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The 10 Hottest Shoe Trends To Wear This Season

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Summer has come to an end, and it’s time to change comfortable crocs for shoes that are suitable for low temperatures. With the arrival of autumn, not only bulky sweaters, leather biker jackets and bright bags of new styles came to fashion trends. Changes in trends have affected shoes, and if you want to always be on trend and look fashionable, you need to know which models will be relevant this season.

New collections have started to arrive in stores and appear on websites. This means that you can already start making a shopping list and place online orders. At the same time, if you want to look stylish, it is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money.Current shoe models can be found in regular mass markets, buying in which will help you save money on more useful things, such as the opportunity to contact Viplikes and grow an audience (if you have a blog about style on Instagram). In this article we will tell you about the main current shoe models this season.


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For several seasons now, this trend has been at the peak of popularity. Their features are lightness, a small heel and the backless silhouette. Mules will look stylish with any clothes and are suitable for most events, whether it’s an important work meeting or a youth party.

You can find such shoes from luxury brands like Chloe and Sunni Sunni, if the budget allows an expensive purchase. Do you want to save money? Then pay attention to local brands, or look for suitable mules in Zara, HM, Forever21.

Futuristic Flats

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Instagram users were surprised to see flats on the feet of famous creators. Initially, at the peak of fashion, there were ordinary models without additional details, but now futuristic styles are on trend.

Are you a blogger who created a page not so long ago, spent several tens of dollars to get real Instagram likes and want to recoup the purchase? Then find quirky flats in a sci-fi style with bright details and post a couple of photos or stories. We are sure that such posts will gather a lot of red hearts and attract the attention of potential followers.


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This season will delight fans of sports shoes. Bright and unusual sneakers are in fashion, which look like a successful collaboration of the world of fashion and sports. Your shoes should look unusual and stand out from others to be in style.

Sky High Heels

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In 2023, the Bratz doll style (from the 00s) began to appear more and more often and won the hearts of millions of fashionistas around the world. Every second stylish woman dreams of Versace Satin Platform Pumps, but in order to be fashionable, it is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars. Go shopping and look for heels on a high platform, now this model is found in local brands.

Over-the-knee boots

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Comfort and warmth are above all, so with the arrival of cold weather, we advise you to pay attention to reliable shoes with a stylish silhouette. This season, fashion designers prefer models above the knee made of leather in catchy colors. Such shoes are perfectly combined with knitted and tweed dresses. Boots above the knee are suitable for any occasion and can be a great addition to everyday outfits.

Square Toe Loafers

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If you are a lover of urban fashion, then this trend seems to have been created especially for you. Many people who follow fashion have been waiting for the return of such loafers for a long time. Their advantage is that they are incredibly comfortable and suitable for any fashionable look. At the same time, they are unisex, that is, they are suitable for both men and women.

To look fashionable when walking through the city park, choose square toe loafers and combine them with your favorite styles. This model is successfully combined with both oversize suits and feminine skirts. Do you want to create a strict image? Pay attention to stylish lookbooks, where the best options are collected. And for lovers of cute outfits, loafers in combination with a mini skirt in a cage are suitable. Fantastic!

Pointed Toe Shoes

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As we said above, doll outfits come back in different variations. One of the main styles for this season is pointy shoes. This is due to the fact that outfits that are ideal for fashionable parties and glamorous youth meetings have returned to fashion. You may have noticed that the Instagram feed is increasingly flashing photos of celebrities who dress up in 90s clothes and use bright pink shades.

Glam is one of the main trends, and you can choose it as the favorite one if you feel comfortable in it. At the same time, such heels noticeably lengthen the silhouette, which may be important for short women.

Metallic color

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If you are a lover of bright colors, you will be happy to learn that shoes of various colors in a metal version are at the peak of popularity. Such models attract attention and help you stand out from the crowd. Shoes with metallic effect are a great chance to transform your image beyond recognition. It can be shiny slip-ons or decorated long shoes – the style is not so important, the main thing is to create shine.

This season you could see such models at the fashion shows of Max Mara, Dior, Fendi and others. But if you are not ready to spend a large amount of money, arrange a shopping day and look for similar styles in local stores.


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Heels are uncomfortable for you, but do you want to be a little taller? We have great news for you – the wedges are back! It offers more comfort for the owner and has many models and variations. Of course, not all styles can be called fashionable.

In order to understand which wedges are relevant now, pay attention to the Versace, Acne and Fendi shows. They became one of the first who revived these shoes. Wedges began to look a little different, they are more refined and have a sculptural silhouette. Pay attention to the models of bright colors and wood products to be on top.

Mary Janes

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This trend will appear in our lives as quickly as it disappears. Mary Janes are distinguished by a rounded nose and several (or one) straps on the foot. Usually it is a low heel that can be comfortable for any woman. Such shoes are the embodiment of puppetry, naivety and naturalness. And if you decide to use these shoes in the last images, we recommend adding girly socks with ruffles or transparent tights to them. Together, this will create an image, as in old movies, where the ideal of beauty was naturally cute girls.

That’s it! In this article, we told you about the hottest shoe novelties that you should definitely try on yourself. We hope that you have already collected the perfect outfits for all occasions and now you can add the actual shoes, which we have described in the text. Be on trend!