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Will There Be Another Currency Like Bitcoin in the Near Future

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For the last ten years, we have been bombarded from all sides with news related to cryptocurrencies, the emergence of new coins, price movements, and everything else related to this topic. If someone had told us eight or nine years ago that intangible currencies would become so important and that thousands of people around the world would be interested in investing in them, they certainly would not believe such a thing. But things in the past period have changed extremely in this field, and with each passing day, we witness the same changes.

Investors so far, as well as those who plan to get involved in the future, have an issue that bothers them. And that question is whether another currency like Bitcoin will appear in the near future? We have to admit, this is an extremely good question, the answer to which might surprise you and maybe not. But we can only tell you that in the near future you should not expect the emergence of a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. Sounds a little disappointing, doesn’t it? But the answer to this question would not be unsatisfactory if you know the reasons why this is so. Experts say there are several reasons why we should not expect the emergence of a brand new coin that could replace Bitcoin, and these are the following:

1. He is the first to appear

This is one of the most obvious reasons why Bitcoin-like crypto will not reappear. This whole story started with him and his creator, whom we have not had the opportunity to see before, but we know him by his pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Much later after its creation, news and speculation emerged that the founder was an Australian named Steve Wright, but this businessman and entrepreneur did not provide enough evidence to confirm these speculations. We believe that any other coin that appeared after him, can not overshadow all the attention and popularity as the original did.

2. No one else can match him

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Yes, it is true that after the first cryptocurrency thousands of others appeared over the years, but none of them could match the original one. If you followed the news related to this topic, you would notice that over the years as new currencies were born, but after a while, they collapsed as a project and suddenly disappeared. This fate befell hundreds of them, and their story ended as it began, without too much fuss.

3. Its value has increased dramatically

Although many predicted that the value of one Bitcoin in the future would be some million dollars, this did not happen. This is overly optimistic thinking, but if it has not happened so far, it does not necessarily mean that something like this does not await us in the future. If we look at the data from the past we can see that it has undergone many changes in a positive sense. It may not be the brightest moment to sell at the moment, but now is a great chance to buy from this cryptocurrency, and in the future when its price increases, you will make a profit. If you want to follow the news related to the latest developments in the crypto world, we suggest you do so at lausitznews.de.

4. The value never dropped to 0

We can present you with another reason why no other coin could replace the original one, and that is that its value has never dropped to zero. Although those who were initially against the use as well as investing in the crypto world, their wish was for such a global project to fail, unfortunately, this did not was the reality. Bitcoin has only continued to masterfully climb to the top, its performance has gotten better and better with each passing year since its appearance. We can fully confirm that its value was never close to 0, and we hope that this trend will continue in the future and that its value will continue to grow upwards, ie it will drive the green wave.

5. A lot of people gave him a chance

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At first, many people were quite skeptical about the emergence of such a project, especially since it was becoming something virtual. They believed that behind this was someone who wanted to make big money by deceiving investors. But this was just paranoia and fake news. Is it possible that all that deception is still present today, after 10 years of existence? The chances of such a thing are unlikely. If we compare the people who were initially interested in Bitcoin mining, and the number of people who do it today and earn money from this activity, we can conclude that this community has advanced a lot and multiplied over the years.

These are just some of the reasons why we do not believe that a cryptocurrency will appear soon that will be able to replace Bitcoin and take the first place at the top. There are a number of other reasons why we believe we will not witness such an event, but we have decided to present to you the main ones that have a decisive role in this whole story. If our predictions are wrong, as well as the opinions of professionals who are closely following every event in this field, then we should be prepared for the unexpected.

Until then, if you are one of the many who have made some kind of investment in the ultimate coin, then we suggest you follow all the news related to this topic at the link above. And do not forget that now is the right time to invest in this currency, while its value is lower in the market, and in the future when there is an increase in its price, then it would be an ideal moment to earn and sell it, ie trade it. We hope that in the near future we will expect a lot of positive and exciting news in this area and that this project would be more accepted than it is now.