[2020] How To Style A Perm Male? 18 Sexy Modern Male Loose And Wavy Undercut Perm Hairstyles For Men

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Perm Hairstyles


Men everywhere have been embracing male perm hairstyles once again, and with modern perming techniques, it’s never been easier to try out a new look. Whether you want a drastic change or something more subtle, a perm can do the trick. Plus, because perms last for months, you’ll do less damage to your hair than heat styling it every day. Check out these cool and flattering male perm styles that will show off your unique style.


1. Fringe With Perm

Once your hair is permed, you can cut and style it the same way as naturally wavy perm men. How to style a perm male? One option is a curly fringe. While you could leave your hair long and curly all over, an on-trend look is to team the fringe with faded sides. Doing so will create a cool contrast and make your men’s wavy perm look thicker and fuller. You can discover the male perm before and after!


Fringe With Perm

2. Caesar Cut With Perm

The Caesar cut is a classic for a reason. While simple, it’s flattering on most face shapes and gives short hair an edgy touch. It works equally well with modern male perm as it does with straight, so if you’ve just permed your hair, why not give it a try? Bear in mind that you will need to grow your hair longer on top to create the curly mini fringe look of the Caesar.


Caesar Cut With Perm


3. Comb Over With Perm

One of the most striking options for undercut perm, the comb-over has a cool and sophisticated vibe. Men with medium length straight hair who want a drastic change could achieve this look with a perm and strategic cut. However, a comb-over with curls won’t have as defined a parting as a straight hair comb-over. Instead, it will have a modern and interesting asymmetric look.


Comb Over With Perm


4. Drop Fade With Perm

Men who aren’t afraid to stand out should consider the drop fade with short curly hair male. Drop fades have a dramatic, graphic look, and when paired with curls, create a sharp visual contrast. How to style a perm male? To create the curls, your stylist can perm only the crown and center section of your loose curl perm male. They can then leave some side sections straight, which they can then fade down to form a cool transitional effect.

Drop Fade With Perm


5. Fade With Perm

Fades can be adapted for all hair types, including curls. How to style a perm male? To get the fade with perm look, your stylist may first buzz your hair to create the fade before applying the perm chemicals. However, you’ll need to make sure the top section has grown out longer as male perm hairstyles tend to appear shorter than straight hair. While your perm will last around six months, your fade will need to be maintained every three weeks or so.

Fade With Perm

6. Faux Hawk With Perm

While a faux hawk can be created with straight hair, the natural volume, fullness, and bounce of curls naturally work well with the male perm styles. How to style a perm male? A faux hawk perm is a more wearable version of the classic faux hawk; instead of shaving or fading the side sections, your stylist will leave them short and straight. After perming the center section, use plenty of styling products in men’s perm kit to build the volume and create the faux hawk shape.


Faux Hawk With Perm

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7. Bleach Hair With Perm

There’s nothing cooler than blond curls, especially in summer. How to style a perm male? However, if you’re looking to make the change, you’ll need to set aside some extra time. Because both bleaching and perming are chemical processes, your stylist will need to space the treatments apart to avoid damaging your wavy perm men.


Bleach Hair With Perm


8. Hard Part With Perm

Guys who want a super modern and eye-catching men’s wavy perm should consider a hard part with a perm. As in perm-with-fade modern male perms, the male perm before and after is all about contrast. How to style a perm male? Your stylist will shave along your side parting while leaving the top section curly and full. The result looks unusual and asymmetrical, but with a stylish twist.


Hard Part With Perm


9. Long Hair With Perm

The ‘70s are back in fashion, so why not style your hair to match? Modern-day perm techniques have evolved beyond the tight coils of the ’80s. Today, you can get waves and curls that any psychedelic rocker would be proud to have. How to style a perm male? For the ultimate mane of undercut perm, you will need to grow out your natural hair a few inches longer, as the curling process will shorten it.


Long Hair With Perm

10. Medium Length Perm

Medium and short curly hair male is a laidback and sexy hairstyle for men. How to style a perm male? You can quickly achieve the look with a perm, then put your twist on it by changing up the styling. For a relaxed look, use some sea salt spray to create a messy texture. If you want to look more polished, try a curl-defining spray or serum.


Medium Lengh Perm

11. Long Fringe with Perm

Like a short fringe, a long fringe looks excellent on tight perm men. The loose curl perm male will make your fringe look thicker and fuller, and give you a more youthful appearance. How to style a perm male? Plus, a longe fringe – particularly in an asymmetric cut – is one of the best ways to disguise a broad forehead.


Long Fringe With Perm


12. Mid Fade With Perm

If you love the look of an undercut but want a more understated version, try a mid fade with a perm. How to style a perm male? The long, curly top section adds height and volume while the mid fade ensures your male perm hairstyles still looks polished and sharp. Plus, the faded section gives your look a subtly edgy feel.


Mid Fade With Perm


All the content (images and text) of this post are property of lastminutestylist.com I spent a lot of time researching and editing, please respect my effort! Kindly refrain from plagiarizing the content of this blog.

13. Middle Part With Perm

While most men still part their hair either on the left or the right, middle parting has become more popular recently with the return of the curtain male perm styles. The style suits curly hair and has a laidback ’90s vibe. How to style a perm male? To get the look, once you’ve permed your hair, have your barber cut the hair, so it’s longer at the sides and shorter at the back. Then, use a rattail comb to create two sections and use a little product in men’s perm kit to keep your wavy perm men in place.

Middle Part With Perm

14. Mohawk With Perm

For guys who want to go more extreme than the faux hawk, a permed mohawk is an ideal choice. Bold, graphic, and out there, it’s for men who want to command attention and make a statement with their style. While men’s wavy perm has more volume than straight hair, it doesn’t have the natural structure required to create a full mohawk. How to style a perm male? You will still need to use styling products and blowdry your modern male perm with men’s perm kit into the required shape. However, the results will be worth the effort.


Mohawk With Perm


15. Perm With Pompadour

Loose curl perm male looks fantastic when paired with the pompadour. Curls add texture and direction to the style and make it look more interesting than a straight pompadour. Even if you are short curly hair male, the pompadour will still have a dramatic and stylish look. How to style a perm male? An oversized pompadour works even better if you want tight perm men that stand out.

Perm With Pompadour

16. Perm With Volume

Perms aren’t just for changing the texture of your hair. You can also use a perm to create more volume, making your locks look thicker and fuller. How to style a perm male? These treatments use the same chemicals as a traditional perm, except the shaping rods are removed before the neutralizer is applied. That lets the curls fall, so they are less tightly coiled and instead form a natural wave. If you have a classic perm, you can add more volume by applying mousse and using a hairdryer with a diffuser in men’s perm kit.

Perm With Volume

17. Short Hair With Perm

Short curly hair male will always result in tighter curls. The advantage is that the styling is already built into your male perm hairstyles – there’s no need for products or extra effort, as your curls do all the talking. How to style a perm male? A simple short back and sides haircut suits short permed hair, but you can also opt for a Caesar to minimize a larger forehead or add a fade for an edgier look.


Short Hair With Perm

18. Undercut With Perm

Just as a perm looks great teamed with a fade, it also looks fantastic with an undercut. The contrast between voluminous curls on top and shaved sides creates a dramatic look that will ensure all eyes are on you. How to style a perm male? Define your undercut by adding a razored part and add extra styling product with men’s perm kit to your men’s wavy perm for even more volume and texture.


Undercut With Perm

All the content (images and text) of this post are property of lastminutestylist.com I spent a lot of time researching and editing, please respect my effort! Kindly refrain from plagiarizing the content of this blog.

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