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Do Dogs Prefer to Sleep on the Floor or in Bed?

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Do you have a dog?

If yes, have you ever noticed where they like to sleep most often?

Well, you’re here maybe because you spent hours looking for the perfect bed for your pooch only to find them sleeping on the floor next to it, right? If you’re also facing the same problem, don’t worry, you’re not alone! You’d be surprised to know that several dog owners have the same concern. But, don’t sweat it because in this article we’ll tell you where the animal prefers sleeping – on the floor or in the bed.

Many people have a misconception that dogs can curl up almost anywhere. But the truth is – your furry friend also needs a comfy bed just like you do.

However, it’s something that rarely happens! Many dog owners wonder why their pooch’s sleep on the hard floor instead of their comfy beds. So, let’s investigate the case, shall we?

The Ideal Place for a Dog to Sleep

If you own a dog, you must have noticed them sleeping for almost 12-14 hours every day. Out of all the places they choose to take a rest, they have a few favorite spots, depending on your location. For instance, when you’re at home, your pet cuddles up next to you on the couch or on the bed! It’s a way of sharing closeness for them with you.

Sometimes our furry friends also fall asleep on the floor under our bed. It’s how they express their love and appreciate the close bond. Sleeping on the floor, under the shed of your bed, indicates your pet’s primal urge to relax in a safe place – just like in a dog house. If you are sleeping close to them, they will feel protected.

But why is your pet sleeping on the floor instead of the new, comfy bed you got for them?

You might have carefully researched, selected, and paid a hefty sum to buy a brand-new bed for your pet and placed it next to your bed, only to find them still sleeping on the floor! Luckily, we have some plausible reasons to solve your dilemma. The good news is your pet is rejecting the bed for the same reason you find yourself buying a new mattress.

1. You’ve Picked the Wrong Size

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An ideal-sized dog bed must provide them with security and comfort. However, if your fluffy friend has outgrown their bed, and you see their limbs hanging off the edges, it’s time for you to get them a new one. If the bed is too small for them, they’ll naturally prefer laying down on the floor instead!

For buying the right bed for your pet, observe their sleeping position and measure the whole area where they sleep. Maybe they like a nest-style bed with raised edges or a big cushion.

2. Inappropriate Temperature

This one is the most common reason for dogs preferring to sleep on the floor instead of their beds. If the weather is too hot, their bed will also absorb excess heat, compelling them to lay on the floor to feel a bit cooler and comfortable. On the other hand, if the weather is too cold, your pet might still prefer to lay on the floor to absorb the warmth of heater or in the sunshine to feel cozier.

But if you want your pet to lay on their bed, try moving it to a spot where they can get direct sunlight. You may also buy them an elevated bed to keep them cool during summertime, and move it closer to the heater during wintertime.

3. The Bed is Uncomfortable

If your furry friend usually sleeps on the bed but decided to switch to the floor as soon as you got them a new one, it is probably because this one is uncomfortable for them.

When it comes to bed, even dogs have varied preferences. Some prefer hard mattresses, while others like fluffy ones. You’ll have to notice any signs of discomfort – is the material too scratchy? Or wrong padding? Are they having difficulty sitting or standing? Consider these points if your pet is refusing to lay on its bed. You may also talk to the vet about it.

4. They’re Used to Laying on Floor

We all know that dogs are a creature of habits – if they’re used to sleeping on the bed from the initial years, they’ll prefer it. But if they’re used to the floor, they’ll sleep on the floor no matter how hard you try changing their habit.

Another reason for them sleeping on the floor is not knowing they’re supposed to sleep in the bed, especially if you’ve recently adopted a dog from a shelter home or neighborhood. But you can use a combination of treats, praise, and coaxing to encourage them to sleep on their bed. It will take a lot of patience and perseverance, obviously!

5. Your Pooch is in Pain

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It is not unusual for dogs to rest on the floor. But, if the change of behavior is sudden, anyone would worry. When choosing an ideal bed for your pet, consider certain points. Moreover, as an animal grows older, they might face difficulty moving around or sleeping. So, visit your vet to know if your pet is ill or in pain.

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6. You’ve Picked the Wrong Spot

Dogs are affectionate creatures who love spending time with their owners. If you and your pet share a special bond and their bed is far away from your bed, they might prefer to sleep right next to you on the floor instead of in their cozy space.

Final Words

We hope the above points have made it clear that dogs usually prefer sleeping on the floor instead of their bed. However, if you don’t want them to lay on the floor, place their bed close to your own. It will encourage them to do as they please while feeling comfortable and safe.