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9 Interesting Facts About Coffee You Probably Didn’t Know

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Do you have a favourite morning ritual? What does waking up in the morning look like for you?

Do you like to drink water first thing in the morning, then have a cold shower and wake yourself up by walking or running outside? Do you like to read a book in the morning, while drinking tea and preparing for the day, or is the morning the perfect moment to take time for yourself and to enjoy your favourite cup of coffee? Many people claim that even just a couple of sips of their favourite coffee can change their day completely and can make them more alert, more awake and energized. What do you think?

Whether you’re a fan of coffee or you just enjoy drinking coffee with your friends and family every once in a while, one thing is sure: this ingredient has changed the way we function, the way we socialise with people, as well as our habits, rituals; and finally – the way we think and fight sleep deprivation.

What do we mean by this? Coffee has been around for years, even centuries. It’s hard to tell the difference between enjoying the whole experience of consuming coffee, and consuming coffee for it’s taste and effects on our bodies. This means that we enjoy the whole ritual of preparing coffee (which is like a preparation for the day or for a specific situation) and then drinking it with a loved one or a friend, while chatting, discussing different topics and simply hanging out.

However, although consuming this beverage can sometimes become almost automatic, we do love to go to specific shops where the coffee is good and we all have our favourite flavours and types that we specifically order every time. This means that coffee is not only a gatherer, and a very important factor in the society when it comes to socialization, but it is also a very enjoyable drink to consume.

But how much do you actually know about this magical drink? One of the first things people don’t know about coffee is the number of hours that our bodies need in order to get the caffeine out of our systems. According to research, caffeine stays in our bloodstream from 5 to 8 hours, which is useful to know if you’re having troubles with falling asleep. One of the reasons for that could be having coffee late in the afternoon. Read more on https://www.eraofwe.com/coffee-lab/en/qa-forum/how-long-does-coffee-stay-in-my-system.

But aside from this, there are numerous fun and interesting facts you probably didn’t know about your favorite drink. Let’s dive into it:

1. The Flavor Depends on the Altitude

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Did you know that one of the factors that determine the flavor of your coffee is the place and the altitude where the coffee plant is grown? If it’s grown at high altitudes, chances are that its taste will be stronger and spicier. Not to mention the country or the climate in general where this plant grows.

2. It Has No Flavor Before You Roast It

In order to get the specific taste we’ve all been used to, you first need to roast your coffee. It’s something people usually don’t think about, since the vast majority of all the coffee beans that can be bought are already roasted. However, if you really want to, you can buy fresh coffee and roast it yourself. This process is important since it caramelizes the beans, giving them a specific flavor.

3. Nescafé-like Coffee Is Centuries Old

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According to research, filtered coffee that can be bought in almost any shop or supermarket is actually more than 200 years old. It first appeared in Europe in the 18th century, and almost a hundred years later, it spread across the globe. We still use it today, and you can purchase both filtered coffee from brands that are all about mass production, or the one from small manufacturers, with a more unique, exclusive aroma.

4. Tea and Coffee Fight for the Throne

It’s understandable that water is the number one drink on Earth, since it’s the most consumed liquid. But did you know that tea and coffee are constantly fighting for the throne of the second most drank liquid globally speaking right now coffee is the third on the list but the number of of people consume this drink is constantly growing as a matter of fact it’s been shown that a huge number of Chinese citizens prefer drinking coffee instead of tea

5. It Could Kill You if You Overdrink It

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We all know that caffeine has certain effects on our body and this is partially the reason why we drink it: to wake up when you’re sleepy, to get more energy when we’re slouching; but is there too much when it comes to coffee? There most certainly is. If you drink more than 60 coffees in the same day, this could actually kill you since the amount of caffeine that is so large could cause your kidneys to fail, as well as other organs. On the contrary, if you drink a limited number of this can be beneficial for your health and can help you fight certain conditions if you can limit your coffee intake to 5 coffees a day maximum

6. Cats Are Not the Only Animals Who Ferment Coffee Beans for Us

Kopi Luwak is not a new thing anymore. The most expensive coffee in the world is not that unknown and exclusive: it is only expensive. Coffee beans are being digested not only by the Asian civet, but also by elephants in Thailand. This coffee is called Black Ivory. What’s special about it is the fact that it has unique flavors, tastes and spices that can’t be compared to anything else.

7. The Same Coffee Can Taste Different to Two People

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If you like a certain type of coffee and your friend doesn’t, be surprised. We all have different receptors for taste, and this is the reason why the same type of coffee could taste completely different for you and for the other person. This is why everyone needs to determine what works for them and what’s their personal preference.

8. It’s a Diuretic

When you drink coffee you can expect to urinate more which is one of the most visible effects of coffee. It’s a strong diuretic and it can help you eliminate liquids from your body. However, if you’re worried that it’s going to get you dehydrated, you need to know that it’s not the case: it will simply stimulate your kidneys to work harder and faster.

9. It’s Good for Your Liver

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Consuming coffee can help people with liver conditions such as fatty liver, or can prevent diseases such as liver cancer, which proves that coffee can actually be healthy if you drink a limited amount of cups per day. That being said, drinking 2 to 3 cups seems to be the best thing you can do. Keep in mind that ingesting a lot of caffeine can be counterproductive to your health.