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Sammy Hagar Net Worth 2023

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One-man army is a common phrase to be used widely but rarely to be seen in reality.

Sammy Hagar, also well-known as ‘The Red Rocker’ can be rightly called to be a one-man army in the music industry who is not only a vocalist but also an entrepreneur, guitarist, song composing artist and a well-known actor.

About Sammy Hagar

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This all-rounder artist had gained his popularity since the 1970s with a band named Montrose. Sammy replaced the lead vocalist David Lee Roth of Van Helen in 1985 and left the band in 1996. After a couple of years, he rejoined them. He is not only a great musician but also a businessman owning a Tequila company and a Rum bar.

Early Life & Family

Samuel Roy Hagar (Sammy) was born in California, America on October 13, 1947. Sammy got his name after his mom’s father. The son of Robert Hagar and Gladys Hagar along with his parents relocated to Fontana, as his dad was working there at the Kaiser Steel Factory. Sammy was brought up there and he completed his high school at Fontana High School.

Sammy Hagar’s Career and Major Milestone

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  • He stepped into his professional journey with a rock band named Montrose. His debut album was thus named after the band which skyrocketed to great success in the commercial market. Following the grand achievement with his debut album, they published several more albums in the next years of his career.
  • After this, he also came up with many albums working as a solo artist, the first being launched in 1976. Along with this, he also worked on quite a few live as well as compilation albums.
  • Hagar not only achieved fame as a musician from his audiences, but he has also received the Grammy Award in the year 1985 and been nominated for the Tony Award that was held in 1999.
  • After reaching the peak of success as a music artist, Hagar brought himself forward as a business owner. He used to co-owned a tequila company along with his ownership of a rum bar company.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Sammy Hagar

  • Hagar married Betsy Beradi in 1968 and was blessed with 2 sons – Aaron and Andrew. However, they were separated in 1994. Sammy has been married to Kari Karte since 1995 and has 2 daughters from her namely – Kama Hagar and Samantha Hagar.
  • Hagar has been very passionate about cars since a child. To date, his favorite has been the Ferrari.
  • He is a cousin to a popular Christian metal vocalist, Ken Tamplin.
  • His ancestry is that of Italian and Irish history.

Net Worth

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Sammy Hagar’s net worth is estimated to be around $140 million. Though a major chunk of his income has been as a musician. He also earned being an entrepreneur and selling one of his tequila companies.

He loves cars so much that he owns 8 cars currently. Also, he is the owner of 2 properties that are listed for sale.