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8 Tips for Taking Your Dog Out to Sports Events

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What could be better than going to an outdoor sports event or a baseball game with your furry pal? If you’re a true animal lover you know how important it is for you to have your dog with you and allowed in many different places. However, a ton of facilities don’t allow dogs and have strict rules about their attendance. If you want to find out some tips and tricks when it comes to different sports events and how to train your dog keep on reading! Before considering bringing your pup to a social or sports event, here are some things to think about!

1. Check their attitude

Make sure your dog has the right attitude and charisma for your headed event. Ask yourself if your dog is used to shouts, and people, and has no history of aggression? Wait until you really know your dog well (which is often at least six months) before expecting nice behavior in public. The truth is that practice makes everything perfect (and a bit of patience). Work little by little until your dog is ready for new interactions with other dogs, people, or sporty events, especially those that include a ball. Don’t just expect them to naturally blend right in. This can be a challenge for any puppy.

2. Follow the rules of the event

You should always check out the stadium’s guidelines for bringing dogs to an event one or two days beforehand. These rules have to be stated online. In most cases, if a dog is allowed to attend, you will have to sign a waiver of liability and produce a copy of the dog’s vaccination records. There are different seats available throughout the stadium, meaning that you can’t sit in just any row you like. Do your research or make a phone call or two before you plan out your day and your event.

3. Heat can play a huge role

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Outdoor gatherings or stadiums can be a hassle to a lot of people, and definitely dogs. The truth is that a ton of football or baseball games are played sometimes during noon and mid-day, making heat hard on your body or your puppy’s fur. Are they not an outdoor type? Does heat irritate both of you or cause your skin to sweat, burn, or itch? Taking frequent breaks to walk around can help keep dogs from getting agitated and overheating. Don’t forget a bottle of water for both of you. Stay hydrated and embrace fun little walks, allowing them to recharge and get their energy back up.

4. Take action where needed

Although you may have planned to sit at a venue for 2-3 hours the truth is that your dog may have some other plans. So, is your dog telling you it’s time to go? Listen to him or her and pay close attention to his or her body language while also looking for some out-of-the-ordinary barks. Bring a treat and see how it affects their mood. Feed them for a couple of minutes and see if they were ‘hangry’. If they are still grumpy it may be best to leave the game for everyone’s sake.

5. Obedience is key

On the hottest days of summer, one of the best places to be is inside of your home with the air on full blast. Both you and your puppy will enjoy the cool air and spending time practicing and learning some new tricks. However, you should know that you will have a hard time bringing your pup out if they are not an outdoor person. This is why obedience training and teaching them how to act during big sports events is important. Start out with mini simple steps and work your way from there! In a couple of weeks, they should be prepared.

6. Be equipped

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Dogs overheat more quickly than humans, as stated before. However, if you’re lucky enough that you can find a spot with some shade, go for it! Some outdoor events could have giant shelters, branches, and trees, allowing for your dog to rest and stay away from high heat. Find a shady spot where your dog won’t melt in the sun, or on the other hand and if it is too cold/raining outside you should bring a blanket to warm them up!

Don’t forget to pack plastic bags when you’re getting ready to bring your dog to a softball game since chances are that you will have to pick up some waste during that 2-hour frame.

7. Socialize

Your puppy should always socialize with new puppies, especially before the game. If you have a hard time making them play with other puppies try to get them to play with you to boost their blood flow and drain their energy. Try to burn off extra energy by taking him for a good walk just prior to an event so that they can’t be hyper. They’ll be a lot calmer and won’t try to chase the ball or cause a scene during the game. Pet and cuddle with them. This is how you’re going to get them in the mood and have them look forward to the game or any type of social event.

8. Get them dressed up

Once their obedience is under control it is vital to know how to have a good time and a ton of fun! For a lot of puppies and their owners wearing matching sets is one way to have fun. If you want to find some cute jerseys for dogs make sure to visit this site! These jerseys are made in the US and are affordable, perfect for any breed and any size! Browse through MLB, NBA, and NFL collections, or browse through some pup essentials that they have to offer. In the end, you’re going to have the perfect OOTD and a ton of memories with your puppy!