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[2020 Self Hair Dying Tips] 11+ Secrets To Know On How To Dye Your Hair At Home By Yourself Like A Professional During Quarantine

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re being forced into quarantine to keep us all safe—and we’re also being forced into handling our beauty needs all on our own. In our How to series, we’re chatting with beauty industry experts for their advice on all your grooming woes. Here, Jason Lee, a Toronto-based hairstylist, shares his tips for achieving the most natural-looking at-home dye job possible.


5+ Best Men’s Shoes To Wear With Shorts While Looking Fashionable And Tidy (2020)

Thanks to their effortlessly cool style and versatility, shorts can be sported for countless occasions and multiple dress codes. While this adaptability makes shorts an easy choice of clothing, it can also make deciding on accompanying footwear incredibly difficult. Choosing the correct style of shoe is essential to creating a stylish appearance. Luckily, we’re here to help with our guide that shows you the best styles and how to wear them properly. We’ll tell you all about what shoes and socks to wear with shorts so that you appear put-together and stylish.