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How To Style and Accessorise Your New Denim

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Fashion is something that each of us pays attention to. When it comes to fashion, each of us wants to follow the latest rules that have been pointed out by fashion critics and be up to date with what is IN. With that, each of us wants to buy the pieces that are considered fashionable, and some of those pieces of clothing are the denim models that are IN almost every season, only in different models and in different colors.

The correct styling and accessorizing can completely change your outfit and denim is one of the most versatile and durable materials to work with. Denim can be dressed up for more formal settings or worn as comfortable casual everyday wear.

A few pieces of quality denim clothing can form the basis of a stylish wardrobe, this could include denim jeans, jackets, shorts and even matching denim sets which you can find at rockstaroriginal.com. Not only does this material look great, but it is also extremely long lasting when looked after in the correct way.

The fact that denim is acceptable as a material and there are a large number of pieces of clothing that are created every season, means that such a piece of clothing can be found in every closet.

Therefore, it is necessary for them to be properly combined in accordance with the current fashion rules. To enhance your denim fashion look with premium quality fabrics, you can explore wide range of jeans collection at frenchcrown.com.

There are a huge number of ways to style and accessorize your denim, but before we delve into those, here is what you should know about caring for and washing denim:

Wash Denim Jeans Inside Out

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When it comes to laundry we have to agree that each of us does it in a different way and according to some of our own rules. But there is one rule that we all apply differently each time, and that is washing the laundry inwards or outwards. It is a good idea to turn denim clothes such as jeans and shorts inside out before placing them in the washing machine.

This will minimise abrasion to the outside and prevent the colour from fading. Zips and buttons should also be done up to prevent snags and other clothes in the wash from being damaged. If washing ripped or frayed jeans you can clip the edges together to prevent them from ripping further.

Use the Correct Detergent

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Each of us wants our clothes to smell as good as they can, i.e. to smell as the most beautiful detergent. But we must keep in mind that not every detergent is intended for every type of laundry, so we must pay attention to the detergent that is chosen for washing denim.

The detergent you use in the wash can have a big impact on how long your denim clothes last. Choose a detergent that is designed to help the material hold its colour, black denim in particular is at risk of colour fade.

When washing jeans, you must also pay attention to the temperature. It is a rule that sometimes each of us can forget. Some denim products should be washed on a cold wash only (check the label), if this is the wash you will want to find a detergent that works at low temperatures.

What Should you Wear with Your Denim Clothes?

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During the spring, autumn, but also during the summer, the temperatures can be low during the mornings and at night, which means that it is necessary to wear a thin jacket. The most common choice for a thin jacket for many of us are jackets made of denim. Denim jackets are a popular choice and can be styled for all seasons

Different coloured jackets can work for different occasions. For example, if wearing one in summer then a light blue hue is best whereas in the colder months you might opt for darker blue or black denim, with an optional faux fur lining and collar.

Black jackets can be paired with just about any other item of clothing, coordinate with black jeans and boots for a smart casual all-black ensemble. For a standout look, you could also clip on a wallet chain to your black jeans.

Belts can be a simple way to dress up a pair of denim jeans. Smooth black and brown leather belts can smarten up your look or a rustic or distressed belt can be added to bring together a more casual outfit.

Pimping up your Denim

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Sometimes simple denim clothes can look very nice, but sometimes they can look a little boring. So why not make yourself look more interesting?

Why not get creative and customize your own denim pieces, there are a number of materials and techniques you can use to create a truly unique and eye-catching look. For example, you can paint artist paintings onto the back of a denim jacket or small designs onto the collar or sleeves.

Iron on patches can also be a fun, colorful look and give you the opportunity to show off your personality and interests. If you’re feeling brave you can even take a pair of scissors to a jacket or jeans to crop or fray the edges. Use sites such as Pinterest or Instagram to search for inspiration.

Deciding on Footwear

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When it comes to jeans and pants that are made of denim, they can be combined with almost any type of shoes or sneakers, but it all depends on what model it is and what color is the model you have decided to wear.

What shoes you decide to pair with your denim jeans will depend on their fit. For example, skinny or super skinny cut jeans go well with Chelsea boots for a smart-casual vibe. Straight cut jeans look great with a variety of shoes, for a casual feel trainers or worker boots can be worn.

If you have an event of any kind and you do not know what to wear down, wear jeans. If you have a casual event then wear any piece of denim. Denim is the ideal material to form the base of casual and smart casual looks, do not be afraid to experiment with different styles, cuts and accessories. Relax and indulge in the magic that jeans offer when designing your next outfit.