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Myths and Truths About Casino Games

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While there are many recreational functions to participate in, gambling is growing increasingly popular in India, and many people are savoring the thrill. Regardless of whether you’ve participated in gambling, it’s a solid bet that you’ve probably heard at least one or several casino myths that many people label as accurate. A section of the common myths is so popular that even casual players believe them to be true. Although they may have originated from some fundamental truth at one time, they are no longer facts.

Common myths about casino games

Here are a few common casino beliefs that are untrue.

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1. Gambling machines are subject to frequent rigging

Surprisingly, rigging in gambling games has become a generally held myth that some machine gamblers tend to fall for regularly. The fact is that slot machines in casinos cannot be subjected to any form of rigging, and your lost monies can never befall them.

Among the most strict regulations of the gambling industry in India is the total prohibition of casinos from rigging their slot machines in the house’s favor. Any slight detection results in severe damage to their prominence.

2. It is illegal to conduct card counting

The act of card counting refers to the technique used in table games of quickly determining the winning probability based on the dealt cards. But did you know that engaging in card counting does not rank as a criminal offense since there is no prohibiting law?

It is simply a method of building thoughts, and the freedom of thinking is not criminal. However, casinos maintain the ability to eject you if they suspect your intentional motives to trick dealers or fellow gamblers.

3. Wins at casino games depend on pure luck

This legendary casino myth has some slight basis in reality, as luck plays a role in the many games played. However, remember that a gambler’s win is not solely dependent on luck. When playing casino games such as poker, rummy game, blackjack, slots, and roulette, players must exhibit extreme expertise and comprehension of the applicable rules. Rarely will you come across a newcomer with minimal knowledge of a casino’s operations making loads of cash at a roulette table by getting lucky?

4. You are close to a win if you have been on a continuous losing streak

This wrong attitude is traceable back to the well-known Gambler’s Fallacy. The urban myth has, unfortunately, cost many individuals money. So, if you’ve had frequent losses, don’t stay around hoping for a significant victory because there is not a single truth attached to this myth.

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This myth goes around the likelihood that the outcome after several loss events is different from your probability of a result after a single event that is false.

5. The outcome of casino games can be affected by dealers

You will frequently hear gamblers frequently placing their loss blames on the casino’s dealer. A rigged machine is not responsible for your monetary losses, and similarly, a dealer is equally unresponsible. A dealer’s dealings have no bearing on a player’s game outcome.

6. Gambling has a negative effect on a person

Gambling has become very popular in India and dealers offer tight guidelines when playing and ensure that cheating is not tolerated. Click here to get more about it.

It is therefore a myth that gambling affects one negatively. During that time one is playing, a person develops critical thinking skills and learns tactics that enable them to become better players for the next round. Hence gambling has a positive effect on one. Remember not to vent your frustrations on the unfortunate dealer if you are served an embarrassing loss in your next casino game.

6 A win cannot be followed by a jackpot

The false bit of this myth means that your jackpot win has no impact on the probability of posting another success in the future.

7. The higher your spending, the greater your chances of winning

This common gambling myth stems from the belief that winnings in casino games aren’t spontaneous. However, for obsessive focus: casino games are entirely random.

8. Gambling is a way to make money

Gambling is almost always a means to lose money. Consider gambling as a form of paid entertainment, similar to going to the movies or having dinner with friends. That will help you keep gambling in perspective, and if you do happen to win some money, it will be a delightful treat rather than something you rely on.

Facts about casino games

  1. Gambling entails putting money on an event or game with unknown consequences. Gambling should be regarded as a pleasurable pastime rather than a source of money.
  1. Lotteries are games of chance in which the winners are chosen at random. You can’t change the odds no matter how you choose the numbers you want to play.
  1. A form of software known as a ‘Random Number Generator’ (RNG) determines the outcome of a gaming machine. A chance machine generates results by randomly selecting numbers and functions throughout, regardless of previous wins or losses.
  1. No matter how much time or money you’ve played, your chances of victory or loss on every rotation of any casino gaming system are similar. The principles of mathematical probability prove that the more you play, the less likely you are to win.
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  1. The outcome of each bet is independent of the initial bet and all other bets you may have placed. Whether you’ve won or lost money in the past, the odds of winning remain the same. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose by chasing your losses.
  1. Many people assume that a dealer can tell where the ball will land on the wheel. However, it is hard to predict the outcome because there are so many factors. Not only are croupiers unable to control the work, but casinos also do not want them to.


While most myths are simply harmless stories, they can affect a casino’s operations and notoriety and disrupt a gambler’s experience on a platform.