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Using A Happy Lockdown Planner During Quarantine To Maintain A Healthy Routine? (2023)

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Photo by Kate Trifo on Pexels.com

We’re all in various levels of quarantine and it’s hard. A stay-at-home order means, stay home. Only go out for necessary items like food and medical care. This is the BEST TIME to start doing quarantine Diary to survive the lockdown and social distancing.

One of us first created this lockdown planner for her own use originally to document the current situation so her family in the future can look back on a time where the world changed and thought others may like to do the same.


  • Perfect gift for everyone who’s stuck at home during quarantine
  • Helps you get organized and productive while staying at home. This will save you tons of time, allowing you to make the best lockdown plan.

Organize your days during lockdown with this simple yet complete pandemic planner. You will find:

  • Lockdown Room Resolutions
  • Work/Study From Home Efficiency Tracker
  • Pandemic Self Care Planner
  • Pandemic Shopping List
  • Pandemic Contingency Planner
  • Gratitude Tracker
  • Book Reading Logbook
  • A To-do List
  • Chores List
  • Meals Planner
  • Movies To Watch List
  • Books To Read
  • Workout Plan
  • Video Calls Planner
  • Notes Section
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Planner Pages
  • And many more!

In addition, you’ll find inspiring ideas on:

  • 100 Post Pandemic Activities Ideas
  • 100 Post Pandemic Quotes
  • 50 Post Pandemic World Predictions
  • 20 Post Pandemic Business Ideas
  • 20 Post Pandemic Remote Work Ideas
  • 10 Lockdown Challenges

And finally, we’ll include also these extras for you to start planning for the post pandemic days

  • Pandemic Reflection Worksheets
  • Post Pandemic Bucket List
  • Post Pandemic Goals
  • Post Pandemic Travel Plan
  • Post Pandemic Party Ideas
  • Post Pandemic Vision Board
  • Post Pandemic Financial Planning
  • Post Lockdown Body Workout Planner
  • Post Lockdown Outfit Planner
  • And many more!

The lockdown and post pandemic planners will be available in paperback. You can get the sample pages (in pdf format with instant download) by accessing our free resource library. By signing up to access the free resource library, you will automatically get notifications when pre-order is open, or when we add any new free goodies into the free resource library.

We are going to share our creations with you completely free of charge, but we would appreciate if in return you’d help us share the words to others who might also like these cute post pandemic planners!

My friend was very happy with this gift! I mailed it to her as a surprise. She loves writing, so I knew it was the perfect I-miss-you gift during these crazy times. Very pleased with it!

Perfect for recording memories of these weird times. Really cute and excellent quality.

Such an amazing planner! I am so impressed with the great work and will definitely be purchasing more in the future. Super cute, have it on my desk for inspo.

This beautifully designed happy lockdown planner has a focus on daily sharing, managing money, task and project management while being fun and simple.