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Devon Larratt’s Net Worth 2023

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Devon Larratt is one of the most famous names in warm wrestling who achieved impossible feats.

Devon Larratt is one of the well-renowned muscular arm wrestlers. He came from a military background. So, most of the facts about this great personality are left in the dark. Are you curious to know more about his personal life, net worth, and milestones? Read-on to unlock hidden facts and net worth of Devon Larratt.

About Devon Larratt

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Devon Larratt was born on April 24, 1975, in Victoria, Canada. He’s 6 feet 5 inches, weighing 224 lbs. He has pretty good fans for his charming blue eyes and jaw-dropping brown hair. He is also well-known for impossible feats in the arm wrestling field.

He has such an excellent grip, hit, and hook that he astonishes the opponents. He even became a synonym for the words “No Limits” in arm wrestling. He is the first arm wrestler to win both left and right-arm wrestling championships.

Early Life And Family

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Devon’s family and life background are very little known to the World. However, here we tried to cover the utmost information available from various resources. In his early 20s, he joined the Canadian Special Forces. His interest in wrestling rose after joining military bases in Canada, as physical sports like arm wrestling were pretty common. Later, he followed his passion, explored his life in arm wrestling, and conquered the impossible achievements of the most formidable competitors.

He is married to a Canadian actress, Jodi Larratt. He has a cute family with three adorable and charming kids- Auden, Habree, and Milo.

His Career And Major Milestones

He has accomplished several herculean feats in arm wrestling. The significant milestones of Devon include the following.

In 2008, he won over John Brzenk. It surprised everyone as that was considered impossible. After that, he was known to the whole world in the field of arm wrestling.

He won the World Arm Wrestling League (left arm heavyweight) in 2015 and was also the title winner of the World ArmWrestling League of 2016.

He was the first arm wrestler to win both left and right-arm wrestling in the World Championship. (WAL Championships, 2017)

The most important achievement of Devon is winning the Champ award of the Government of Canada five times.

Things You Should Know About Devon Larratt

Devon Larrett states, “Half of the earth languishes in the dark while the other half is lit.” Everyone knows his achievements and success. However, there are also a few less-known truths about his career. So read-on!

He had painful surgery a few months before his World ArmWrestling League. Despite difficulties and pains, he participated and won the match with his recovering arm. That’s what made him a true champion.

He even underwent two surgeries in 2013 and 2016 for the left arm and right arm. When he had surgery for his left arm, he had a slow recovery. Thankfully, the recovery was better in the 2016 surgery.

His diet includes a couple of pancakes and maple syrup because of his profession. He even owns a mobile app, called Armpit, exclusively for arm wrestlers that does matchmaking.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Devon Larratt is about $300,000 from his primary source of income, wrestling championships. However, he also runs an official YouTube channel and mobile app.