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How Correct Washing Takes Care of Clothes and The Environment?

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Properly washing your clothes reduces the impact on the environment and protects natural resources.

In this article, we will present why is this important for environment.

Your garments’ washing labels will contain information about how to take care of them. After that, we advise you on how to better maintain certain fabrics and garments from Vlone Official.

Knitwear with chunky stitches

You should dry chunky knit items flat to keep their original shape. There is a label that says “dry the garment stretched out horizontally”.

Linen Shirt

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Natural fabrics like linen shrink when wet. When damp, you can iron the garment at high temperatures to restore its original shape. For a garment to maintain its original luster, iron it from the inside out.


Wet viscose is an artificial fiber made from cellulose that shrinks easily. It is easy to return the garment to its original shape by steam ironing it while it is wet.

A silk thread

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Silk is a very delicate fabric that must be handled with care. Don’t stretch wet garments while they are wet and use delicate detergent.

A woolen garment

It is usually sufficient to air wool garments. When you wash them, you should use a delicate detergent. You can either use a wool program or wash it by hand. Keep the garment’s original luster by ironing it.

You can wear jeans or denim

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To minimize wear, wash your jeans inside out. Make sure they are laid out as soon as possible to avoid wrinkles. A jeans fabric looks like that because it has been colored in such a way that small color pigments can be released.

Ankle boots in leather and suede

A leather specialist should clean items made from leather and suede. Follow the instructions carefully.

We will clean shoes and leather bags with waterproofing polish and/or spray. Your shoes / bags will be protected against water and last longer, and even less dirty with this simple measure.

Only use waterproofing spray to clean suede and nubuck, not bitumen. You should avoid wearing suede / nubuck shoes on rainy days, and you should also avoid carrying suede / nubuck bags when it’s humid, as stains can appear and deteriorate your belongings easily when they’re dried. When you put on your shoes, insert a last to keep them in their original shape, and use a shoehorn to protect the buttress and heels. When taking off and putting on shoes, untie the laces and buckles.


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Place tennis balls in the dryer to ensure an even distribution of the filling. Drying the filling completely is important.

Clothing that is waterproof

You can dry waterproof clothing by letting it drain. You can use a dryer at a low temperature if you choose to do so. Take care to follow the directions.

Is cotton shrinking because it’s a natural fiber?

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Cotton is the most widely used natural textile fiber in the world; the cotton industry accounts for about half of all textile fiber consumption in the world. Comfortable and soft, cotton is one of the most popular fabrics. Skin sensitive to fragrances is not irritated and no allergies result from this product. Static electricity and skin irritation are prevented by tightly spinning the fibers in the yarn. Cotton is therefore most often found in clothing that you wear frequently and that is closest to your body, such as T-shirts and underwear.

Cotton, like all natural fibers (wool, silk, linen), shrinks if washed in hot water or tumble dried; on the other hand, it maintains its shape when washed in cold water and allowed to air dry. Fabrics made of 100% cotton are sulfurized in order to prevent shrinkage. A cold water wash would not prevent shrinkage if not.

However, even the best-sulfurized of the most expensive fabrics in the world does not shrink when washed in hot water or dried.

It is common for cotton garments to shrink after washing, even pre-shrunk cotton garments. Furthermore, cotton is also not flexible, so it won’t return to its original shape after being altered; you won’t be able to stretch accidentally shrunken pants in the dryer. Drying cotton garments on an open air vent is the best method.

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If you want to prevent shrinkage, the first thing you should do is make sure that any stubborn stains are removed by pouring a drop of liquid detergent on them and gently rubbing them with cold water. In the next step, you need to put a gentle cycle on the washing machine and use cold water. Let the selected program finish after you put the liquid detergent in the cold water. To remove wrinkles, textiles should be shaken and hung using a hook. Avoid using metal garments since they can stain again when they oxidize.

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A guide to clothing care

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Maybe you’ve experienced that at some point: coming home sweaty and covered in mud after playing tennis or hiking. Now, how can we clean our clothes and take good care of them long-term? You may think it’s obvious, but always follow the instructions on the care label, as this will help your garment maintain its shape and function for longer. Furthermore, you will extend its useful life, so you can enjoy your favorite equipment for longer. Buying organically is a great move for the environment as well as your wallet. You can find more information about washing and maintaining your outdoor gear in our guide.