How To Choose A Dress Watch? Start With These 12 Best Affordable Nice Men’s Dress Watches For Suits & Day-date (2020)

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Not that the red carpet is usually a place where people look for everyday style tips, but it definitely provides education when it comes to things that fit the new rules. A smart suit will never be cut again. We’ve seen the wearing of knitwear , tuxedos and trainers, and rules made by people like Timothée Chalamet and Donald Glover.

Just as the dark clothes changed, so did the wrists. Dress watches used to be mechanical, slim, understated, and usually three-pin. Now Bond is wearing a diving watch , Bradley Cooper is teetering at the IWC Big Pilot’s Oscars and Nick Jonner at the Met Gala Nick Jonas wears a 38.3 carat diamond on Chopard Imperiale.

Despite breaking all modern rules, what’s on your wrist doesn’t have to be a minefield when deciding which boots to fit and suit you, so we chose ten from the ten best watches from classic to classic. Don’t worry, there are no diamonds in front of you.

Hermes Slim d’Hermes

This is a classic dress watch that has undergone a makeover in the 21st century. In order to create this brand new product in the watch series, Hermes used the services of Philippe Apeloig, a well-known Parisian graphic designer, to create new custom fonts.

It also took four years to develop an ultra-thin movement that powers the watch. With its modernist feel and open, neat dial, if you’re the type of person who likes to pair two-piece sets with half zips, it’s the perfect accessory.

Hermes Slim d’Hermes

Cartier Santos de Cartier

Although Tank is usually the preferred case shape for Cartier gown watches Canon, we are still proposing cases for Santos. The reason is mainly due to its 39.8 mm beveled square case, which offers greater options for those who think Tank’s elongated rectangular shape gives the slim side feel.

Technically, this is the pilot’s watch – Louis Cartier (Louis Cartier) for the pilot Andre Santos Dumont (Andre Santos-Dumont) made watches , but this is definitely a cocktail lounge instead of driving Cabin watch .

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Date

You can use Reverso by default, and although it was originally used as a sports watch, this Master Master Ultra Thin Date steel case is really good value for money. It’s difficult to perfect a simple three-person program-right, unattended, doing anything wrong, everyone sees these flaws.

Color-matched hands and time scales may seem sterile to some people, but this is just to highlight just how perfect the scale of the dial is. Thanks to its ultra-thin caliber 899 (only 7.45 mm thick), it slips even under the thinnest shirt cuffs without interference.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Date

Tissot Heritage Visodate

If you want a wearable watch with a more retro feel, this Tissot watch will definitely tick those boxes.

The original Visodate was released after the 100th anniversary of the brand in 1954. This new version retains some vintage styles, such as the period logo and numbers, but increases the size of the case and adds sapphire crystals to make it more modern sense. Look. It has an appeal that suits all aspiring Don Draper.

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Zenith Elite Classic

If you’re bored with blue, but don’t want to default to black, then the tobacco tone of Zenith may be the answer. Zenith may be crazy about carbon fiber and chronograph watches in the near future, but this “Elite Classic” powered by the famous “elite” movement inside the elite reminds people that it can also do nothing. Effortlessly finish the decoration.

Obviously, the brown leather strap does not include wearing black shoes, so this is for people who pair with less traditional suits. However, when your watch is refined, you can take some risks in tailoring.

Zenith Elite Classic

Montblanc 1858 manual small seconds

Daniel Craig’s Bond would like to thank more sports styles for being the companion of evening dresses; after all, this is the person who paired his custom Brioni with a steel bracelet Omega Seamaster. Although this is not ready for action, it does have a bolder aesthetic than some of the more typical clothing styles.

The 44mm case is larger, although it may be suitable for those who don’t like smaller diameters, while Arabic numerals and sturdy “cathedral” hands are filled with SuperLuminova. This is a detail, some may think it is discrete, but others may think it is the key to knowing when to escape quickly from a boring night.

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Montblanc 1858 Manual Small Second

Timex Marlin Automatic

There are many elements in a modern wardrobe that will confuse your grandfather, but this watch with a suit is not one of them. It seems that Timex looked up the dictionary definition of a dress list, and then made one.

The brushed steel dial with coordinated hands and numbers is very simple. It’s an ordinary three watch, and despite its amazing price, it is powered by an automatic movement. Best to wear watch 101.

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Raymond Will Tokata

Some watch snobs believe that if the watch contains a mechanical movement, it can only use the nickname “clothing”. However, for many men, the choice of wearing a suit rarely occurs so much that it is impossible to buy an investment timepiece, and this is where Raymond Weil comes in.

It’s slim, simple, and slips under the shirt cuffs, but it’s made of quartz so you don’t have to pay anything. If you want to wear a little clothes, then all black is also an ideal background.

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Raymond Weil Toccata


If your time in the dark requires thinner fabrics and softer contours, this is the watch. Just as your grandfather did not accept these types of suits, despite its automatic movement and 38.5mm case, you cannot call it a “traditionally dressed watch”.

The strap is made of stainless steel, the dial is blue and has a date window. But the rules need to be broken, and Longines does it firmly.

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Gucci G-Timeless

If Jared Leto excels in Alessandro Michele’s decadent velvet or brocade creations, then you won’t want ordinary or garden-like three Manpower. Therefore, this G-Timeless allows you to feel the magic of Gucci.

It follows certain specifications-the case is located on the small side of 38mm, and it uses gold PVD without any complexity, and the strap is leather. But indexing a new house code can make it typical of a Michelin-style disruptive style.

Rado DiaMaster Ceramos Thinline automatic winding

Rado introduced more new adventures in ceramics, but this time it decided to add metal to the mix. By combining a specific proportion of ceramics with platinum, gold or rose gold, it is possible to create a lightweight scratch-resistant material that has the durability of the former and all the gloss of the latter.

Rado also has the sensation of using it in the more classic Diamaster series, which can make a true heirloom watch-you can pass it on to the next generation, but when you end up using it, it doesn’t look like hell.

Glashütte Original Sixties

You may also not ready to give up shirt under the suit, Donald Glover (Donald Donald) or go all out – Hey, Timothy Charles Lame – but you can still add a little flavor with bright dial , Such as the fiery orange original Glashütte.

The multi-step process from dial stamping to lacquering is done internally, and since the painting step is done manually, the specific color gradient of each dial is unique. Peeking under the cuffs of a simple black suit, your head is almost as much as when you go to work shirtless.

Glashutte Original Sixties 2019 Edition

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