Are Timberlands Still In Style? Trending Outfits With Boots For Women & Men (2021)

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person wearing pair of brown timberland work boots and black denim skinny jeans standing on asphalt road

Hiking is becoming more popular than ever during the 2021 pandemic. If you are looking for outdoor activities shoes that are stylish and evergreen, Timberland is definitely your choice!

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Perfect for casual vibe, Timberlands project cool confidence when styled in the right way for both girls and guys. We’ve created the outfit guide on how to carry Timberland boots outfits for couples to go out in the best style together.

Are Timberlands Still In Style 2021?

Thanks to their rugged yet fashionable appearance and practical look, these beloved Timberland boots have been loved by fans all over the world since the ’70s. Today, these tough shoes are as popular as ever and make a worthwhile addition to any wardrobe as the iconic footwear style for cool people of any age.

Timberland boots are to be wore with basic items such as casual jeans, t-shirts and leather jackets. You can wear it to work by adding a dark color blazer or change to black jeans. If you are planning for a fall or winter look, then try layers – chinos, shirts, sweaters, coats of any color will add to give a smart casual result.

These Timberland boots mix and match tips work for both women and men, make sure to experiment with different colors to find the best style for your look.

Outfits With Timberlands For Women

Timberland boots are not only for rough guys. From your black jeans to your favorite T shirt, these outdoor shoes appear excellent with a range of styles.

While Timberland boots undoubtedly look best when worn casually, they are still versatile and can suit a variety of outfits.

How To Wear Timberlands With Jeans For Women?

Timberland boots and classic jeans is the iconic look. From hiking boots to sneaker boots, the label has a wide assortment of options to suit every jeans in your wardrobe.

Timberlands can be dressed up too, but you must do it in the right way. To nail a less outdoor Timberland boots look, consider trying a sleek all-black look with black chinos, shirt, and coat. The new smart casual look is perfect for corporate work or school style.

How To Wear Black Timberlands For Girl?

How to wear black Timberlands for girls? It is not difficult just that it will be less a ‘Timberlands’ iconic style, but more a fashionably minimal look.

Keep scrolling for more cool timberland outfits for him to match!

Outfits With Timberlands For Male

Timberland boots match well with denim garments, including denim shirts. To create a stylish double denim outfit with men’s Timberlands, try pairing a dark pair of jeans with a light denim or chambray shirt.

Check out the following timberland outfits men’s ideas for more inspirations of your daily look!

How To Wear Timberlands With Jeans For Men?

Timberland boots look fantastic when worn in a rugged workwear style. When it comes to rocking Timberlands for men, jeans are always the easiest pants option. To nail this casual combination, select either a slim or straight-leg pair of jeans to balance the bulkiness of your Timberland boots. Finish your rugged look with any top you want, be it a plain tee or denim shirt.

Check out how other charismatic male are wearing this jeans outfit!

Men’s Timberlands With Shorts

Yes, you can wear colors with Timberland boots. You can also wear colors with them. Thanks to their straightforward aesthetic, Timberland boots look great with plain and classic t-shirts but you should definitely go beyond that and be creative.

Men’s Timberland Boots With Chinos

Timberland boots can easily suit a range of pants. As such, you need not be afraid to pair them with your favorite chinos as you walk out the door to get the less outdoor look, as long as you style combination in the right way.

Timberland Boots with Jacket & Coat For Men In Winter

Timberland boots are perfect for cold days not only because they are protective and durable, but also because they look great with layers. Timberlands are essential that pairs excellently with any winter outfits for guys. You can wear the pair everyday and never get bored. 

Timberlands and Jacket


Timberlands with Coat

Timberland Boots with Sweater

Timberlands with Blazer

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How to Lace Timberlands?

First, you should completely unlace and re-lace a new pair of Timberlands before wearing them. For those who like a uncommon aesthetic out from the standard Timberlands look, you can experiment with different lacing methods to find the perfect look for you.

For the standard Timberland boots chic look, the best way is to have the laces worn slightly loose. When re-lacing your shoes, remember to stop before the final eyelets to leave extra room at the top. You can also try skipping every second hole for an even looser fit.

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