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[2020 Self Hair Dying Tips] 11+ Secrets To Know On How To Dye Your Hair At Home By Yourself Like A Professional During Quarantine

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re being forced into quarantine to keep us all safe—and we’re also being forced into handling our beauty needs all on our own. In our How to series, we’re chatting with beauty industry experts for their advice on all your grooming woes. Here, Jason Lee, a Toronto-based hairstylist, shares his tips for achieving the most natural-looking at-home dye job possible.


3+ Independent Businesses Having Challenging Moments During COVID-19 And You Can Help Them

“In Europe and the US, more than 65% of consumers expect to decrease their spending on apparel,” claims The State of Fashion 2020 Coronavirus Update, a report by The Business of Fashion and management consultant, McKinsey. Long have we questioned the nature of consumerism and the rate at which the fashion industry moves. But now […]


[2020 Fashion News] Gucci Announces Its Plan To Drop Seasonal Collections To Achieve Sustainable Development Goals During COVID-19

The pandemic has shaken up the fashion industry. Many designers and brands have taken the decision to make sustainable changes to reform the sector. But will fast fashion be victims of the change too? Gucci has been the latest designer to take the plunge. Creative director, Alessandro Michele announced Gucci would ditch its traditional fashion […]