter design, it simply looks gorgeous and interesting.Unusual nails photo

Teal Nails with White Cat Design

Want to add a little bit of spice towards the already beautiful teal coloured nails, try getting this white aesthetic outline of cat art, elevating these whole piece into a more artistic design. Unusual nails photo

Yellow Acrylic Nails

Yellow is one of the trending colour that you can get, and it fits perfectly with the bright sun. When matched with black and white checkered patterns, the contrast makes the whole colour shine even more!

Nails ideas 2019 photo

Green and Blue Nails with Glitter

The combination of green and blue is actually quite unusual, but pairing them up would actually result in a surprising match, the dark base of these colours contrasts well with the shining glitter, creating an elegant nail art design.
Unusual nails photo

Yellow and Grey Coffin Nails

Continuing with the theme of yellow being the most popular colour this year, it contrasts perfectly with the greyish design with the leaf art which is quite a unique design, and it looks even better in the coffin style.Unusual nails photo


Grey and Pink Acrylic Nails

Some people might find grey nails quite boring, but when I see it, I see someone who is confident about their style and looks fashionable in it, its pairing with the pink colour also lights up the design and even though it looks unusual, this is how you stand out from the crowd.Unusual nails photo

Teal Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails design are often seen as elegant ones, and this designs takes it up another notch by adding special pastel features in it with unique white floral patterns, creating a gorgeous piece of art on one’s nails. Unusual nails photo

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