[2020 Summer Nail Art Design Ideas] Top 5 Easiest Light Maroon Nails Designs

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Maroon Nails are the hottest trend in 2020! As a fantastic way to demonstrate your personality, these maroon nails certainly gives out sophisticated and mature vibes as it is a darker tone. They are definitely classics that would always be in fashion, while there are multiple designs to pair with this colour and bring out its full potential.

Most importantly, the red colour suits and flatters everyone while also fitting with  basically any skin tone. Therefore, you will be in the spotlight without a doubt with these maroon nails. Scroll down to find out the best ideas and designs to for this summer.

Maroon nails photo

Short Maroon Nails

Long nails might look elegant, but short nails aren’t too shabby too as they too look pretty themselves while being easier to maintain. These short nails with Maroon color design would be perfect for your summer.

Maroon nails photo

Light Maroon Nails

Maroon colour nails could be used in a lighter shade as well. While it maintains the mature vibe of the maroon colour, the lighter shade or pairing gives out a more cute feel that complements well with the main nail design.

Maroon nails photo

Dark Maroon Nails

While the lighter shade of maroon does look pretty, this dark maroon nail idea is absolutely hot and attractive, as the darker shade perfectly brings out the sophisticated vibe of these maroon nails.

Maroon nails photo

Maroon nails photo

Maroon Matte Nails

Maroon matte is often used in elegant lipsticks, but this gorgeous colour could be used for your nail designs this summer as well, this idea of maroon matte nails is certainly your choice to look classy.

Maroon nails photoMaroon nails photo

Maroon Nails with Glitter

Yes, glitter looks good on everything, and it definitely looks brilliant with the maroon nail art design. This style looks creative while being gorgeous from every angle as well.

Maroon nails photo

Maroon Nails with Gold

The combination of maroon and gold will always be fashionable in any day and age. The mature shade of maroon pairing up with the lightning shimmer of gold would always be trendy and it is no exception this coming summer.

Maroon nails photo

Maroon Nails with Silver

People say silver is not as classy as gold, but it still looks elegant pairing up with maroon in this nail art design, still shining fantastically while complementing the colour of maroon well.

Maroon nails photo

Maroon Nails with White Art

The darker vibe of maroon pairs perfectly with the brighter shade of white. They complement each other nicely while the feminine art of a flower on the white part lights up the whole nail design.

Maroon nails photo

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