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How to Use Sedu Icon Flat Straightening Iron

person ironing a woman s hair
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

The Sedu hair straightening method is done with a Sedu straightening iron, which has ceramic plates an inch to an inch and a half wide. There are thicker plates to be used with longer-length hair and there are thinner ceramic plates to use with shorter hair.

 Imagine straightening your hair without ruining it with harmful chemicals or without it snagging or the ends breaking off. The Sedu hair straightener has four different heat settings which help you straighten your hair within only about 15 to 20 minutes. Furthermore, if you don't know if you want straight hair for the rest of your life the Sedu straightener can help you see what you would look like with straight hair before making a commitment to having your hair permanently chemically treated in a salon, or even at home.

 If you choose to have your hair permanently straightened, you can do that too but keep in mind that you should do a strand test to make sure your hair can handle the straightening chemicals. That would be done by either you or your hair stylist. Then you would have to put on a protective cream in order to shield your hair from the chemicals being used, and afterwards add a relaxant cream. You would not have to redo your hair if you use a chemical treatment, but the steps to having it done (or doing it yourself) are more extensive, and it is riskier than just using a Sedu straightener.

 The Sedu Ceramic Hair Straightener can create more temporary styles and you can have a new style every single day if you want. Some days you could add a little curl to it and other days you can have it completely straight and it would not remain permanently. You can also apply a variety of different styles after receiving a chemical hair straightening treatment, but again, it is more risky when you attempt to use harmful chemicals in your hair.

 There are easy steps to apply when attempting to apply a Sedu Ceramic hair straightening style. Those steps are as follows:

Start out with clean, wet, hair
Apply a small amount of styling product such as mousse or gel to your hair
Dry your hair, combing downward for approximately 15 minutes
Divide your hair into sections and then begin straightening your hair
Style your hair according to your favorite Sadu Styling technique

Many of these looks are modeled after Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson and other great celebrities. Free photos of these celebrities are posted online as well. You can take a look at these photos to use as models for your next Sedu hairstyle.