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What to Expect From the Audio-Visual Industry in the Next 5 Years

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Just a few decades ago, we could not have dreamed that audio-visual technology would advance to the extent we know it today. With the development of the Internet, there has been the development of modern AV communications that would seem completely futuristic to people who remember the 80s and 90s of the last century. This is how some of the things that will become part of our future can seem to us. Here’s what we can expect from the AV industry in the next ten years.

The AV Industry Is Developing At Lightning Speed

The rapid development of modern technologies has influenced the fact that our world and everyday life are changing at a very fast pace. The last decade has been such that we have witnessed various interesting changes in the AV industry. What is certainly most important is the combination of different technologies, such as IT and AV – which has led to the emergence of many new products within this industry. Without many of those things, we can hardly imagine everyday business or functioning. Many branded or re-branded products have entered this market which is becoming bigger and more significant day by day. After such big changes in such a short time, we can only wonder what awaits us in the next 5 years.

The Development Of The AV Industry In The Future

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Can we project the development of the AV industry for the next 5 years? This is a difficult task that is in the realm of guesswork – for the reason that this industry is constantly evolving. However, there are some things that we can assume – that will be almost certain in the next 5 years. These are some predictions when we talk about upcoming trends within the AV industry.

The AV Industry Will Continue Work On Improving Sound Quality

It is already clear to us how important sound quality is, whether you are listening to music, playing games – or talking online in real-time. Especially when we talk about the importance of business conferencing which is a common thing in companies – it is clear to us that all this would be impossible without quality sound. Namely, you can have a great video atmosphere, but if the sound is bad – then everything is in vain. It’s the same when you listen to music, watch videos, watch movies in your home theater – or play games.

Today, the AV industry has become one of the most important allies of the gaming industry. Namely, with the development of games in the VR environment – sound has become an even more important component than it has ever been. In that sense, we have already stepped into the future, because with the advent of devices like Woojer West – you can literally feel the sound. We don’t joke when we say that.

The sound sensors on this device are such that they allow you to not only hear the sound – but also feel and experience it on your body. If you look at the review below:

and see the experiences of those who have tried it- it will be clear to you that we have already stepped into the future with one foot and in the next 5 years, we can expect additional innovations. One thing is for sure: the AV industry will continue to be oriented towards innovation and improving sound quality regardless of the type of device.

Even More Significant Integration Of The AV And IT Industries

This is almost a certain thing. Namely, even today, these two industries are so connected to each other that many often equate them. Of course, it does not work in the same industries, but in a kind of symbiosis – these two industries provide the best of themselves. And soon, we can expect the merging of elements, tools, and techniques used by the AV and IT industries. Given the growing need for AV integration within corporate spaces or chat rooms – it is clear that all processes and tools of the IT and AV industry will be focused on common goals.

The implementation of the elements present in both industries will be essential. On the one hand, IT will continue to be based on the Internet and tools related to this type of communication – while the AV industry will continue to be focused on quality sound, screens, and management of other AV components. Although the cooperation of these two industries is already very close – further convergence of these two sectors is expected in the future.

Projection-Mapping Will Be Even More Developed

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This is a trend that is relatively new in the AV industry – but has immediately made a big boom among users. Namely, it is a projection of an image that is much higher than the usual one we are used to so far.

Projection mapping includes multiple projectors so that the image can expand over irregular surfaces – creating a full 360-degree visual feel and experience. So far, we have already included this technology in the media during live TV broadcasts – as well as in presentations, fairs, or marketing campaigns. However, some innovations in this field are expected, such as video floors or even video tunnels.

The dominance of LED TVs?!

Speaking of projectors, we must not neglect the way we use them. So far, we have mostly used video walls – that is, huge displays that broadcast what we want. However, in the future, these video walls could be replaced with high-definition LED TVs that are large in size – but small in depth. Such devices can offer better backlighting as well as some other features that we have not used with the projector so far.


Source: keanet.eu

It is clear to us that our future is happening fast today – especially when it comes to modern technologies. In this regard, the AV industry is keeping pace with the IT industry, gaming – but also other industries where it can be useful and multi-usable. Given the speed of development of these industries, we will witness all the new technological changes that will shape the way we live.