17+ Best Meaningful Portrait Tattoo Ideas For Females That Give Courage And Strength In 2020

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happy woman with fresh mask covering eyes with patches

Portrait tattoos aren’t for everyone. If you are planning to have one, it is important to consider who has had an impact on you so that you can have his image on your body to get courage. When you get a good designer and a nice looking portrait, you will definitely get an amazing portrait tattoo that you dream of.

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  • Tattooing is definitely a form of artwork. We think these books can keep you inspired and are totally worth collecting. 
  • Not sure about a large permanent tattoo yet? If you are good at painting then you can draw the pattern on your skin first to see if you really like it. If you are not artistic and want to try the temporary tattoo for a party or festival, then you can print a pattern found on internet/scanned from books onto this special paper(for laser printers) then transfer the design images on to the skin. This machine is a MUST if you have a makeup career, host parties frequently, or need to have temporary tattoos frequently. Really a game changer if you’ve been hand transferring onto the carbon paper for your tattooing.
  • If for any reason you want to start tattooing on real skin during quarantine, we recommend this beginner kit. Make sure to check the reviews as apparently many people are very bored and started tattooing themselves these days at home. The results can look amazing even for beginners if someone draws something on you then you can trace it/follow the lines pretty good!
  • Remember to add this to cart too if you will get a new tattoo soon. This will keep your new tattoo in great condition- no scabbing, peeling, dryness, or soreness. Plus, it even works to moisturise old tattoos, making them look vibrant again.

Bea Miller

Bea Miller having a portrait tattoo on the forearm. This courage portrait is actually the cover of singer Frank Ocean’s albus ‘Blonde’, and it is extremely meaningful idea to Bea.


Monica Brown

Monica Brown having a courage portrait of her mother as a tattoo on the forearm.


Isabel Bedoya

Isabel Bedoya having a Buddha portrait tattoo on finger.

Popular Now

Monica Brown

Monica Brown having a child portrait tattoo on arm.


Angel haze

Angel Haze having a portrait tattoo on thigh for courage.


Juliet Simms

Juliet Simms having a mythical portrait tattoo on the side body.


Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner having a simple female outline portrait tattoo on thigh.


Zhavia Ward

Zhavia Ward having a majestic portrait tattoo on arm. It is a great courage tattoo idea for all believers.


Francis Bean Cobain

Francia Bean Cobain having a cute and simple portrait of Dolly Parton as a tattoo on back.


Betty who

Betty Who having a sexy female portrait tattoo on arm.

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