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How to Track Your Heart Rate Variability in 5 Different Ways – 2023 Guide

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HRV is a special way of measuring heart rate. The measurement results indicate differences or changes in the interval or distance between two heartbeats. In this case, the intervals are measured in milliseconds. There are different biological rhythms in our body and HRV is exactly the result.

It occupies a very important place in the context of training, as well as overall health. There are several ways to measure, you can use a heart rate monitor, smart watch, ring, etc. Although this is a simple measurement, you need to follow the following few key steps.

1. Monitor

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One way you can monitor HRV is to carry a monitor. It will measure various physical and metabolic processes in the body instead of yours. For example, this device will be a great help when exercising, performing daily activities, but even while resting. The great news is that there are different models on the market and each one will offer you great features. Thanks to them, you will find it easier to adjust to your personal level of fitness, as well as all other goals.

It will also give you extra security, as there are warning features. They indicate to you the current level of your intensity, which may increase or decrease outside the target ranges. This way you will be sure to do the training well and get the most out of it. In addition, you will not overdo it and hurt yourself.

2. Chest strap

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There are several different types of monitors, and one of them is the chest strap. This is a very practical solution for those who are quite physically active. It will be very easy to install and you will not feel it during the activity. This means that it will not bother you no matter what situation you find yourself in, and it gives excellent results. The reason is his position. So, it is placed on the chest so that the electrodes in the chest belt measure the electrical impulses given by the heart.

The results are shown as the voltage difference between the left and right sides of the body. The device diligently collects data all the time and the process is wirelessly transferred to a compatible device. It is desirable that the electrodes be close to the body. Don’t worry, it won’t make you uncomfortable because it’s mostly made of soft fabric.

3. Fitness tracker

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One of the most modern ways to check HRV is sports watches that use LEDs and photodiodes. They act up to a few millimeters under the skin and repel blood. Reflected holiness is precisely the source of information processed by the clock. Although a chest strap is comfortable to wear, many believe that a watch is an even better option.

It is much smaller and easier to carry, especially for those who are used to wearing it during exercise or some other activity. Best of all, this device will monitor your long-term health during your daily life. For example, the clock will monitor your pulse at any time of the day, even until you go to sleep. You can always use these numbers to optimize your training regimen. We must note that these watches are relatively cheap and the battery can last a long time.

4. Headphones

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There are many brands on the market that offer sports headphones with built-in optical heart rate monitoring. Although they are more expensive than other measuring devices, you will not regret buying them. The only difference between them and other devices is that you will probably be uncomfortable wearing them while sleeping. This means that you will not get a picture of your heartbeat at rest, but you will get new headphones with an interesting addition.

You will certainly have useful results that you will be able to deliver to your doctor. In that case, your doctor will be able to determine your dose more precisely or recommend a certain treatment. You will also be able to monitor frequent heart rate changes if this happens to you. Remember that heart rate is very important for your health status and fitness level.

5. Apps

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Today, a variety of apps that you can install on your smartphone are equally popular. Until recently apps were not able to measure accurate HRV, but that changed. If you want to read everything about HRV apps, just click here. There are many choices, and each app has different features. There is also a difference between paid and free versions, but they all have a common role. If you don’t want to invest in heart rate monitor accessories, then apps are for you. Not all apps provide the same readings, nor the same accuracy. They mostly use the cameras and flash of your phone to make readings happen. Either way, read reviews about them and explore the features of the app that interests you. We are sure that you will be able to find one that suits your needs and daily activities.

What is heart rate variability?

Before you decide on a reliable method of measuring HRV, you need to know a few facts about the variability of heart rate. There are many factors that can affect this phenomenon, but your condition varies greatly during the day. People who have more responsibilities, dynamic schedule probably have bigger oscillations. However, daily activities are not the only factor we can list. In addition, you must take into account genetic predispositions, health status, age, etc.

So we can’t say exactly what is a good HRV since the HRV is an individual thing. While younger people tend to have higher HRV than older people, men have slightly higher HRV than women. There is also a difference between elite athletes and other people. None of this is exclusive, because everyone has different variables. Don’t compare your HRV with others but focus on your own long-term trends.


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If you have high HRV, it would mean that you have healthy living habits that include good sleep, exercise, hydration and a healthy diet. However, the HRV pattern may be different which means it will show a worse image of your body. Whether you opt for chest straps, apps or something else, it is important to monitor your heart rate.