[2020 Summer Bags Trends] 4+ Trending and Affordable Straw Bag Designs for Women to Carry to the Beach or on a Sunny Day

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The last time we saw straw bags trending this hard was in 2009, when Kate Moss was seen carrying a bulky straw bag on holiday in France.

Nowadays, these highly popular straw bags are being sold in many of your favourite high-street stores including H&M, New Look, Primark, River Island, Top Shop and more. So, if you want to get your hands on these fresh and airy looking bags, you can get them at an affordable price that ranges between £13 and £50.

These trendy bags scream nature-vibe and their organic textured look has a real boho appeal. And at a time when we are more eco-conscious than ever, that hippie-vibe may be helping us to swap our plastic bags for these oh-so-natural looking straw ones.

When thinking about straw-bags, only one picture comes to mind, and that is the chunky over-sized bags that you would usually carry on the beach or on a hot summer day.

However, don’t be fooled, this time around you’re given a whole lot of options. You can go for a round bag, bow shaped bag or even in the form of a clutch that will probably only fit a phone or a purse. But whose complaining? The colours also vary to suit your summer fit. You can go for an ordinary beige, a bold black, or even one that is embellished with cute summer accessories like those on-trend beach vibe shells we keep seeing.

How to wear them? Simply team with your favourite summer outfits from floral dresses to T-shirt and jeans combos and you’re good to go. Take the edge off the beach look by mixing up your footwear. Try wearing tough-girl boots or your best Dad-sneakers to elevate this outfit.

Here are a few straw bags that you could get your hands on this summer:




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