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Sebi Net Worth 2023

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Alfredo Darrington Bowman is also popularly known as Dr. Sebi. He was the best practitioner and treated several people using a simple diet and herbs. He self-broadcasted himself as a cultivator and healer. The interesting fact about Dr. Sebi is neither a medical practitioner nor a Ph.D. scholar. His famous medical achievements are treating AIDS and leukemia or cancer.

About Dr. Sebi

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Dr. Sebi was the best healer and herbal treatment enthusiast. He practiced his masters in the United States of America in the late twentieth century and early-twenty-first century. He treated the patients with his special band strategical vegetarian diet and normal herbs using pseudo logical affirmations. He is the one who eliminated HIV. He built a robust well-being community in Honduras and extended the training to New York and Los Angeles.

Early Life And Family

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Dr. Sebi was born in 1933 in Ilanga, Honduras. He developed an interest in herbs and remedial treatments from his grandma in his childhood. He also learned a lot from his grandma about herbal practices. He calls himself “African Living in Honduras.

Later, upon his passion and interest in herbal treatments, he created a unique technique called “African Bioelectric cell food treatment.” He assured that this treatment treats various illnesses, including AIDS, Cancer, an assortment of persistent diseases, and other physiological issues. Meanwhile, Dr. Sebi worked on a few natural items that help in treating illnesses. He was married twice and had 17 biological children.

A few proclamations provoked a 1993 claim and led Dr. Sebi to the footsteps of the court. The court also requested hi, to quit creating these bogus cases. Dr. Sebi died in August 2016 due to pneumonia complications.

What Was Dr. Sebi’s Diet?

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Dr. Sebi created a particular diet program called Dr. Sebi’s antacid eating routine that revives human cells, eliminating toxic squanders from the body. This diet alkalizes the body and prevents fatal diseases.

He firmly believes that infections and illnesses are caused by the organisms carried by bodily fluids and corrosiveness rather than destructive microorganisms. He also believed that some of the present allopathy techniques were ineffective in treating infections at the root level. So, his treatment would be completely different from modern science and is highly effective too.

His diet commenced on the possibility that the infection could just be supported in Alkaline condition. So, he designed a diet for patients. The primary aim of this diet is to The eating regimen objective is to maintain a specific antacid stage to prevent illnesses.

Net Worth

Dr. Sebi helps people with his special diet programs, herbal remedies, and body detoxification from his well-known website. His treatments cost around $1500 per package. People even call his medicines African Bio-mineral balance supplements.

As of 2023, his net worth is estimated at around $0.8 million, and in 2023, it reached $1 million. He has over 30k social media followers. He earns a pretty good amount of around $3000 per day.