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5 Ways to Know if Your Gutters Need Cleaning

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The gutters on our homes allow us to reduce the water damage that could happen to our homes. Without them, it’s nigh impossible to keep our roof operational for long without frequently changing its coverage.

The walls below would also suffer potential leakage and if the water gets into the household it can ruin the rooms inside as well. Thankfully, gutters are installed onto every house and do not require much in terms of setup.

As long as they are being properly drained, you can rest assured that the water will remain drained and roof dry. However, it’s not impossible for them to start malfunctioning. The malfunction of gutters happens when they aren’t being regularly cleaned which can lead to their draining capabilities being lessened.

Sometimes we may ignore telltale signs that confirm our gutter should be cleaned, that’s why we’ve assembled them here, helping you maintain the gutter better.

1. Staining

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If your gutters get clogged it’s very possible your walls will end up staining from water. This comes from the bad water flow that’s caused by the clogging. The bad water flow can also make other issues happen or existing ones get worse.

Water staining will initially impact the aesthetics of our home, making it look unkempt and run down. However, it only gets worse from there. The water could damage the roofing and allow mildew to form.

This can compromise your household excessively. Mildew and black mold, which can also appear and become dangerous for our health but we’ll discuss those more in-depth later.

Issues like water staining are best dealt with by calling professionals to diagnose and resolve the problem. Contact gutterspecialists.co.uk to get ahead of more compromising issues and make your house look good again.

2. Mold

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The worst thing that can happen to our house is that its safety is compromised. The worst that can happen to the inhabitants is the house affecting their health. The most frequent example of this happening is when mildew and mold grow in our household. Both of these growths can create issues, especially if we have black mold growths occurring.

Side effects of black mold entering our organism include respiratory issues, such as coughing and sneezing. Other side effects include eye irritation, rashes, headaches, and chronic fatigue.

Needless to say, these side effects are potent enough to warrant quite a lot of worry. Prolonged exposure could also have some long-term side effects and could damage our organs.

These issues can crop up due to the accumulation of water in our gutters. It’s better to get rid of gutter issues before mold forms at all but if the problem has already progressed too far make sure to get rid of your gutter issues before solving mold. Otherwise, mold will simply form again soon after the cleaning process.

3. Leaking roof

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As the problem of a clogged gutter escalates, it goes far beyond the initial issues. This being structural damage that can lead to a leaking roof.

Once our roof has started leaking, the problem has escalated far beyond the initial situation. A leaking roof is a showcase of the house’s structure being damaged and may become worse the more time goes by.

The biggest adverse effect of a roof that’s leaking is the fact that the whole house is now at risk of being damaged by water. Not only that, the roof itself will be weakened as water damage spreads, potentially leading to cave-ins.

Any cover it had will require replacement if we postpone the resolution due to all the water that’ll accumulate below it.

Do not prolong the resolution of your leaking roof or you’ll end up facing far greater costs for the fixing fees. Don’t forget that the roof will need to be partially or fully replaced if the issue lasted for a while, which will already do a number on your wallet.

4. Debris and leaves fill your gutter

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If your gutter is packed with the debris or fallen leaves it’ll run into some serious problems. Said problems can compromise the gutter and destroy it completely.

The most frequent problem ends up being the sagging of your gutter. When this occurs, the gutter doesn’t drain water as well as it should nor does it allow the smaller debris to flow away. This leads to it accumulating in the sagging spots, eventually risking to bring the entire gutter down from the weight on the sagging spots.

This is an important wake-up call to clean your gutter. The sagging can be rectified rather quickly but if your whole gutter falls off you may be waiting a while. During that whole time, your house will remain at risk from water damage and debris.

5. Pests living in our gutter

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Wasps and other such pests can invade our gutter if it’s too clogged or unclean. They will find dry spots and areas that are comfortable for a nest, building it up as time goes on.

This can pose a danger to the inhabitants as the number of pests grows and said pests start making their way into our household.

Do not attempt to clear out pests on your lonesome, call up an exterminator, they are experienced with dealing with these issues and will get your house cleared up more effectively.

The cleaning of the gutter itself will have to wait until the pests have been dealt with but as soon as you get a chance make sure to properly clean it out. Otherwise, persistent pests will just create a new nest.


Our gutter protects the home from a slew of issues. It’s the first line of defense for our roofs, keeping them safe from water damage that could happen from water accumulating below the roof. It also keeps us safe from mold seeping into our homes and prevents various forms of water damage on the inside of the household.

It’s important to keep it clean as not maintaining our gutter can cause it to sag and completely lose the ability to drain water. On top of it all, the issues that crop up from faulty gutters will damage not only the house but our health too. The costs of repairs can skyrocket

the longer they are postponed too so it’s better to bite the bullet immediately and get it fixed than wait until the problem becomes impossible to ignore. Overall, we hope you’ve been properly introduced to telltale signs of gutter issues and if the gutter repairs do not assist your home, it’s best to do a wider inspection of your house.