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Dressing Professionally In Jeans While At Work

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Wearing jeans to work was considered quite impolite. It is generally recommended that you dress more professionally in a workplace, i.e. denim is not appropriate. It is no longer the case that all the rules should be strictly followed. Particularly, casual chic styles are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a degree of formality and also leave us feeling at ease and comfortable. It is a fundamental part of this style to wear jeans, but not all jeans are appropriate. The fact that we are in a working environment cannot be overlooked.

Listed below are some tips for how to wear jeans to work that will ensure your outfit looks appropriate and perfect every time you wear it. You can Vlone Shop.

A Guide To Selecting Jeans That Is Right For You

1. Select dark shades of clothing

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The appearance of jeans with a light wash differs from that of those with darker shades. It is therefore advisable to wear dark blue or black jeans to the office since they will easily be elevated to the level of casual formality you desire. Additionally, this item has a slimming effect, which makes your outfit look flawless.

2. Don’t use washed out effects and broken details

You should choose dark jeans that do not have washed or torn details, in addition to choosing dark shades. While you might look fantastic wearing these jeans, they look too casual for the office, so you shouldn’t wear them.

3. Always wear your size

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Wearing the correct size is very important every day so that your outfit looks perfect and favors the curves of your body. However, in an office environment, this detail becomes essential.

Regardless of the cut of the jeans, when the size is larger than it should, it brings an untidy and too casual look for the office. On the other hand, small size can become uncomfortable and even create circulation problems if you spend too much time sitting.

4. Wear jeans with a mid- or high rise

Opt for jeans with a rise above or above the navel. You should be able to sit and bend easily and comfortably without fear of showing the gills or something else. It is not well seen to wear jeans to the office that expose your lingerie or intimate parts.

In the latter case, you can wear low-rise jeans, but only if you combine them with a tunic or long blouse that is not tight.

How to wear jeans to the office in a stylish and professional way

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The trick to wear jeans to the office without compromising the outfit is to combine them with garments that contrast with their casualness.

That is, since jeans are a casual garment, all other garments should be more formal in style to achieve the desired balance.

Jeans with blazer

This is one of the basic combinations of the casual chic style. The formality and elegance of the blazer manages to contrast with the casualness of the jeans to achieve a more professional style.

Also, if you wear dark jeans you can combine them with colored blazers without problems and thus create different outfits.

Jeans with blouse

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A well-cut blouse with quality fabric is also a great option to add formality to the look and make it more elegant.

Jeans with button down shirt

While the blouses are more feminine and elegant, the button-down shirts are clearly more professional in style. However, you must wear them in your size and fasten the buttons or the look will be too casual.

Jeans with classic shoes

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Any type of classic shoe works great to contrast with the casualness of jeans. Pump-heeled shoes are an excellent option regardless of their height and, for flat shoes; you can opt for models such as Oxford, loafers or ballerinas. Better those of leather than those of fabric, since the leather manages to bring more formality to the footwear.

Complement your outfit with simple and elegant accessories

To complement your outfit, bet on simple and elegant accessories. Choose classics like pearls or metallic jewels in gold or silver. You can also bring some touches of glitter, as long as these are subtle and small.

One last tip: avoid patterned shirts and sneakers

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As we have mentioned, to wear jeans to the office you have to create an outfit of contrasts. In other words, as jeans are casual, other garments and accessories should be more elegant and formal.

For this reason, T-shirts and sneakers are something to avoid. The only exception is the unicolor t-shirts, since you combine them with a blazer (to turn them into a secondary garment) or with a necklace or marker and elegant metallic earrings, with pearls, glitter or stones to create the perception that the shirt is a blouse.

Printed T-shirts and even heels are clearly more urban in style. When they are combined with jeans, their chance is reinforced, which makes the look inappropriate.

What colors to choose for an office look?

Choosing the right professional look is not only the question, but you also had to choose the right color for your office suite.


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Blue is one of the favorite colors for business and it is not by chance. It is a color that conveys confidence and responsibility, making you appears competent and credible. Blue is the color that symbolizes balance and stability and therefore instills a sense of security. That is why it is also perfect for public speaking, establishing an immediate bond with the listener and creating a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere. It can be chosen in any shade, from navy blue to dark blue.


Another ideal option for an office look, elegant and sophisticated without being pretentious. Gray evokes calm and naturalness and has the advantage of not distracting the interlocutor. It is a cool color that evokes rationality and analytical personality. Excellent if you work on your own, it is not recommended if you work in a team or in contact with creative people. Detachment would increase.


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Black is the color of authority and power. Elegant, minimalist and decidedly charismatic. Perfect if you play an important role or want to convey an impeccable security impression. But avoid the total look: it will make you look impenetrable, dark and severe. It is the color to choose only for one of your garments, or the pants, or the jacket, or the accessories.


White is the color of purity and elegance. It gives class and conveys a clean feeling. It goes very well if it is declined in a sweater or a shirt in combination with other colors, it makes the set more refined.


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Beige expresses great mental clarity, organization and ability to concentrate even in chaotic situations. It is an excellent color for a professional dress code, but always combined with other shades. The total look in beige should be avoided, while a beige shirt or jacket transmits confidence and awareness.