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Mission Re-Employment: 3 Ways to Connect Professionally

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People are being laid off left, right, and center. The way to get reemployed is by connecting with people in decision-making roles at companies. In this article, we will tell you exactly how to do so.

1. Message Them

Now, this one is a bit obvious. In the same way that for personal interactions, if you want to communicate with someone who is not within close proximity to you and is not close enough to you for you to call out of the blue, you just message them!

Now, you can choose all kinds of platforms to do so. There is a balance that you have to strike though between choosing the most appropriate platform and the platform that has the least competition for the receiver’s attention.

For example, LinkedIn may very well be the most appropriate platform for connecting professionally with people. After all, it is the biggest professional networking platform where all kinds of employers expect people to send them invitations to connect.

However, the downside to it is that, due to its popularity and its appropriateness in terms of professional networking, there is a lot of competition for the attention of those that are in decision-making roles. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Facebook.

Message Them
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Now, not many people will send Satya Nadella, the chief executive officer of Microsoft, or any other big executive for that matter, a friend request. That is because of one simple reason – the executive will not accept the request as Facebook is not the appropriate platform for communicating professionally. Thus, in order to strike a good balance, we recommend emailing the other person.

Now, considering you have to find a job soon, you should probably be spending hours of your valuable time sending many emails each day. To increase your productivity while you do that, it is best to grab hold of a top-notch internet connection in case you do not have one already.

2. Go to Networking Events

Now, we know that you were just dismissed from your job and that you might be feeling a bit ashamed of meeting professionals. However, there is no need to be. Remember two things:

It is Not Your Fault That You Got Laid Off

People are getting laid off all the time in this market. Do not believe us? Believe the Chief Executive Officer of the company that is in the process of conducting one of the biggest layoff campaigns – Alphabet.

After he laid off twelve thousand people (six percent of his workforce), the CEO of Alphabet –Sundar Pichai – himself admitted that the dismissal of the people he was laying off had nothing to do with their capabilities but the changing economic realities of the world.

Networking Events
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In fact, he went on to say that the individuals being impacted by the layoffs were indeed talented. And Mr. Pichai is not the only chief executive to say this; almost all executives of companies letting people go have the same opinions about the people they let go.

There Will Be Other People at Those Events Who Just Got Laid Off

Since most other people attending those events would have been laid off recently, you don’t need to be ashamed of your professional history when attending these networking events.

That is especially the case if you live in a town with an office of a big corporate that just laid off people. Let us go back to the example of Alphabet laying off so many employees.

One can expect many networking events in Mountain View, California – the place where the headquarter of the company is located – and at those networking events, one can safely assume that many of the attendees will, in fact, be people who got dismissed recently.

The reason we told you all this is so that you can be more confident in your abilities as well as your work ethic while you are going out to networking events. So go there and make those valuable connections to secure a good job!

3. Apply for Jobs

Apply for Jobs
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We know you did not expect this pointer to be in a listicle of ways to connect with recruiting professionals but we still had to mention this. The reason for that is that applying for jobs is indeed a very commonplace way to connect with hiring managers.


For now, this is it. We would suggest employing all three of the ways to connect with people professionally so that you can get a job as soon as possible.