[2021 Men Hairstyle Guide] 3 Shocking Facts About the Masculine High And Tight Buzz-Cut Hairstyle You have to Know

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Last Updated on 2021-01-08 by Anna Wintour

Another week of lockdown melts into the next and your weekly trip to the barber for heated facials, shape-ups, and waves are certainly off the cards for a while.  Many men are turning to self-grooming techniques to maintain the uncontrollable. Yes, I am talking about the pesky pelt – the outgrown look that would give Johnny Dept a run for his money.

As men are becoming the jack of all trades in the grooming department it seems the only thing you guys are not distancing yourself from is your shavers.

I introduce the buzz-cut year 2021.

It comes to no surprise that this onset trend of the buzz-cut look has inspired men to ditch the dungy locks and go for a more clean-shaven look.

The sculptured visage has been one that has marked male androgyny since the Ancient Roman times, as roman barbers – called tonsures – placed men could meet up for a gossip over a nice shave. Only the most elite of people had barbers in their households. The celebratory cut was one that was shared with parties to symbolize adulthood.

The staple shape-up or buzz-cut is one that still carries notability today. But with men’s frequent reliance on barbers, we wanted to find out how difficult it is for men to maintain their grooming standards at home during these unprecedented times. Editor of Many Of Many magazine and ex-barber Nick Hall reveals the truths behind your grooming maintenance woes.

What is the buzz behind  ‘shaving your head’ during this time?

“Shaving your head is not only a convenient way to stay sharp and feel fresh but it is also one of the easiest grooming procedures you can do. I feel more guys are choosing to shave their heads due to the proverbial ‘fail-safe’ nature of the current circumstances. If you have wanted to shave your head but never had the guts, now it is the perfect time to give it a go,” says Hall.

Making a sleek, bold statement is a way to test boundaries, try out a new style that is easy to maintain. You can touch up your head every few days with balms and toners. This is a great way to reinvent yourself.

“Should it not turn out the way you had hoped, there is no harm,” explains Hall. “You are stuck inside for another few weeks, so you can easily wait it out and avoid the jeers from your friends.”

Take English former footballer David Beckham as a pointer.

View this post on Instagram

Just had to be done ✂️ #stayhome #staysafe #staystrong GOODNIGHT 🌙

A post shared by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on

Yes , he is joining the masses. On his Instagram he shared a post of his newly bald head. Beckham, 44, captioned the post: “Just had to be done.” With the following hashtags: #stayhome’ , #staysafe and #staystrong to his 62.8 million followers. With one follower commenting: “Ha! ‘The Corona-cut’. Me too.”

It is not the first time this style icon has bared it all, with Beckham periodically boasting a buzzed head throughout his career. I guess we can call him the cut connoisseur.

Why it is important to maintain good grooming standards at this time?

There are times where trees do not have leaves, but that does not mean you should  become complacent on your regular  grooming routine. Maintaining adequate grooming standards is not only healthy for your physical appearance but also mental wellness. Feeling positive about your appearance will make even the most mundane tasks bearable.

We conducted a poll onSurvey Monkey that revealed 66.67% of respondents between 18-30 were getting their hair cut at least every two to three weeks before lockdown. With one respondent saying that lockdown has made him “feel ugly” and given him “a lack of confidence”.

“Routine is an extremely valuable tool for exercising mental strength and keeping your mindset in check,” says Hall. This is particularly important in light of recent events. The world is an unpredictable place, so by maintaining a consistent grooming routine, you can add a level of certainty to your day.”

“Further, a routine that results in a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing you, will always boost your confidence and self-esteem. Take the time to invest in yourself now, and you’ll be better placed to take on the world tomorrow,” states Hall.

What issues are grooming companies facing at this time ?

With high supply and demand during this time it seems that many grooming companies are finding it difficult to keep up with customer satisfaction. With Bulldog Skincare, a popular UK men’s beauty brand finding it hard to keep up with orders due to the high demand in its skincare range.

As much as companies like Bulldog are doing well, there is still a level of uncertainty about the UK’s economy as to whether this will last. With many people out of work, consumers are pushing towards lower-cost options this could also result a decline in financial performance.

‘The obvious issue relates to lockdown measures,” says Hall. “Fewer people are heading into a physical premise or workplace, meaning there is no need to get fully dolled-up for the day.”

However, Hall adds: “The so-called lipstick index truly is in effect. When consumers struggle with poor self-esteem, they regularly turn to beauty products for a confidence hit. I suspect we’ll begin to see this more in men’s grooming over the next few weeks.”


Grooming maintenance starts with you. Whether it is experimenting with looks or receiving inspiration from celebrities. The process of feeling good is individual and only starts with a picking up a shaver, a comb or using that beard oil that you still haven’t opened from Christmas.

“Take the time to invest in yourself”, Hall emphasises. Just as you would if you were heading to work. Get dressed, do your hair, shave or oil your beard and moisturise your skin.

Besides, as Hall says, “Good grooming isn’t just about picking up ladies, it’s about self-respect.”

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