10+ Most Interesting Nails Art Designs In 2020 That Would Make You Stand Out From The Others

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Nail colours are often the best way to express your personality and style, and there are tons of ways you can incorporate interesting nails ideas and designs!


Teal Nails

When I talk about teal, a lot of people would resemble the bright blueish green colour, yet there’s also a darker shade of teal, which looks elegant and interesting.

Interesting nails photo


Green Matte Nails

Adding matte style and features to your nails would already elevate your classiness immediately, with the green colour pairing up with gold glitter design, it simply looks gorgeous and interesting.

Interesting nails photo


Yellow Acrylic Nails

Yellow is one of the brightest colour that you can get, and it fits perfectly with the bright sun. When matched with black and white checkered patterns, the contrast makes the whole colour shine even more!

Interesting nails photo


Teal Nails with Glitter

Using a darker shade of teal, its base contrasts perfectly with the shining glitter patterns on the other fingers, and it creates an interesting piece of design on your nails.

Interesting nails photo

Black and Orange Nails

When I say orange, I’m not only talking about the colour orange, but the fruit orange! Some may see putting food designs on nails are exotic, yet I still love it, and it contrasts well with the darkness of the black nails!Interesting nails photo

Marble Style with Black and Pink Nails

Marble designs are some of the most astounding arts out there, and it could be applied to your nails as well, having natural pink and black colours to pair with it makes an interesting nails design. Interesting nails photo

Purple and Pink Ombre Nails

The colours purple and pink look quite similar, which makes it a perfect choice to create the gradient effect with ombre style nails, which looks elegant and interesting. Interesting nails photo


Bright Red and Black Nails

Red coloured nails are a classic, and a lot of people find it rather dull. Yet, you can always spice it up by adding a touch of black in the end of your nails or even a bright white design with apple art on it to make an interesting nails art.
Interesting nails photo


Red Matte Nails

Another way to make your red nails look a lot more interesting is adding the matte style to it, the whole nail art would look a lot more delicate, and the strawberry design next to it looks absolutely perfect.
Interesting nails photo

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